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CSF Open for investment

Good Earth Dairy (Aus Camel Dairies P/L)

Future Infant Formula - via leading Australian Camel Milk Producer


Good Earth Dairy is Western Australia’s first commercial camel dairy, and a leading producer of pure Australian Camel Milk. Since being the first company to recognise the potential of camel milk, the company has experienced over 200% turnover increase, tripled their camel heard, earned a $218,000 R&D refund and received a $4.4 million government grant. Now, Good Earth Dairy is looking to enter to baby infant formula market. 

CSF Open for investment

Foura Group Pty Ltd

The matchmaking app for mates, not dates


How do you make friends as an adult? With loneliness now being described as an epidemic, it's one of the most pertinent questions when it comes to our mental and physical health. Foura makes it fun and easy to meet like-minded people and it’s loved by its 9,000+ members. Now we’re looking for investment to help make the world a friendlier place.

IPO Live

Enlitic, Inc. ASX: ENL

Utilising AI to manage medical imaging data in radiology


IPO closing early via OnMarket. Applications due by 5pm Friday, 1 December (AEDT).


Enlitic, Inc. (ASX: ENL) is an information technology and services company focused on the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to manage medical imaging data in radiology. Operating in a US$3.7bn market, Enlitic has 8 contracted clients and US$96.7m in pipeline opportunities.

Min $20 millionSize of Offer
23 Nov 23Offer Open
01 Dec 23Pay By
IPO Upcoming

Fuse Minerals Ltd ASX: FSE

Quality base metal projects in Tier 1 jurisdictions in WA and QLD


Fuse Minerals Ltd (ASX: FSE) is advancing their quality base metals projects in three locations in Western Australia and Queensland. The three projects include drill ready targets and hold demonstrated potential to host yet to be discovered copper, nickel, silver, lead, zinc, uranium and gold deposits. Their strategy is to unlock a potential tier 1 resource, partner to develop the resource while maximising shareholder value.

Min $6 millionSize of Offer
01 Dec 23Offer Open
04 Dec 23Pay By
IPO Live

WA Energy Resources Ltd ASX: WER

High-quality & drill ready lithium and nickel projects in WA


Western Australia Energy Resources Ltd (ASX: WER) is focussed on exploring and potentially developing its Jimberlana Project on the Yilgarn Craton in WA. Targeting lithium and nickel in the lightly explored Jimberlana Dyke, the Project hosts a nickel laterite deposit at Bronzite Ridge and historical drill-holes reporting nickel sulphide mineralisation.

$5 millionSize of Offer
17 Oct 23Offer Open
05 Dec 23Pay By
Equity Crowdfunding Upcoming

Vloggi (Cine Souk Pty Ltd)

AI-powered corporate user-generated video production


Vloggi has created the first crowdsourcing platform to integrate a data-led video automation flow into the ecosystem. With over 1,000 active customers, and a US$12b global market growing that’s growing at 12% year on year, Vloggi is poised to change the way businesses produce videos.

IPO Closed Nov 2023

LTR Pharma Ltd ASX: LTP

The LTR Pharma Ltd (ASX: LTP) IPO has successfully closed.  The shares will be allotted shortly, and company is planned to list on ASX on Friday, 8 December 2023 (subject to ASX listing approval).

Fully Funded
$7 millionSize of Offer
Alpine Capital Lead Manager
IPO Closed Nov 2023

Ashby Mining Ltd ASX: AMG

The Ashby Mining Ltd (ASX: AMG) IPO has successfully closed.  Shares are expected to be allotted on or around 27 November 2023 and the company is expected to list on ASX on 30 November 2023 (subject to ASX listing approval).

Fully Funded
$13.5Size of Offer
CLSA Australia Lead Manager
ASX Listing OnMarket bidding closed

Freedom Care Group Hold. Ltd ASX: FCG

The Freedom Care Group Holdings Ltd (ASX: FCG) IPO has successfully closed.  The company listed on ASX at 11am on Thursday, 30 November (AEDT).

Fully Funded
$3.2 millionSize of Offer
Novus Capital Lead Manager

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