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Overview - Our Vision

Click the play button. The video will tell you everything you’re about to read in 60 seconds. Video is simply the king of content, which is why 85% of businesses want to ramp up video creation.

Corporate video is no longer confined to marketing. By 2030 some 75% of all business communication will be video, predicts Deloitte. This 500-fold increase on today is a transformative shift that needs automation.

Introducing Vloggi, an AI-powered tool for businesses that combines footage crowdsourcing with rules-based workflows and templated post-production to create professional video at massive scale in seconds.

Vloggi has already made its mark in the market, generating growing monthly revenue and serving over 3,000 corporate users, including prestigious companies such as Qantas, Amazon, and Paypal.

By investing in Vloggi, you will drive its next phase of product development and fuel the acquisition of a broader customer base, propelling the company towards even greater success.

Why corporate user-generated video?

The demand for video is skyrocketing. Video consumption on social media has doubled in just two years. Millennials massively prefer short-form videos over reading for communication. So as they enter the workforce, Deloitte predicts a staggering 500-fold increase in business video creation over the next decade.

User-generated video is already dominant in social media. It combines a low cost of production, with high trust from viewers. Corporate user-generated video is the next frontier. Imagine YouTube-style instructional videos created by employees or employee video feedback forms.

Corporate users already account for 63% of the US$5.4 billion global user-generated video software market, which is growing at 29.4% CAGR, according to Grand View Research. Vloggi, a pioneer in corporate user-generated video, is poised to take a large stake in this booming market.

Your investment would support Vloggi in transforming our platform into an enterprise product and acquiring larger corporate customers. 

Video today is complex, costly and slow

Corporate video production today is costly, complex and time-consuming. A 2-minute video costs at least $6,000, leading 72% of businesses to create fewer videos than they need, according to a 2023 HubSpot survey.

While user-generated videos have revolutionised social media, the corporate sector has been slow to adopt this approach due to the complexity of gathering, storing, analysing and compiling video inputs from potentially millions of customers or employees across numerous locations.

The barriers in the way of corporate adoption of user-generated video include:

  • gathering, storing, and analysing footage
  • obtaining consent and re-use permissions
  • managing diverse video formats
  • ensuring colour balance and audio normalisation
  • editing and applying graphics

To address these issues, we present an investment opportunity in our groundbreaking tools that automate the entire video production process, reducing the human steps involved from 12 to just 3. You can now be a part of revolutionising automated video production.

The Vloggi Solution

Vloggi turns user-generated footage into professional video montages in seconds by combining three essential elements: 

  1. COLLECT - Vloggi simplifies the footage gathering process through its customisable video request form builder. Anyone with a phone can easily contribute clips, making it accessible for a wide range of participants
  2. CATEGORISE - Vloggi’s content management system allows businesses to categorise and store clips based on project, location, quality, tags or any other relevant data.
  3. COMPILE - Vloggi automates video post production through dynamic templates. Create a master with your branding and placeholders and our proprietary technology effortlessly creates professional videos in seconds.

Plus, all footage is appropriately licensed for re-use, ensuring legal compliance.

Gone are the days of cumbersome manual processes, such as gathering, downloading, and stitching together video files. Vloggi's comprehensive platform handles these tasks effortlessly, allowing businesses to produce video content at scale at low cost. Your investment will help thousands more businesses 10x their video production


Vloggi's SAAS platform, launched in May 2021, has seen remarkable traction, with over 3,000 businesses now utilising our services compared to the initial seven at launch. Revenues have grown by 55% in the year leading up to June 2023.

Vloggi's success can be attributed to our focus on simplifying the collection of video footage from multiple end-users, leading to the emergence of three primary use cases:

  1. Internal communication for companies including Avon, Qantas, Paypal, and MYOB;
  2. Customer video contests for brands like Hamilton the Musical, YouTube chef Nick di Giovanni, and JAX Tyres & Auto, and;
  3. Community sentiment videos for organisations such as the US National Autistic Society, UK prime minister Rishi Sunak, and the US National Association of Realtors.

Despite tight marketing budgets, most customers discover Vloggi organically through search, proving strong product-market fit.

Notably, 75% of paying customers are based in the USA, indicating significant market demand. Invest in Vloggi now to capitalise on our impressive growth and market potential.

Invest in a market with 30% annual growth

Vloggi combines two of the fastest growing sectors in the economy - user-generated video and artificial intelligence. The global market for user-generated video software is already worth US$5.4 billion and growing at a rate of 29.4% CAGR, according to Grand View Research.

In fact, this equates to a US$30 billion market by 2030.

Within this, user generated content platforms for enterprises make up the lion’s share, with US$3.1 billion already in the B2B user-generated content platform sector. This is Vloggi’s serviceable available market.

In just one use case, user-generated video software for marketing, the market opportunity is over $1 billion. But we believe we can quickly go beyond marketing into other, more lucrative verticals.

Investing in Vloggi means seizing the potential within this transformative landscape. By joining us, you can contribute to the realisation of this opportunity and be at the forefront of revolutionising communication through video.

What sets Vloggi apart?

Vloggi stands out at the convergence of two thriving tech sectors: user-generated content and artificial intelligence.

Unlike some of its competitors in the video collection space (Vouchfor, Videoask or Vocal Video), Vloggi combines the power of video crowdsourcing with digital asset management and automated video production.

Leveraging AI-powered algorithms, Vloggi's platform will soon automatically analyse collected video files, extracting valuable metadata and visual features. This data will be used to arrange and sequence video clips at an unprecedented speed and significantly reduced cost.

What sets Vloggi further apart is its ability to integrate with existing client databases and workflows, enabling businesses to achieve automated video production at a massive scale.

By investing in Vloggi, you will support the further development of intellectual property protection for these novel technologies. Additionally, your investment will fuel the acquisition of large corporate clients, enabling the utilisation of Vloggi's platform at scale.

Business model - BTB metered SAAS

Vloggi operates on a tiered B2B software-as-a-service subscription model, designed to cater to organisations based on the size of their video library. Our primary metric for success is the number of user-generated videos within each organisation's collection, as these clips hold the true value for our customers.

Our software development focuses on eliminating barriers to contribution from our customers' end-users and contextualising the clips for enhanced reusability.

We offer four core subscription tiers based on video storage, with the main corporate plan priced at US$399 per month for 1,000 clips. Additionally, we provide metered usage plans for larger corporations, custom video workflows, API integrations, and collaboration with white label partners and resellers.

By investing in Vloggi, you will help fund improvements to our user interface, ensuring a seamless experience that caters to larger corporate use cases. Your investment will also facilitate the expansion of our reseller, white label, and channel partnerships. 

Investor Rewards

We highly value our investors and consider them as brand ambassadors and advisors. To express our gratitude for your investment, we offer exclusive investor rewards based on the level of your contribution:

  • For investments greater than A$20,000, we provide a 50% discount* off the annual Commercial tier Vloggi platform fee, valued at US$4,500.
  • Investments exceeding A$10,000 are eligible for a 50% discount* off the annual Corporate tier Vloggi membership, valued at US$2,394.
  • With investments surpassing A$5,000, investors can enjoy a 50% discount* off the annual Community tier Vloggi membership, valued at US$594.
  • For investments greater than A$1,000, a 50% discount* off the annual Collector tier Vloggi membership, valued at US$234, is offered.

In addition, as an investor, you can benefit from a 25% commission on the lifetime value of all annual subscriptions referred to Vloggi.

*T&Cs: A Vloggi subscription plan must be purchased in order to receive investor discount.

The Team

Vloggi was founded in late 2018 by Justin Wastnage, an industry veteran and visionary in the realm of automated video production. Justin's journey began at Static 2358, a pioneering British Silicon Valley tech firm, where he played a key role in introducing interactive television technology to the world. Recognising the transformative potential of video, Justin subsequently established Microsoft UK's video public relations unit and Reed Elsevier's video publishing divisions.

Guiding the Vloggi team, Justin brings together exceptional talent, including Jérémy Giraudet, the technical co-founder, a seasoned developer, start-up enthusiast, and scrum master, as well as Carl Ireland, the Chief Marketing Officer, whose expertise in deep funnel optimization drives our customer success.

As we seek to propel the business forward, your investment will play a vital role in expanding our team. We have identified exceptional candidates for critical tech and marketing positions, whose expertise will further accelerate our growth. Additionally, we are actively seeking active investors to join our board.



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