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Oncontractor Pty Ltd

Oncontractor Pty Ltd
AI driven all-in-one recruitment, onboarding and payroll platform for contractors


Convertible note offer, with conversion at lower of $0.12 per share or 40% discount to targeted Q1 2021 IPO


Oncontractor Pty Ltd has developed an integrated employment platform used by companies that outsource employment activities through the use of contractors. Combining recruitment, onboarding and payroll, the platform can reduce client admin costs by 25-38% as well as reducing their risk. 


Targeting the $40B recruitment and labour hire market, with strong trends towards contracting instead of full-time employment, the company is on track for 636% growth in revenue to $6.5m in FY20.  Tier 1 clients include including big-four accountant, multi-billion dollar gold miner and leading industrial company. 


This offer is restricted to professional, sophisticated and experienced investors.  More info here.

$3 millionSize of Offer
29 May 20Offer Open
04 Jun 20Pay By
Equity Crowdfunding Upcoming

The Payment App Pty Ltd

The Payment App Pty Ltd
Payments & KYC fintech, revolutionising how businesses can reduce fraud and increase sales

More Info

In 2019, there were 10 billion individual card payments made by Australians, totalling $663 billion. There was also $574 million of payment card fraud in 2018.


Currently, very little data is known when a customer makes a payment. This presents a massive opportunity in the payment process that is currently being missed by businesses - the ability to obtain valuable customer information that will allow businesses to drive sales and prevent payment card fraud


The Payment App is revolutionising online payments by integrating big data and KYC services so that businesses can sell more and reduce fraud.


Before investing please consider the offer document and general risk warning.

Equity Crowdfunding Upcoming

TUDI (Taikun Property Group Pty Ltd)

Innovative property prediction technology that empowers property investors with the insights they need

More Info

2 million Australians own over $1.3 trillion of residential investment property. However, unlike the over-served stock market, there currently isn’t an independent platform that provides objective market data about where and when to invest for success.


TUDI is disrupting the way property investment is done. Powered by AI, big data and years of property analysis, the TUDI algorithm highlights Hot-Spot suburbs that will outperform the market and indicates the best time to sell.


Before investing please consider the offer document and general risk warning.

Placement Closed May 2020

Keytone Dairy Corp Ltd ASX: KTD..

Keytone Dairy Corp Ltd

The Keytone Dairy Corporation Ltd $12.5 million placement has successfully closed and was well supported by institutional and qualified investors. Shares issued under the offer will be allotted on Friday 15 May.

Fully Funded
$12.5 millionSize of Offer
Peloton Capital/Bell Potter Lead Manager
Placement Closed May 2020

Elixinol Global Ltd ASX: EXL

Elixinol Global Ltd

Elixinol Global Ltd has successfully completed the institutional component of its accelerated non-renounceable entitlement offer (“Entitlement Offer”).  The offer was well supported by institutional, sophisticated and professional investors .  Shares issued under the offer will be allotted on Thursday 14 May. 

Fully Funded
$11 millionSize of Offer
Bell Potter Lead Manager
IPO Closed Apr 2020

InteliCare Holdings Ltd ASX: ICR

InteliCare Holdings Ltd

InteliCare Holdings Ltd is focused on the development and commercialisation of the InteliCare system, a market leading, end-to-end remote monitoring technology solution that allows seniors to live safely in their own residence for longer.

Fully Funded
$5.5 millionSize of Offer
JP Equity Partners Lead Manager
ECF Closed Mar 2020

AirSeed Technologies Pty Ltd

AirSeed Technologies Pty Ltd
Airseed Technologies has successfully completed their ECF offer for their environmental restoration company


AirSeed Technologies was created to combat deforestation and the effects of climate change on our planet, using technology to increase carbon sequestration through scalable reforestation. Drone technology, artificial and data driven intelligence and sustainable biotechnology is used to rapidly deploy seeds for new trees into the ground.

Fully Funded






ECF Closed Feb 2020

TetraMed Limited

TetraMed Limited
TetraMed has successfully completed their ECF offer to raise funds for the development of its cannabinoid medicine in tablet form


TetraMed is a vertically integrated medicinal cannabis company developing a fully-licensed production facility for medicinal cannabis with an initial capacity of 4 tonnes in Lesotho, a premier region for cannabis cultivation.


Fully Funded






IPO Closed Feb 2020



The AML3D Limited IPO has successfully closed and was heavily oversubscribed. Allotment of shares has occurred, with the ASX listing confirmed for 11am (AEST) on Monday 20 April, 2020.

Fully Funded
$9 millionSize of Offer
Foster Stockbroking Lead Manager
IPO Closed Jan 2020

thedocyard Ltd ASX: TDY

thedocyard Ltd

thedocyard Ltd (ASX: TDY) is a revenue generating developer and provider of cloud-based software specifically built for managing the entire life cycle of any corporate or commercial transaction on one central platform. It operates a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. 

Fully Funded
$4.15 millionSize of Offer
Barclay Pearce Capital Lead Manager
IPO Closed Jan 2020

Little Green Pharma Ltd ASX: LGP

Little Green Pharma Ltd

The Little Green Pharma Ltd IPO has closed via OnMarket.  The IPO was fully underwritten by Canaccord Genuity, and OnMarket had a limited firm allocation.  Allotment of shares has occurred, with the ASX listing confirmed for 1pm, Thursday 20 February 2020 (AEDT).

Fully Funded
$10 millionSize of Offer
Canaccord Genuity Lead Manager
IPO Closed Jan 2020

Emerald Clinics Ltd ASX: EMD

Emerald Clinics Ltd

Emerald Clinics Ltd has established a network of specialist Clinics staffed and managed by experienced clinicians who have received training in cannabinoid medicine and are supported by a purpose-built technology platform that securely captures clinical data from consenting patients to generate a unique real-world clinical evidence data asset.

Fully Funded
$6 millionSize of Offer
PAC Partners Lead Manager
RTO Closed Jan 2020

Tesoro Resources Ltd ASX: TSO

Tesoro Resources Ltd

Tesoro Resources Ltd is an Australian gold exploration company with interests in two gold projects located in world class mining regions in Chile - El Zorro and Espina. The Company was established with a strategy of acquiring, exploring and developing mining projects in the Coastal Cordillera regions of Chile. 

Fully Funded
$4.6 millionSize of Offer
PAC Partners Lead Manager
ECF & Wholesale Closed Dec 2019

Ecocentric Group Ltd

Ecocentric Group Ltd
Eccocentric has successfully completed their ECF and wholesale raises to fund the commercialisation of their Numen technology


Ecocentric is a deep tech business using advanced AI technology to make buildings safer, more productive and more sustainable. Numen, enables real-time performance monitoring of machines and electrical systems, providing fault prediction, electrical fire prevention and energy optimisation.


Fully Funded






IPO Closed Dec 2019

Limeade, Inc. ASX: LME

Limeade, Inc.

Limeade, Inc. is a Washington State incorporated, leading employee experience software as a service (SaaS) provider. Through the Limeade platform and its integrated software solutions, Limeade helps organisations better care for their employees, with the goal of driving higher employee engagement and well-being, and lower employee turnover.

Fully Funded
$100 millionSize of Offer
Macquarie/Moelis Australia Lead Manager

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