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Dragonfly Biosciences Ltd ASX: DRF

Dragonfly Biosciences Ltd
Producing high quality CBD health and wellness products from ‘seed to shelf’, sold through blue chip retailers


AFR Interview with CEO, Regan Saveall available here


Dragonfly Biosciences Limited’s (ASX: DRF) develops cannabidiol (CBD) health and wellness products derived from the cannabis plant, owning and operating the entire production chain from ‘seed to shelf’. EU licensed strains are grown on its own organically certified fields in the EU, with CBD extraction undertaken at the Company’s ‘state of the art’ large scale extraction facility. 


Dragonfly has a 3-year track record of selling its CBD products through blue chip retailers in the United Kingdom (UK), such as Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Amazon and Harrods, and is now targeting international expansion to Australia, Asia Pacific and the USA. The company is forecasting revenues of $6.9 million for FY2021.

Up to $11 millionSize of Offer
02 Dec 21Offer Open
31 Jan 22Pay By
Equity Crowdfunding Upcoming

Optivance (Global Dist. Partners Pty Ltd)

Optivance (Global Dist Part Pty Ltd)
A nutritional alternative for Mums and Bubs

More Info


Focused on disrupting the USD $51B pre-conception, pregnancy, breastfeeding and infant formula market with their unique and convenient nutritional products for Mums and Bubs.


Optivance raised $1.97m in Seed funding and have since achieved tangible sales with their quarterly revenue growth rate averaging 66%. Their breastfeeding smoothie supplement and infant formula are sold online and stocked in 250+ pharmacies in Australia, and they have just signed an MOU to distribute in Singapore. Their greatly anticipated Mummy Smoothie, which nutritionally supports women trying to conceive or who are pregnant, is set to launch in the upcoming weeks, expanding their product range and customer base.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.

IPO Closed Dec 2021

Belararox Ltd ASX: BRX

Belararox Ltd

The Belararox Ltd (ASX: CMX) IPO has successfully closed. Shares will be allotted in early January, and the ASX listing date is yet to be confirmed but is expected to be in mid January (subject to final ASX approval).

Fully Funded
TBDSize of Offer
Novus Capital Lead Manager
Wholesale Closed Dec 2021

Grow Finance Ltd

Grow finance Ltd

Grow Finance Limited is an award winning non-bank financier for small and medium sized Australian businesses (SME). Grow has advanced over $1bn in loans since inception across asset finance, trade finance, invoice finance and insurance premium funding. These groups represent a A$422bn target loan segment.

Fully Funded
$13 millionSize of Offer
N/A Lead Manager
ECF Closed Dec 2021

Female Protective Clothing Hold. Co P/L*

Female Protective Clothing Hold. Co P/L*

The Fempro Protective Clothing equity crowdfunding offer has successfully closed. The sports protective market was valued at US$8.24B in 2018 and is growing at a CAGR of 4.01%. With the extreme sports market booming, and gender dynamic change, Stephanie Bofinger, founder of Fempro, spotted a crucial market need; protective wear created by a woman for a woman.

Fully Funded






ECF Closed Dec 2021

Doctors.com.au Pty Ltd

Doctors.com.au Pty Ltd

The Doctors.com.au equity crowdfunding raise has successfully closed. Doctors.com.au is an Australian health tech platform, empowering Australians with the right information at the right time to treat and prevent illness.

Fully Funded






ECF Closed Dec 2021

ReNutrients Pty Ltd

ReNutrients Pty Ltd

The ReNutrients equity crowdfunding offer has successfully closed. ReNutrients is on a mission to address the issue of battery waste in Australia whilst returning the valuable minerals used in batteries to the ground.


Fully Funded






IPO Closed Dec 2021

Felix Gold Ltd ASX: FXG

Felix Gold Limited

The Felix Gold Ltd (ASX: CMX) IPO has successfully closed. Shares will be allotted in early January, and the ASX listing date is yet to be confirmed but is expected to be in mid January (subject to final ASX approval).

Fully Funded
$10 millionSize of Offer
Canaccord Genuity Lead Manager
ECF Closed Dec 2021

Sawce Pty Ltd

Sawce Pty Ltd

The Sawce.com.au equity crowdfunding offer has successfully closed. Sawce.com.au is the first and only online marketplace dedicated to helping people furnish and fitout any space – home, commercial and office.

Fully Funded







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