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SelfWealth Limited ASX: SWF

SelfWealth Limited
$5.0-7.5 millionSize of Offer
17 Oct 17Offer Open
15 Nov 17Pay By

SelfWealth Limited (ASX: SWF) is a potentially disruptive flat fee online brokerage service with Peer to Peer (P2P) portfolio construction functionality for Australian investors.  The data generated for clients together with SelfWealth’s proprietary software provides tools and other market data to assist clients with trading / portfolio decisions whilst providing them with access to competitive trading fees.

IPO Live

Appetise (Holdings) Limited ASX: ATZ

Appetise (Holdings) Limited
$4.8-6.8 millionSize of Offer
22 Sep 17Offer Open
27 Oct 17Pay By

Update: The West Australian | "New tech industry producing multi-billion dollar companies". Read here

Appetise (Holdings) Ltd (ASX: ATZ) is a national UK online and mobile takeaway food marketplace. Appetise has a national footprint in the UK, with approximately 90,000 registered customers and approximately 400 restaurant partners, and a scalable and low capex model. The UK market for takeaway exceeds $10 billion annually. 

IPO Live

HyGieaCare Inc. ASX: HGC

HyGieaCare Inc.
$10-15 millionSize of Offer
05 Sep 17Offer Open
31 Oct 17Pay By

HyGieaCare, Inc. (ASX: HGC) is a US-based healthcare services provider that specialises in providing colon cleansing procedures to patients via the US FDA approved medical device known as the HyGieaCare Prep System. The Company has established five HyGieaCare Centres to date, with two additional centres currently under development.

IPO Closed Oct 2017

Registry Direct Ltd ASX: RD1

Registry Direct Ltd
Sequoia Corporate FinanceLead Manager

The Registry Direct Ltd IPO has successfully closed.  Allotment is expected to occur on 26 October and the planned ASX listing date is 30 October 2017.

IPO Closed Sep 2017

Magellan Global Trust ASX: MGG

Magellan Global Trust
$1.5 billionRaised
Taylor CollisonLead Manager

Magellan Global Trust is a unit trust managed by Magellan Asset Management. It will seek to invest in a focussed portfolio of outstanding global companies, and to purchase investments when they are trading at a discount to their assessed intrinsic value. 

IPO Closed Sep 2017

CannPal Animal Therapeutics ASX: CP1

CannPal Animal Therapeutics
$6.0 millionRaised
Merchant CorporateLead Manager

The CannPal Animal Therapeutics Ltd IPO has successfully closed via OnMarket. The indicative ASX listing date is 19 October.

IPO IPO withdrawn

GeoOp Limited ASX: GEO

GeoOp Limited
Taylor CollisonLead Manager

GeoOp Limited has announced that it is terminating its IPO and listing on the ASX. Its shares will resume trading today on the New Zealand Alternative Exchange. All application funds will be refunded. Full announcement here

IPO Closed Sep 2017

The GO2 People Ltd ASX: GO2

The GO2 People Ltd
$10.0 millionRaised
JB AdvisoryLead Manager

The G02 People Ltd IPO has successfully closed via OnMarket.  Expected listing date to be confirmed.

IPO Closed Aug 2017

Northern Cobalt Ltd ASX: N27

Northern Cobalt Ltd
$4.2 millionRaised
PAC PartnersLead Manager

Northern Cobalt Ltd is a cobalt exploration and development company focussed on developing the Stanton Cobalt Deposit in the Northern Territory.  Resources have been identified, and the company will work towards further upgrading these resources. 

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