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Trigg Mining Ltd ASX: TMG

Trigg Mining Ltd
Explorer for sulphate of potash, a fertiliser for food production and human nutrition


Trigg Mining Limited (ASX: TMG) is a mineral exploration company focussed on developing a sustainable sulphate of potash (SOP) mine in WA. SOP is an essential fertiliser needed for global food production of high value crops and human nutrition, where it can assist in the prevention of stroke and heart disease. Early exploration work has established a JORC compliant target representing ~15% of the total tenure. The company will have an enterprise value of A$7.1 million at listing. Investors will receive 1 free attaching option for every 2 shares subscribed. 

$4.5 millionSize of Offer
16 May 19Offer Open
26 Aug 19Pay By
Retail Placement Live

The GO2 People Ltd ASX: GO2

The GO2 People Ltd
Acquisition of Industry Pathways – a high margin, highly scalable online education and training provider


The GO2 People Ltd (ASX: GO2), an ASX listed company, is a leading provider of vertically integrated recruitment, training and building services throughout Australia.  With Group revenues of ~$44m for FY19. In December 2018, GO2 Skills and Training was acquired, adding $0.8 million of annual revenue.  GO2 is raising capital as part of the acquisition of  Industry Pathways (IPW) for 3.75x EBITDA, or $5m consideration. IPW are a high margin, highly scalable online education and training provider.


The Company has lodged a Supplementary Prospectus. This should be read together with the Prospectus dated 10 July 2019.


Investors will receive one (1) free attaching New Option for every share issued.

$1.3m - $4.0mSize of Offer
31 Jul 19Offer Open
28 Aug 19Pay By
IPO Live

Tartana Resources Ltd ASX: TNA

Tartana Resources Ltd
Copper-zinc resources exploration company, projects in Queensland and Tasmania


Tartana Resources Limited (ASX: TNA) is focusing on copper and zinc, two commodities which are highly leveraged to economic growth, particularly in China and the electric vehicle revolution. Tartana Resources has two key project areas, the Tartana Copper/Zinc project in near Chillagoe in north QLD and the Zeehan Zinc Slag project in western TAS – all on granted mining leases. These projects offer potential for cash flow generation, as well a significant exploration appeal with porphyry copper targets.

$4m - $6mSize of Offer
04 Jul 19Offer Open
09 Sep 19Pay By

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