Why should I have a Holder Identification Number (HIN)?

If you have a HIN, all shares you have been successfully allotted will land in the one brokerage account assigned to that HIN.   

Please make sure the HIN and the Applicant Name and Address EXACTLY match what is on your CHESS Holding Statement.

If they do not match, the share registry responsible for allotting the shares will allot your shares under a Shareholder Reference Number (SRN) which are held in the Issuer Sponsored sub-register.

Whether your legal title to shares is registered on the CHESS subregister using a HIN or the issuer sponsored subregister using a SRN, you will need to go through a stockbroker if you want to trade them.

Another reason to have a HIN is if you want to change your registration name, address, or notification of Tax File Number for your shares with a HIN on the CHESS subregister, you need to contact only your sponsoring broker. For shares on the issuer sponsored subregister, you need to notify the share registry of each company in which you hold shares.

NB. You do NOT need a HIN in your profle to submit an application into an Equity Crowdfunding offer.



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