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Ocean Guardian Holdings Ltd ASX: OCG

Ocean Guardian Holdings Ltd
World leader in shark deterrent technology with fifteen-year history of successful product development

Ocean Guardian Holdings Limited (ASX: OCG) has developed Shark Shield, a world leading brand in electrical shark deterrents. The Shark Shield products are used by surfers, divers, kayakers etc to deter sharks through the use of electrical currents. The Shark Shield FREEDOM7 is the only product to date to attract a consumer rebate from the WA government Shark Hazard Mitigation program.

$5-6 millionSize of Offer
10 May 18Offer Open
07 Jun 18Pay By
IPO Live

WAM Global Ltd ASX: WGB

WAM Global Limited
Listed investment company of global equities managed by the experienced team at Wilson Asset Management

WAM Global Limited (ASX: WGB) will be a listed investment company which will use the same proven investment strategy that has delivered for investors over the past 20 years and aims to provide shareholders with strong risk-adjusted returns derived from a portfolio of undervalued international growth companies using Wilson Asset Management’s research-driven and market-driven investment processes.

Up to $550mSize of Offer
02 May 18Offer Open
08 Jun 18Pay By
IPO OnMarket bidding closed

Keytone Dairy Corp Ltd ASX: KTD

Keytone Dairy Corp Ltd
NZ based manufacturer of dairy and nutrition products exporting to China and other Asian countries.


Offer now closed via OnMarket.


Keytone is an established and profitable manufacturer, packer and exporter of formulated and powdered dairy and nutrition products. The business is strongly leveraged to capitalise on China’s growing middle class and growing per capita dairy demand. Keytone’s products are sold under its own brands as well as under their private label brands

Up to $15 millionSize of Offer
08 May 18Offer Open
15 May 18Pay By
Equity Crowdfunding ECF Upcoming

Joust Australia Ltd

Joust Australia Ltd
Bringing digital disruption to the mortgage broking industry.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.


Joust aims to disrupt the $2b in commissions earned by the mortgage broker industry each year by connecting home loan customers directly with up to 20+ lenders. Users can view for free in real time as lenders ‘joust’ and compete by providing their best interest rate, saving users time and money. Lenders benefit from increased customer engagement and improved margins through less reliance on brokers.


VIDEO: A welcome from the Joust co-founder


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Digital content provider for engaged, lucrative 50+ category.


Before investing please consider the offer document & the general risk warning.


By 2020, approximately half of all Australian adults will be over 50. WYZA is an online platform with 279,000 members and 25,000 Facebook followers, providing tailored, relevant content for this lucrative category. It produces around 30 articles a month across Travel, Entertainment, Health, Work, Lifestyle, Money and Property.


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IPO Closed May 2018

PayGroup Ltd ASX: PYG.

PayGroup Ltd

The Paygroup Ltd IPO has successfully closed. Allotment is expected to occur on or around 18 May, with the planned ASX listing date of Monday 28 May.

Fully Funded
$8.5 millionSize of Offer
Lodge Corporate Lead Manager
IPO Closed Apr 2018

eInvest Income Generator Fund ASX: EIGA

eInvest Income Generator Fund

eInvest Income Generator Fund (Managed Fund) (ASX: EIGA) is an Exchange Traded Managed Fund, managed by Perennial Investment Management Ltd. Its objective is to provide investors with a targeted 7% annual gross income yield (comprising 5% cash yield + 2% franking credits), paid via regular monthly distributions.

Fully Funded
$15.1 millionSize of Offer
N/A Lead Manager
Crowdfunding Closed Apr 2018

DC Power Co.

DC Power Co.
DC Power Co. has successfully completed the world's largest equity crowdfunding offer (by number of investors).

Aiming at becoming the world’s first crowd-sourced funded energy retailer for solar households. Unlike current energy retailers whose business models focus on selling households more energy, DC Power Co. is built by solar people, for solar people. DC Power Co. intends to reward solar owners with cheaper bills, better feed-in tariffs, genuine guidance on how to get more out of their solar panels.

Replacement Offer Document available here.

Fully Funded






IPO Closed Apr 2018

Microequities Asset Management ASX: MAM

Microequities Asset Management

Microequities Asset Management Group Limited is a specialist Microcap and Smallcap Fund Manager that invests using a Value Based Investment Doctrine. Microequities approaches investing in equities as being akin to entering into a business partnership and becoming part owners in the business.  

Fully Funded
$18.9 millionSize of Offer
N/A Lead Manager

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