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Trieste Global Pty Ltd

Trieste Global Pty Ltd
Innovative, scalable solution to growing silica dust global epidemic. First product to market, large global addressable market.


Silicosis was declared as an epidemic in 2018. The global construction industry is extremely cognisant of the social costs of dust diseases and economic consequences of compensation for inadequate controls, monitoring and records – but currently the solutions are lagging the regulations.


Trieste Global Pty Ltd is currently the only provider of a ‘compliant’ end-to-end solution in response to the new state and federal silica legislation in Australia, and the state introduced legislation of industrial manslaughter laws put in place to address silicosis. Trieste provides construction companies with an end-to-end solution comprising hardware, engineered controls, training and the imminent launch of one of the industry’s first live tracking software solutions to support monitoring and control. 


This offer is restricted to professional, sophisticated and experienced investors.  More info here.

Up to $2 millionSize of Offer
30 Sep 20Offer Open
16 Oct 20Pay By
Restricted Offer Closed Aug 2020

Nightingale Intelligent Systems Inc

Nightingale Intelligent Systems Inc

Nightingale Intelligent Systems builds and develops autonomous drone systems that protect critical infrastructure.  The company launched their first product in mid-2018 which has an autonomous perimeter security system featuring networked base stations and mission-ready drones which can be airborne in less than 30 seconds.

Fully Funded
TBDSize of Offer
Novus Capital Lead Manager
Placement Closed Jul 2020

AppsVillage Australia Ltd ASX: APV.

AppsVillage Australia Ltd

AppsVillage Australia Ltd is an Israel based SaaS company that empowers small businesses to build their digital presence via a unique suit of technologies, including app development, automated marketing, customer promotions, the sale of products & services and apply for loans. These are developed at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional developers.

Fully Funded
$2.2 millionSize of Offer
Gleneagle Securities Lead Manager
Restricted Offer Closed Jul 2020

SendGold (Mobile Asset Holdings Ltd)

SendGold (Mobile Asset Holdings Ltd)

SendGold is a peer-to-peer digital money platform allowing customers to save, send or gift using gold as money. Developed with a focus rapid scalability and margin expansion, SendGold is taking gold into new sectors with new use cases for new customers, distributing through both retail and business partners. 

Fully Funded
TBDSize of Offer
N/A Lead Manager
Restricted Offer Closed Jul 2020

Transport Safety Systems Group Ltd

Transport Safety Systems Group Ltd

Rail Safety Systems, the wholly owned operating entity of Transport Safety Systems Group Ltd has developed disruptive innovative technology and infrastructure application for rail crossing signalling. 

Fully Funded
TBDSize of Offer
N/A Lead Manager
Restricted Offer Closed Jun 2020



iNSPIRETEK is an Australian technology company which offers an integrated mental and physical wellbeing performance tracking App and web platform, it is uniquely designed to change the lives of multiple demographics, especially youth athletes at all levels.

Fully Funded
TBDSize of Offer
Company led Lead Manager
Placement Closed Jun 2020

THC Global Group Ltd ASX: THC..

THC Global Group Ltd

THC Global is a diversified global cannabis pharmaceuticals company with primary operations in Australia and Canada, operating end to end commercial medicinal cannabis production facilities under Australia’s cannabis regulations.

Fully Funded
$6.6 millionSize of Offer
MST Financial Lead Manager
Convertible Note Closed Jun 2020

Oncontractor Pty Ltd

Oncontractor Pty Ltd

Oncontractor Pty Ltd has developed an integrated employment platform used by companies that outsource employment activities through the use of contractors. Combining recruitment, onboarding and payroll, the platform can reduce client admin costs by 25-38% as well as reducing their risk.

Fully Funded
$2.3 millionSize of Offer
Sandton Capital Advisory Lead Manager
Placement Closed May 2020

Keytone Dairy Corp Ltd ASX: KTD..

Keytone Dairy Corp Ltd

Keytone is an established and profitable manufacturer, packer and exporter of formulated and powdered dairy and nutrition products. Keytone’s products are sold under its own brands as well as under their private label brands

Fully Funded
$12.5 millionSize of Offer
Peloton Capital/Bell Potter Lead Manager

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