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  • The rise of the “smartphone investor” has fuelled the growth of mobile trading platforms however, there's no “mobile-first” financial data and information platform to support the rapidly growing smartphone investors. Grafa fills this void as the world’s largest data, news and information platform tailored to the needs of Smartphone Investors.
  • Grafa creates the mechanism and the ecosystem for the traditional titans of finance to connect with the new breed of smartphone investors in a way that benefits both groups
  • Grafa has had a soft launch and is already generating revenue from its data and content subscriptions as well as from enterprise data solutions for clients including WA Business News and several ASX-listed companies.
  • Partnership with ASX-listed Linius Technologies, which provides AI-generated video for the likes of and video conferencing.
  • Serviceable market of 9 million Australian adults holding investments outside their super. 
  • Founded by ex-Bloomberg Data Editor and Macquarie Bank analyst Dan Petrie, ex-Bloomberg TV anchor Heidi Cuthbert and Jon Cuthbert - a former university lecturer and education specialist.
  • Recently joined the Australian Bureau of Statistics advisory committee on best practice solutions delivering government APIs.
  • Grafa has a publishing licence from the ASX as well as the NYSE.

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The Problem

Globally, the rise of the “smartphone investor” has fuelled the growth of mobile trading platforms such as Robinhood (US$11.2 billion valuation) and EToro (US$2.5 billion valuation).

However, there is no mobile-first data, news and insights platform to complement and support the rapid global growth of smartphone investing.

In traditional financial markets, the flow of information has been dominated by the duopoly of Bloomberg and Reuters - but there is a major opportunity for a company like Grafa to provide mobile-first financial data, analysis and news direct to the consumer via their mobile phone.

While there are online trading platforms such as CommSec and others, they generally only offer limited information relating to the assets traded on their platform.

There is no single platform that allows for a complete view across all asset classes including stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, property and economic data. 

For the consumer, this means they can never get a complete view of the best asset class to invest - they are being pushed down a particular asset funnel by the trading platform.

One of the reasons for this is because it’s extraordinarily complicated to synthesise all the disparate data sources into one seamless user interface and make this vast volume of data and information available via a cloud-enabled application.

Grafa will be the ultimate source of financial data to underpin the flow of information to all online trading platforms, starting with Australia and then expanding overseas.


Grafa makes finance simple and entertaining. It allows anyone, anywhere in the world to quickly research, get personalised insights and prepare yourself for investment opportunities. Grafa is a patent pending powerful cloud-based financial information tool to help everyone, from the novice to the professional, navigate and monitor their investments. Grafa aims to be the world’s largest finance-focused content and social networking platform. 

Unrivalled Features

  • AI-curated video news content from Bloomberg, Reuters and more.
  • Charting tool that allows for comparisons across 20,000 data points including stock market, economic, commodities, currencies and cryptocurrencies. 
  • Portfolio tracking - monitor the performance of your investments in one place.
  • Like a pocket MBA - entertaining video tutorials that simply explain complex financial concepts.
  • Built on the AWS stack which allows for rapid global scaling of the business.
Follow the smart money with Grafa. 


Grafa creates an ecosystem in which traditional financial services companies can interact directly with individual investors. Both groups benefit from this interaction - individuals by getting access to quality information and the companies by getting exposure to an engaged audience. Grafa has two key recurring revenue streams from B2B “Business Publishers” and B2C “Content Consumers”. 

Grafa has been engineered to function like a social networking platform to tap into learned habits across other social networks. The more content is created by the publishers, the more information that’s readily available for the consumer.

Grafa will use a series of algorithms to tailor information for the user based on their preferences. For example, if someone is interested in gold, they can find all the research, news and analysis provided by publishers relating to gold within seconds. 

The value of Grafa will also be realised as more and more disparate data sets are added to the platform. It will allow users to very quickly scan the globe for information to make informed decisions. 

Ultimately the true value of Grafa will be when it is an aggregator of ideas and an agnostic referrer of trades to other online trading portals. 

Grafa has also been assessed as being an Early Stage Innovation Company, which provides for tax incentives for investors


Grafa is generating revenue from early adopters that took up the company’s presale offer as part of a pre-Christmas soft launch. Among the early adopters many are from funds and brokers who took out a subscription to assess whether to roll out Grafa to their staff and clients. Grafa has a partnership with ASX-listed Linius Technologies, which also provides an AI-generated video conference solution called WHIZZARD that integrates with Zoom, Webex Meetings and Microsoft Teams. Grafa has recently joined the Australian Bureau of Statistics advisory committee on best practice solutions delivering government APIs. The Australian market is certainly a test market ahead of plans to rapidly expand into Asia. 


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Offer Live

R3D Resources Ltd ASX: R3D

R3D Resources Ltd
Copper/gold focused explorer and developer with leading position in the Chillagoe region, North Queensland


The Company has advised that they have received firm commitments to cover the offer. Applications and payments must be submitted by Wednesday 3 March 2021, 5:00pm (AEDT)


R3D Resources Limited (ASX: R3D) through the acquisition of Tartana Resources Limited aims to become a significant copper-gold explorer, developer and producer in the Chillagoe Region in North Queensland.  These projects vary in maturity from granted mining leases, mining lease applications and exploration permits.


The Tartana mining leases contain an existing heap leach – solvent extraction – crystallisation plant which has been held in care and maintenance since 2014. A proposed restart of this operation along with potential ongoing low grade zinc furnace slag/matte shipments from our Tasmanian project can underpin the financing of our exploration activities across the highly prospective project portfolio.

$4.25 millionSize of Offer
17 Feb 21Offer Open
03 Mar 21Pay By
OIS Share Offer Live

BrewDog Group Australia Ltd

BrewDog Group Australia Ltd
Equity for Punks Australia: Tomorrow Starts Today
BrewDog's 2 Year Blueprint for Australia and New Zealand - read it here 


BrewDog was born in 2007 with a mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as they are. In 2019, BrewDog opened their first facility in Australia, and are now on the verge of releasing awesome craft beer made by BrewDog, in their new home in Brisbane.


Their mission is to become the world's most sustainable beer business and this year announced they are officially carbon neutral.


BrewDog have a community of over 145,000 Equity Punk investors, and now, they are expanding that community into Australia. This is your chance to join them.


Before investing please consider the Offer Information Statement.

Min exceeded. Now targeting $750k!




To 10%



SPP Harvester Live

SPP Harvester

SPP Harvester
Harvesting the discount from Share Purchase Plans


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a wave of discounted capital raisings with ~$53 billion of discounted new shares issued in the last 12 months.


Share Purchase Plans (SPPs) allow individual shareholders to apply for up to $30,000 in shares at the same discounted price paid by institutions.  In the 12 months to 31 December, in-the-money SPPs were issued at an average 10% discount to the ASX closing price on the SPP closing date. But, you must be a shareholder before the SPP is announced.


SPP HarvesterTM gives you access to SPPs by buying you 1-share in 300 of the largest, liquid, operating companies listed on ASX.  It will identify and apply for in-the-money SPPs and automatically sell the new securities, efficiently recycling your capital into the next SPP. This automatically harvests the discount for SPPs, with minimum capital outlay, low establishment costs and minimal administration. 

UnlimitedSize of Offer
26 Feb 21Offer Open
12 Mar 21Pay By
ECF OnMarket Bidding Closed

Foresense Technologies

Foresense Technologies Pty Ltd
A disruptive innovator in real-time customer presence analytics
Update: Final agreement with CUED signed - Announcement here


Foresense Technologies has developed an artificial intelligence solution enabling brick and mortar stores to more effectively compete with the growing presence of ecommerce. Proprietary presence detection technology combined with in-store digital sensors and mobile app technology enables real-time quantification of human behaviour in-store.


Near term revenues from signed agreements with oOh!media and a network of 4,000 newsagents across Australia, as well as being final negotiations with a large US based casino group, a major national retailer and several other iconic global brands.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.

Min exceeded. Now targeting $750k!







Public Offer OnMarket bidding closed

Sprintex Ltd ASX: SIX

Sprintex Ltd
Leading supplier of automotive superchargers, reducing emissions and fuel consumption
Commitments received for $6.5 million offer size.


Sprintex Limited (ASX: SIX) is an Australian based automotive engineering, research, product development and manufacturing company that designs and manufactures superchargers for use in a wide variety of combustion engines. It is currently focused on the development and commercialisation of the Sprintex® twin screw supercharger in the automotive aftermarket and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market in Australia, USA, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


The patented Sprintex supercharger plays a key role in reducing fuel consumption and lowering emissions in combustion engines, which is assist in meeting increasingly stringent environmental standards.

$6.5 millionSize of Offer
06 Nov 20Offer Open
19 Feb 21Pay By
Equity Crowdfunding Upcoming

Azura Consulting Pty Ltd

Azura Consulting Pty Ltd
Fashion tech-retailer with zero-inventory model enabling massive growth with minimal risk

More Info


Azura is a fashion-tech retailer, delivering curated luxury and fast-fashion Brands for e-commerce marketplaces, using a zero-inventory model. Using AI and machine learning, Azura is able to process 150,000 products into data-rich, market ready items listed for sale on 100+ marketplaces within a few hours. 


With the move away from bricks and mortar, Azura’s plug ‘n’ play access to 100+ e-commerce marketplaces has already attracted 1200+ Brands and delivered 34% month on month growth over the past 6 months.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.