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Candy Club Holdings Ltd ASX: CLB

Candy Club Holdings Ltd
US based B2C and B2B candy subscription business


Latest press

Stockhead | Candy Club reckons Aussies want a taste of its sweets-as-a-service

Small Caps | Candy Club serves up IPO opportunity in US$36 billion confectionery market


Candy Club Holdings Ltd (ASX: CLB) procures and rebrands confectionery goods, then sells direct to consumers and specialty market retailers in the United States. The company had 15,000-20,000 monthly subscribers during 2017 and generated ~A$11m in revenue. The US confectionery industry was worth US$35b in 2017 and accounted for 75% of global volumes.

$4.5 - 8 millionSize of Offer
06 Dec 18Offer Open
18 Dec 18Pay By
IPO Taking applications

Uniti Wireless Ltd ASX: UWL

Uniti Wireless Ltd
An alternative to nbn™ offering fixed wireless broadband network and services


The company has received firm committments from investors for the $12 million min offer size.


Uniti Wireless Ltd (ASX: UWL) is a supplier of fixed wireless broadband network and services as an alternative to nbn™ and a replacement for ADSL connections. Currently operating in suburban and metropolitan Adelaide and areas of Melbourne, Uniti connects residential, business and enterprise customer premises to its network. Uniti Wireless is forecasting FY2019 revenue of $23.1 million and is led by Michael Simmons, an experienced executive in the telecommunications sector.

$12 - 18 millionSize of Offer
11 Dec 18Offer Open
14 Jan 19Pay By
IPO Live

AXS Group Ltd ASX: AXS

AXS Group Ltd
Global software provider in the digitisation and automation of asset processing and reporting solutions.


Update: AXS has extended its IPO given changes made to its terms for its proposed listing as requested by ASX. A Supplementary Prospectus will be lodged with ASIC shortly.


AXS Group Limited (ASX Code: AXS) is an integrated software solution provider to the finance, insurance and funds sector. With over 40 clients in Australia, North America, Europe and Asia they are focussed on helping clients with their digital transformation, reducing time and cutting costs. The Company’s cloud based ARMnet platform currently is used to manage over $100 billion of assets and transactions that are accessible via smart phones, tablets or email from anywhere at any time.

Up to $7 millionSize of Offer
11 Oct 18Offer Open
14 Dec 18Pay By
Crowdfunding Offer closed

The Cup Exchange Ltd

The Cup Exchange Limited
Offer now closed - payments must be made by 5pm Monday 17 December


The Cup Exchange Ltd (TCX) is a scalable, technology-enabled subscription service created to provide a convenient and sustainable alternative to single-use cups, benefitting all stakeholders. TCX combines a purpose-designed physical cup with an IT system, providing a solution for the 1.2 billion cups disposed of each year in Australia alone, with 90% ending up in landfill.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.








IPO OnMarket bidding closed

Splitit Payments Ltd ASX: SPT

Splitit Payments Ltd
Credit card based instalment payment solution targeting worldwide retail markets


Application closed via OnMarket.  Payment due by 5pm Tuesday 18 December.


Splitit Payments Ltd (ASX: SPT) is a technology company providing a cross-border credit card based instalment solution to businesses and merchants. Customers have the ability to “buy now and pay later” by utilising their existing credit card without incurring interest or fees, providing merchants with a tool to increase average order values and reduce checkout abandonment.  The Company has a global footprint of more than 310 merchants in 25 countries, including the US, and has achieved average monthly revenue growth of ~15% in the last 15 months.

$10 - 12 millionSize of Offer
13 Dec 18Offer Open
18 Dec 18Pay By
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IPO Closed Nov 2018

Norwest Minerals Ltd ASX: NWM

Norwest Minerals Ltd

The Norwest Minerals Ltd IPO has successfully closed. Allotment of shares is expected to occur around Thursday 15 November, with the ASX listing date has been moved to Thursday 29 November at 12:00pm (AEDT).

Fully Funded
$6.6 millionSize of Offer
CPS Capital Lead Manager
IPO Closed Nov 2018

Shekel Brainweigh Ltd ASX: SBW

Shekel Brainweigh Ltd

Shekel Brainweigh Ltd specialises in the development of complex, high precision weighing technology, employing a multidisciplinary team of experts in the fields of analogue and digital scaling technology, AI and big data analytics, alongside a sales team with a proven track record in the global retail and healthcare markets. 

Fully Funded
$10.15 millionSize of Offer
RM Corporate Finance Lead Manager
IPO Closed Oct 2018

Hearts and Minds Investments Ltd

Hearts and Minds Investments Ltd

Hearts and Minds Investments Ltd provides investors with a concentrated portfolio of highest conviction stock ideas from Australia’s leading Fund Managers, while also supporting Australian medical research institutes.

Fully Funded
$500 millionSize of Offer
CommSec, NAB, Crestone Lead Manager
IPO Closed Oct 2018

Fiji Kava Ltd ASX: FIJ

Fiji Kava Ltd

The Fiji Kava Ltd IPO has closed early raising $5.2 million.  Shares have been allotted and the company will list on ASX on Thursday 20th December at 11am (AEDT).

Fully Funded
$5.2 millionSize of Offer
PAC Partners Lead Manager
Crowdfunding Closed Oct 2018

SendGold (Mobile Asset Holdings Ltd)

SendGold (Mobile Asset Holdings Ltd)
SendGold has turned gold into accessible, digital money


SendGold is a peer-to-peer digital money platform allowing customers to save, send or gift using gold as money. With the long-term buying power of one of history’s most reliable, heavily traded assets, SendGold gives old money systems an upgrade.  

Fully Funded



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