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DC Power Co.

DC Power Co.

Please consider offer document & general risk warning.

DC Power Co. is built by solar people, for solar people.

DC Power Co. aims at becoming the world’s first crowd-sourced funded energy retailer for solar households. Unlike current energy retailers whose business models focus on selling households more energy, DC Power Co. is built by solar people, for solar people. DC Power Co. intends to reward solar owners with cheaper bills, better feed-in tariffs, genuine guidance on how to get more out of their solar panels.

Target $1,750,000







Crowdfunding Closing Midnight Friday

Revvies Energy Strips Ltd

Revvies Energy Strips Limited

Please consider offer document & general risk warning.

Revolutionising the sports nutrition industry.

Aiming to disrupt the $70 billion energy food and drink market, Revvies are an ultrathin mouth strip containing 40 mg of caffeine. Revvies has rapidly been taken up by elite athletes and professional sporting teams including members of the Australian Olympic Team and is sold in over 475 retail outlets across Australia.

Revvies has now raised over the $250k minimum.  Accepting further applications until midnight Friday!

Target $250,000







IPO Live

L1 Long Short Fund Ltd ASX: LSF

L1 Long Short Fund Ltd

L1 Long Short Fund Limited (ASX: LSF) will be a listed investment company which has been established to provide investors with an actively managed long and short portfolio of securities.  The Company’s investment approach will aim to deliver strong, positive, risk‑adjusted returns over the long term while seeking to preserve capital. The Manager, L1 Capital, has delivered an average compound return of 36.9% (after fees) since September 2014 via its unlisted L1 Capital Long Short Fund.

Up to $500 millionSize of Offer
13 Mar 18Offer Open
28 Mar 18Pay By
IPO Accepting Applications

PayGroup Ltd ASX: PYG

PayGroup Ltd

PayGroup Limited (ASX: PYG) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that provides business process outsourcing and cloud-based human capital management solutions to multinational companies with operations in the Asia Pacific. PayGroup expects to deliver $7.6m in revenue and $2.6m NPAT for the financial year to 31 March 2018 from its 410 clients.

$5.5-7.5 millionSize of Offer
20 Mar 18Offer Open
03 Apr 18Pay By
Series A Raising Closed



Skippr is an online platform that helps SMEs improve their financial well being by providing cashflow management solutions and invoice finance. Skippr has successfully raised $1.3m from wholesale investors and underwritten $6.8m of loans with 0% defaults since launch.


This is a Series A Raising is a restricted offer open to Experienced, Sophisticated and Professional investors.


$1-1.5 milionSize of Offer
27 Feb 18Offer Open
15 Mar 18Pay By
IPO OnMarket Bidding Closed

Universal Biosecurity Ltd ASX: UBL

Universal Biosecurity Ltd

Universal Biosecurity Limited (ASX: UBL) has developed and owns intellectual property rights to a fumigation delivery system called Fume8™. Fume8 uses food grade ethyl formate to produce a very effective gas fumigant that is safe to use, cost effective and environmentally friendly when compared to traditional fumigation methods.  Used in pest control in agricultural produce, soil and in buildings, the company will initially focus on the Australian and South Korean markets.

$5 millionSize of Offer
27 Feb 18Offer Open
21 Mar 18Pay By
IPO OnMarket Bidding Closed

Zaige Waste Management ASX: ZGZ

Zaige Waste Management

The Zaige Waste Management IPO has been withdrawn via OnMarket.  All applications will be refunded.  

Fully Funded
WithdrawnSize of Offer
Beer & Co Lead Manager
IPO Closed Feb 2018

Woomera Mining Ltd ASX: WML

Woomera Mining Ltd

Woomera Mining Ltd successfully completed it's capital raise and began trading under the new ASX code of WML, on 14 March 2018.

Fully Funded
$4 millionSize of Offer
Sequoia Wealth Lead Manager
IPO Closed Jan 2018

Simble Solutions Ltd ASX: SIS

Simble Solutions Ltd

The Simble Solutions Ltd IPO successfully closed. The company listed on the ASX at 11am (AEDT) Thursday 22nd February 2018.

Fully Funded
$7.5 millionSize of Offer
Patersons Securities Lead Manager

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