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MuviNow Ltd

MuviNow Ltd
Transforming the new release movie streaming market in the Asia-Pacific region


MuviNow is transforming the new release streaming movie market by enabling non-cash payments and brand partnerships like Flybuys and Vodafone in Australia, Globe Telcom in The Philippines and Telekom Indonesia. With licence agreements with the leading global production studios, and device agnostic delivery, MuviNow enables brands and companies to engage their customers and clients with new releases movies – a highly differentiated new type of marketing.


MuviNow is targeting an ASX listing in 2019 and OnMarket has a limited allocation.  


This offer is restricted to professional, sophisticated investors and experienced investors.  More info here.

Up to $1 millionSize of Offer
15 Feb 19Offer Open
25 Feb 19Pay By
IPO Live

AXS Group Ltd ASX: AXS

AXS Group Ltd
Global software provider in the digitisation and automation of asset processing and reporting solutions.


Update:  AXS goes live with iA Financial Group in Canada and its network of 25,000 brokers. More here


AXS Group Limited (ASX Code: AXS) is an integrated software solution provider to the finance, insurance and funds sector. With over 40 clients in Australia, North America, Europe and Asia they are focussed on helping clients with their digital transformation, reducing time and cutting costs. The Company’s cloud based ARMnet platform currently is used to manage over $100 billion of assets and transactions that are accessible via smart phones, tablets or email from anywhere at any time.

Up to A$3.5 millionSize of Offer
11 Oct 18Offer Open
20 Feb 19Pay By
IPO On Hold

irexchange Ltd ASX: IRX

irexchange Ltd
Next generation technology platform disrupting the distribution model for independent retailers and suppliers


Update: MOU signed with Sigma Healthcare to facilitate entry into the retail pharmacy market


irexchange Limited (ASX: IRX) is a disruptive technology and distribution business that connects suppliers and retailers through a digital supply-chain marketplace. irexchange removes the need for a middleman, improving market access, and offering up to 10% margin release which is shared between the retailer and supplier. With over 600 independent retailers and 170 suppliers already onboarded, including Unilever, KraftHeinz and Swisse. Ongoing growth will be driven by expansion into other channels including pharmacies and the Chinese e-commerce market place.

A$17.5 millionSize of Offer
12 Feb 19Offer Open
18 Feb 19Pay By
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We have recently completed our 100th transaction.  OnMarket launched its B2C platform in October 2015, approximately 1,000 days ago.  OnMarket, which is now approaching 50,000 members, provides retail investors with access to over one third of all IPOs on the ASX.

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IPO Closed Feb 2019

Mediland Pharm Ltd ASX: MPH

Mediland Pharm Ltd

The Mediland Pharm IPO has successfully closed.  Allotment of shares is expected around 18 February, with the shares are expected to list on ASX on Friday 22 February, 2019.

Fully Funded
$13 millionSize of Offer
Bridge Street Capital Lead Manager
Placement Closed Feb 2019

Altura Mining Limited ASX: AJM

Altura Mining Limited

The Altura Mining Ltd placement has successfully raised approx. $30 million. Shares are expected to be issued on the 12th of February and quoted on the 13th of February 2019.

Fully Funded
$30 millionSize of Offer
Everblu Capital Lead Manager
IPO Closed Jan 2019

Uniti Wireless Ltd ASX: UWL

Uniti Wireless Ltd

The Uniti Wireless Ltd IPO has successfully closed. Allotment of shares has ocurred, with listing the ASX listing date confirmed for 11am Wednesday 13 February (AEDT).

Fully Funded
TBDSize of Offer
Bell Potter Lead Manager
Placement Closed Jan 2019

Creso Pharma Ltd ASX: CPH

Creso Pharma Limited

The Creso Pharma placement has successfully raised $3 million. Allottment of shares is expected to occur on 29 January.

Fully Funded
$3 millionSize of Offer
Everblu Capital Lead Manager
IPO Closed Dec 2018

Splitit Payments Ltd ASX: SPT

Splitit Payments Ltd

Splitit Payments Ltd is a technology company providing a cross-border credit card based instalment solution to businesses and merchants. Customers have the ability to “buy now and pay later” by utilising their existing credit card without incurring interest or fees. 

Fully Funded
$12 millionSize of Offer
Armada Capital Lead Manager
IPO Closed Dec 2018

Candy Club Holdings Ltd ASX: CLB

Candy Club Holdings Ltd

The Candy Club Holdings Ltd IPO has successfully closed.  Share have been alloted and the Company will list on Tuesday 19 February 2019 at 11am (AEDT)

Fully Funded
TBDSize of Offer
Peak Asset Management Lead Manager
Crowdfunding Closed Dec 2018

The Cup Exchange Ltd

The Cup Exchange Limited
An innovative solution to the disposable coffee-cup conundrum


The Cup Exchange Ltd (TCX) is a scalable, technology-enabled subscription service created to provide a convenient and sustainable alternative to single-use cups, benefitting all stakeholders. TCX combines a purpose-designed physical cup with an IT system, providing a solution for the 1.2 billion cups disposed of each year in Australia alone, with 90% ending up in landfill.

Fully Funded






Crowdfunding Closed Oct 2018

SendGold (Mobile Asset Holdings Ltd)

SendGold (Mobile Asset Holdings Ltd)
SendGold has turned gold into accessible, digital money

SendGold is a peer-to-peer digital money platform allowing customers to save, send or gift using gold as money. With the long-term buying power of one of history’s most reliable, heavily traded assets, SendGold gives old money systems an upgrade.  


Fully Funded



2% - 9%



Crowdfunding Closed Aug 2018

PT Blink Limited

PT Blink Limited
PT Blink has successfully completed Australia's first building technology crowdfunding offer.


PT Blink has a proven technology that can halve construction time and reduce costs of multi-level buildings. By assembling trays and columns offsite and post-tensioning steel, PT Blink can double project IRR and improve safety, accuracy of design and environmental outcomes. 

Fully Funded






Crowdfunding Closed Apr 2018

DC Power Co.

DC Power Co.
DC Power Co. has successfully completed the world's largest equity crowdfunding offer (by number of investors).

For more information on your shareholding, please contact DC Power directly on


Aiming at becoming the world’s first crowd-sourced funded energy retailer for solar households. DC Power Co. intends to reward solar owners with cheaper bills, better feed-in tariffs, genuine guidance on how to get more out of their solar panels.

Replacement Offer Document available here.

Fully Funded






Crowdfunding Closed Mar 2018

Revvies Energy Strips Ltd

Revvies Energy Strips Limited
Revvies has successfully completed Australia's first equity crowdfunding offer.


Aiming to disrupt the $70 billion energy food and drink market, Revvies are an ultrathin mouth strip containing 40 mg of caffeine. Revvies has seen rapid take up by elite athletes and professional sporting teams and is sold in over 475 retail outlets across Australia.

Fully Funded







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