What we do

OnMarket is Australia’s leading equity raising platform. OnMarket has raised more funding, for more small to medium sized businesses, from more investors, than any other platform in Australia.

The OnMarket team has deep experience in the Australian capital raising market. We know raising capital for small companies can be a difficult process. We work to make raising equity efficient, simple and transparent for both companies and investors.

We assist both listed and unlisted companies through all aspects of capital raising, from seed, Series A and Equity Crowdfunding, to IPOs through to follow-on placements. The OnMarket platform can be configured for ‘invitation-only’ offers (such as to sophisticated investors), or general retail offers (such as with a simple CSF offer document, or a full prospectus for an IPO).

The platform has been built for scale. Our distribution, payment and allocation processes are fully automated. In April 2018, OnMarket processed more than 15,000 applications in a month, without a hitch. At the time, this was the largest equity crowdfunding by number of people in the world. We regularly partner with industry-colleagues, such as investment funds, brokers and specialist advisers.

Our team has the depth and experience to provide full advisory services, such as offer document preparation, valuation, constituent shareholder documents and marketing an equity offer. 

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