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Upcoming Optivance (Global Dist. Partners Pty Ltd)

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Formulated with love for Mums and Bubs

It is tiring being a mum


Tina Fey captured it well…”Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy.”


Being a mother is a full-time job, and sourcing and consuming the right nutrition for themselves and their bubba can be time consuming and hard. Exhaustion is common and mums feel great responsibility for providing their bub’s nutrition whilst pregnant, breastfeeding and weaning.


Sure, they can take handfuls of tablets and capsules, but this isn’t really appetising. 


The multi-billion-dollar supplements market is fragmented. There are so many narrowly focused nutritional products, like vitamin and mineral supplements, probiotics, Omega-3 fatty acids, collagen, and lactation cookies. Even those supplements designed for mums miss the mark for what mums really want – Easy, enjoyable all in one “Nutritional Peace of Mind”.

Nutrition for Peace of Mind

Optivance formulas are developed by nutritionists who are mums themselves which makes their products relevant to the needs of mothers globally.


This unique position powerfully combines the love of a mother’s heart with her professional knowledge and expertise.


The Optivance range meets the nutritional needs of mums and bubs from pregnancy to the toddler years – all in convenient and tasty products. 


Starting with their Infant Formula, Optivance then introduced the Follow-On Formula, and then Toddler Milk Drink. Customer lifetime value was then increased with two key product extensions:


  • Mummy Smoothie Breastfeeding, and
  • Mummy Smoothie Pregnancy.


These are delicious and comprehensively nutritious smoothies. Taken daily, each easy to use sachet is packed full of key ingredients like B group vitamins including folate, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins D, C, iron, probiotics, collagen and much more.


Optivance is created by mums, for mums, creating credibility and trust – which has been reflected in positive reviews and sales.

Optivance Global Market Opportunity

Globally the supplements market was worth USD $140B in 2020 (and USD $5.6B in Australia), with a CAGR of 8.6%.


The macro trends in consumption are being driven by increased disposable income, poor lifestyle choices leading to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and growing awareness about healthy diets and risks associated with improper nutrition.


Optivance’s first products target a subset of this market, the global infant formula market. This was worth USD $50.46B in 2019, and growing at a CAGR of 10.6%.


Optivance product extensions (Mummy Smoothie Pregnancy and Mummy Smoothie Breastfeeding) target a second subset of this market, which was worth USD $445M in 2020 and growing at a CAGR of 8.6%.


Strategic Growth Plan

Optivance is a powerful brand play with a strong strategic growth plan.


Its founders are Stuart Beil (CSIRO’s former Head of Commercialisation); Anaru Edwards (international consumer brand marketing and sales strategist); and James Stephanos (widely recognised food safety and standards expert). A team of qualified health professionals, (who are mums as well) provide the female-focused nutritional leadership that drives Optivance.


Together they form a formidable strategic team – commercialisation; consumer-connected brand marketing and sales; and product nutrition and quality.   


Off the back of raising $1.97M in seed funding, Optivance has already achieved significant milestones that have proven and de-risked its business model.


Revenue: Optivance is a lifestyle brand that is executing the highly successful growth playbook – build strong brand loyalty and advocacy; and extend lifetime sales value with a product range that spans different life stages. Combined, the improved retention and lower cost of acquisition, deliver superior profit results.


While COVID hampered initial product development, sales of Mummy Smoothie Breastfeeding commenced Q1 2021 and are growing steadily, and their second product Mummy Smoothie Pregnancy is ready for launch first quarter next year. With distribution partners on board and more to come, Optivance is focused on revenue growth.


Costs: At the same time, the Optivance team has cost management firmly in hand, with out-sourced Australian manufacturing that meets stringent food standards.   

Marketing and Distribution

Early 2021, Optivance launched both online and retail distribution channels with approximately 250 local pharmacies stocking Optivance Mummy Smoothies, including select stores of these well-known chains:


  • Discount Drug Stores
  • TerryWhite Chemmart
  • Ramsay Health
  • Chempro
  • Capital Chemist


Distribution growth locally and internationally is already underway. The strong brand profile is trademarked in Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore; and Optivance has signed an MOU with an international trading house for distribution into Singapore.








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Sawce Pty Ltd

Sawce Pty Ltd
Australia's online marketplace for furnishing & fitouts
I need it, I'll SAWCE it! is the FIRST and ONLY online marketplace dedicated to helping people furnish and fitout any space – home, commercial and office. Starting with over a hundred thousand products from hundreds of retailers, & targeting 1 million products within 12 months, they are the and of the $50B Australian furnishing and fitout industry.


Using their successful pilot site with 30,000 users a month as the base, launches in October, with rapid expansion anticipated as a pure-play technology-driven marketplace.


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Min. reached - now targeting $1 million







IPO Upcoming

ChemX Materials Ltd ASX: CMX

ChemX Materials Ltd
Focussed on producing materials required for global energy transition and de-carbonisation markets


Commitments in excess of $7m min offer size. OnMarket has a limited allocation


ChemX Materials Limited (ASX: CMX) is a materials technology company developing new and innovative solutions to produce materials required for the global energy transition and de-carbonisation markets. The Company’s initial focus is in-house developed technology to process and supply High Purity Alumina (“HPA”). HPA is a critical material for the Lithium-Ion Battery and LED & Semiconductor markets. ChemX is planning to construct a pilot plant within 12-18 months.


The Company also holds two exploration licences in the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia which are prospective for kaolin / halloysite and manganese, key materials for the decarbonisation of industrial processes, Hydrogen storage, CO2 Capture and battery precursor material.

Up to $8 millionSize of Offer
06 Dec 21Offer Open
10 Dec 21Pay By
IPO Live

Belararox Ltd ASX: BRX

Belararox Ltd
Mineral explorer focused on meeting the surge in demand from battery and renewable energy markets


Belararox Limited (ASX: BRX) is an Australian mineral explorer focused on securing and developing resources to meet the surge in demand from the technology, battery and renewable energy markets.


The Company directly owns 100% of the Belara metals project in NSW that comprises a granted exploration licence and two exploration licence applications, and the Bullabulling gold and nickel project located Western Australia that comprises a package of 26 granted prospecting licences located close to the Bullabulling Gold Mine.


The Belara Project is a highly prospective near-term base metal opportunity. Previous drilling has shown mineralisation with excellent continuity, containing significant intersections of zinc, copper, silver, lead and gold and is located close to well-developed infrastructure. 

Up to $6 millionSize of Offer
30 Nov 21Offer Open
06 Dec 21Pay By
IPO Live

Dragonfly Biosciences Ltd ASX: DRF

Dragonfly Biosciences Ltd
Producing high quality CBD health and wellness products from ‘seed to shelf’, sold through blue chip retailers


Dragonfly Biosciences Limited’s (ASX: DRF) develops cannabidiol (CBD) health and wellness products derived from the cannabis plant, owning and operating the entire production chain from ‘seed to shelf’. EU licensed strains are grown on its own organically certified fields in the EU, with CBD extraction undertaken at the Company’s ‘state of the art’ large scale extraction facility. 


Dragonfly has a 3-year track record of selling its CBD products through blue chip retailers in the United Kingdom (UK), such as Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Amazon and Harrods, and is now targeting international expansion to Australia, Asia Pacific and the USA. The company is forecasting revenues of $6.9 million for FY2021.

Up to $11 millionSize of Offer
02 Dec 21Offer Open
10 Dec 21Pay By
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Kredible (Tagg Technologies Pty Ltd)

Kredible (Tagg Technologies Pty Ltd)
Revolutionary talent search platform disrupting Australia’s multi billion dollar recruitment and job search industries.


Kredible is the next generation of talent search platforms, completely flipping the hiring process on it’s head by offering employers a searchable database of professionals who have all been verified by their previous employers via extensive reference checks, all displayed in an Uber-style review format. 


Currently, almost all businesses conduct talent searches through job boards or recruitment agencies via a lengthy, expensive and highly inefficient process. Kredible aims to fix this by offering employers a technology enabled platform to hire talent considerably faster, cheaper and with much more accuracy.


Disrupting this process represents a contestable revenue opportunity of over $12 billion in Australia alone.


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Min. reached - now targeting $1.25 million







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ReNutrients Pty Ltd

ReNutrients Pty Ltd
Cleantech meets Agtech. Revolutionary technology. Returning Nutrients to Nature


Every year over 419 million handheld batteries are sold in Australia and just 4% of these are recycled with the rest going to landfill. As batteries begin to break down in landfill, heavy metals can leach into the surface and groundwater, polluting our soils and waterways.


ReNutrients is on a mission to address the issue of battery waste in Australia whilst returning the valuable minerals used in the batteries to the ground. Via their exclusive distribution agreement with Finnish cleantech company, Tracegrow, ReNutrients has a suite of organic fertilisers made from recycled batteries that have shown increased yields for growers by up to 26% compared to traditional competing products.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.

Minimum Target $250,000