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Harvesting the discount from Share Purchase Plans


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a wave of discounted capital raisings with ~$30 billion of new shares issued to institutions in the last 3 months, at an average discount of 10%.


Share Purchase Plans (SPPs) allow individual shareholders to apply for up to $30,000 in shares at the same discounted price given to institutions.  The challenge is that you must be a shareholder prior to the announcement of the SPP.


SPP HarvesterTM gives you access to SPPs by buying you 1-share in 300 of the largest, liquid, operating companies listed on ASX.  It will identify and apply for in-the-money SPPs and automatically sell the new securities, efficiently recycling your capital into the next SPP. This automatically harvests the discount for SPPs, with minimum capital outlay, low establishment costs and minimal administration. 

UnlimitedSize of Offer
03 Aug 20Offer Open
14 Aug 20Pay By
IPO OnMarket Bidding Closed

Forbidden Foods Ltd ASX: FFF

Forbidden Foods Ltd
Multi-brand food and beverage company in the wellness and organic markets, with national and international sales channels.


Forbidden Foods Ltd (ASX: FFF) was established in 2010 to produce healthy food products. Since then, the company has supplied directly to 159 customers and 14 major food manufacturers and currently has access to over 3,500 retailers and 500 food service and QSR customers through its network of 26 distributors. With supply to Woolworths and Costco, who make up 38.1% of the retail Food and Beverage market in Australia, Forbidden Foods has an ongoing brand presence in major retailers with the future ability to expand into their national and international store networks.


In FY2019, the gross revenue for the Forbidden Foods Group was $3,429,344 and the pro forma gross revenue is forecast to be $4,117,706 in FY2020. 

$6 millionSize of Offer
05 Aug 20Offer Open
11 Aug 20Pay By
IPO Closed Jun 2020

Manuka Resources Ltd ASX: MKR.

Manuka Resources Ltd

The Manuka Resources Ltd IPO has successfully closed.  The offer was heavily oversubscribed, and all applications were subject to scale back.  The shares are expected to be allotted on 8 July, with the planned ASX listing date of Tuesday 14 July.

Fully Funded
$7 millionSize of Offer
Bell Potter Lead Manager
IPO Closed Apr 2020

InteliCare Holdings Ltd ASX: ICR

InteliCare Holdings Ltd

InteliCare Holdings Ltd is focused on the development and commercialisation of the InteliCare system, a market leading, end-to-end remote monitoring technology solution that allows seniors to live safely in their own residence for longer.

Fully Funded
$5.5 millionSize of Offer
JP Equity Partners Lead Manager
IPO Closed Feb 2020



The AML3D Limited IPO has successfully closed and was heavily oversubscribed. Allotment of shares has occurred, with the ASX listing confirmed for 11am (AEST) on Monday 20 April, 2020.

Fully Funded
$9 millionSize of Offer
Foster Stockbroking Lead Manager
IPO Closed Jan 2020

thedocyard Ltd ASX: TDY

thedocyard Ltd

thedocyard Ltd (ASX: TDY) is a revenue generating developer and provider of cloud-based software specifically built for managing the entire life cycle of any corporate or commercial transaction on one central platform. It operates a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. 

Fully Funded
$4.15 millionSize of Offer
Barclay Pearce Capital Lead Manager
IPO Closed Jan 2020

Little Green Pharma Ltd ASX: LGP

Little Green Pharma Ltd

The Little Green Pharma Ltd IPO has closed via OnMarket.  The IPO was fully underwritten by Canaccord Genuity, and OnMarket had a limited firm allocation.  Allotment of shares has occurred, with the ASX listing confirmed for 1pm, Thursday 20 February 2020 (AEDT).

Fully Funded
$10 millionSize of Offer
Canaccord Genuity Lead Manager
IPO Closed Jan 2020

Emerald Clinics Ltd ASX: EMD

Emerald Clinics Ltd

Emerald Clinics Ltd has established a network of specialist Clinics staffed and managed by experienced clinicians who have received training in cannabinoid medicine and are supported by a purpose-built technology platform that securely captures clinical data from consenting patients to generate a unique real-world clinical evidence data asset.

Fully Funded
$6 millionSize of Offer
PAC Partners Lead Manager
RTO Closed Jan 2020

Tesoro Resources Ltd ASX: TSO

Tesoro Resources Ltd

Tesoro Resources Ltd is an Australian gold exploration company with interests in two gold projects located in world class mining regions in Chile - El Zorro and Espina. The Company was established with a strategy of acquiring, exploring and developing mining projects in the Coastal Cordillera regions of Chile. 

Fully Funded
$4.6 millionSize of Offer
PAC Partners Lead Manager

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