What is a Holder Identification Number (HIN)?

If you have a broker or online trading account you will have a HIN. 

NB. You do NOT need a HIN in your profle to submit an application for an Equity Crowdfunding offer.‚Äč

A HIN is a unique number that is issued to you by ASX when you become a client of a broker. You can find your HIN on a CHESS statement like the one below, or by speaking to your broker or logging into your online trading account.

A HIN starts with the letter X and followed by ten numbers, e.g. X0001234567.


When you add your HIN to an OnMarket investment profile, all shares that you buy with that investment profile will be allocated directly to your nominated broking account.

If you don’t have a HIN, the shares will be allocated to you under a Shareholder Reference Number (SRN) and held in the Issuer Sponsored sub-register. More information is available here.

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