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Investment Highlights

  • goPassport Australia is a technology company lead by infectious disease and border control expertise, that has developed a platform to support the opening of inbound international travel.
  • Achieved via the application of mandated Border Control and Government Health Policy.
  • The platform enables travel industries and stakeholder Government departments to monitor, control and escalate the risks of Covid-19 and other similar events for the entry of travellers into Australia.
  • Company’s technology is a trusted end to end real-time platform which ensures safe international travel.
  • The goPassport consortium brings together three proven technology products to fast track the delivery of an agile management platform.
  • Core tech is production-ready, with a highly skilled team assembled, product scoped and peer-reviewed.
  • The core goPassport real-time model has an Australian Innovation Patent application.
  • goPassport is the industry partnership technology solution to enable re-start pilot programmes for: International education, tourism and business and migrant workforce.
  • goPassport is a user-pays service restarting the international arrivals which peaked at 21 million arrivals into Australia in 2019.
  • Road-map to a liquidity event in the next 18 - 24 months.


The impact of COVID-19 on international and domestic travel is unprecedented.

goPassport is an “Industry Recovery and future Management Solution” that will assist in restarting international travel and safely opening up our borders. It is a digital health passport solution that will be needed for a new era of travel. goPassport tackles the dynamic behaviour of the virus through three robust stages, moving the risk offshore, ensuring compliance and monitoring and escalating compromise.

Prior to leaving their home country goPassport maintains a dynamic COVID-19 risk flag for each traveller: the Health Risk Flag (HRF) reflects their individual risk of importing COVID-19 into their planned destination. The flag is generated by advanced analytics which processes streams of constantly-changing clinical, population and travel related data. It also enables visibility of international travelers’ health status and location that Border Control and Health authorities require.

On arrival into the country, the destination ensures compliance with mandated border control and Government health policies, guiding travellers through each step of the journey. In the case of non-compliance, the system communicates with the traveller to ensure they undertake the next best action to resume compliance. Through auditing the response, non-compliance can be escalated to the various stakeholders including health authorities, border control and travel managers.

The Problem

COVID-19 has caused a dramatic stop to both domestic and international travel. Government’s current decision is limited to either “travel on or travel off”.  Current border closures and restrictions cannot remain forever - there needs to be some in-between. However, Governments currently do not have an efficient, automated way to manage and monitor individuals departing and arriving to their country.  When a traveller is “off radar” there is no mechanism to monitor their exposure to infection, compliance or the management of breaches on a large and digital scale.

The blunt tools of closed borders and on-arrival quarantine are not only a very expensive solution but ones that have been shown to be imperfect - incapable of dealing with more than a handful of travellers and with significant gaps that result in breaches with potentially devastating consequences.

The Opportunity

COVID-19 is the first epidemic where the use of digital technology can be used to enhance the traditional methods of public health controls, to rapidly and efficiently minimise spread. As a world leader in border protection integrating visa, boarding and arrival controls and supporting these with leading-edge, automated risk detection systems Australia is already well positioned to employ a range of measures to ensure it has full visibility of every new arrival.

Based on 2019 markets there was a total of 9.5 million incoming travellers to Australia and approximately 1.4 billion international arrivals. This presents a huge opportunity for goPassport to provide a solution to international travel in Australia and around the world.

Key Components of the goPassport Technology

goPassport combines 4 proven components in its comprehensive solution:

  • Real Time – a real-time policy engine that maintains every traveller’s individual pathway status to safe entry and health compliance in a country. Multi-level capability to warn, alert and escalate non-compliance back to the individual, managing institutions or health and local enforcement agencies.
  • Risk Assessment - A Travel Risk Assessment solution providing an end-to-end view of all the aspects of a traveller’s trip that will influence their risk of exposure in the cycle of travel.
  • App - An individually tuned app for travellers that guides their policy programme simply, safely, prior to and during their in-country travel.
  • Status Portal - A status portal with live relevant dashboards at a national, regional and institutional level for health departments, Immigration / Border Force and management institutions.

Market Potential

Inbound Travel Industry

  • 1.5 billion international tourist arrivals were recorded in 2019, globally.
  • The impact Covid-19 opens the potential for a massive restart.

International Education Industry

  • 5.5m + students studying at international educations in 2019, globally.
  • The impact Covid-19 opens the potential for a massive restart.

Tourism Service Provider – hotels, attractions, transport

Global Industry:

  • Market size of $2 trillion.
  • Over 2 million businesses.
  • Over 27 million in industry employment.

International Shipping and Cargo Services

  • 53,000 merchant ships trading internationally as at January 1 2019, contributing to about US$380 billion in freight rates.
  • In 2018 the worldwide cruise line industry carried over 26 million people for an estimated US$45.6 billion.

Revenue Model

goPassport can potentially earn revenue through the sale of its products into the consumer market segments via distribution channels as described.

The cost for the traveller will be between $40 – 50 AUD per person and incorporated as part of the itinerary component alongside flights, accommodation, touring attractions etc. Prices options will vary for families, length of stay and potential type of Visa Class for travel.

Travelling Users download the app via the Apple / Google App Stores and through online registration make the required payment via ecommerce gateway.

Product Status

goPassport is being fast tracked by adapting existing and proven technologies. The core technology is production ready with the team assembled, product scoped and per-reviewed.

goPassport is partnering in a significant proposal for return student pilot programmes for presentation to Australia’s State Health Officers for the return to Australia studies for 70,000 International Students. They are working with EAE members, ATEC members, Flight Centre, and MD Testing Solutions for the logistics handling of these pilots.

Platform Component Status

Master Service Agreements are in place between goPassport Australia, Didgigo and AlphaZetta for the use of their technologies.

Management and Board

Klaus Felsche

Chief Technology Officer/Director

Founded the first Advanced Analytics unit in Immigration and Border Protection. Developed and deployed the Analytics- driven Border Risk Identification System including multiple components of the Next Generation Border Security System, including the analyticsbased Risk Scoring Service for major visa platforms and a risk micro-service for the Electronic Travel Authority.

Dr John Shephard

Chief Medical Officer/Director

30-year medical expertise in communicable diseases and international public health. Has held senior executive roles in public and private sector organisations and advised numerous Commonwealth departments. Was responsible for clinical operations in Australia’s Ebola response in West Africa and led the first nationwide

Tony Ohlsson

Chief Data Officer

30 Years experience in Advanced Analytics across many industry sectors including aviation, financial services, telco and digital. AlphaZetta operates in 6 countries with over 800 Data and Analytics experts worldwide, with deep experience in risk analytics and data privacy. 

Mark Radford

Corporate and Platform

28 years leading Mobile Technologies companies, involved in over 6 technology start- up businesses though his Directorship in Rajah Blue Capital. Founder and CEO of Knowesis, a high performance real-time, analytics platform that performs automated alerts and encrypted location-based warnings, 7 x 24 platform and program management 

Matt McKinley

Chairman & CEO/Director

Global Supplier of itinerary management and documentation systems used by the international travel trade to provide quality and detailed logistics data for the traveller. Includes powerful itinerary ingestor from legacy systems, supplier content management tools, copy editing and multi-language ready, mapping, and travellers app.  Developed over 32 years of inbound and supplier management expertise.

Terms of the Offer

Issued Capital 

Use of Funds


Company Risks

goPassport is an early-stage business, addressing business concerns of many Australian industry sectors. The opportunities for the company and Australian Industry are significant, but there is a degree of risk associated with any early-stage company deploying a large and complex project. These risks include, but not limited to, limited operational history, operational risk, intellectual property, reliance on key personnel, further capital needs and additional funding and reliance on core information technology and other systems.

See the Risk section in the Offer Document for further information.

The Offer is subject to a Maximum Subscription amount of $2,000,000. If the Maximum Subscription is reached, the Offer will close early. Applications will be treated on a time priority basis and may be subject to scale back, so please fund your application as soon as possible


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Question time

We'd love to answer your questions, we'll have one of the OnMarket team or the company representative of the offer get back to you asap. So ask away ...


Hi team,

Thanks for the offer.

Few questions I have so far which I hope you can clarify.
1. What is the patent regarding goPassport Real-time Model?
2. Majority of shareholders are on long term contracts. What are the details on these contracts?
3. GoPassport heavily utilise technologies from companies which leadership team have stakes in. are the contracts arms length and cost in line with market?
4. My understanding is that the pilot program will generate data for presentation to state governments as proof of concept. Should the pilot proof successful, what is the timeline and any expected hurdles to it being accepted/signed off by the authorities?
5. 2x directorship to be filled post fund raise. Are these going to be filled by independent directors?

Joshua L (OnMarket member) on 17/11/2020

Hi Joshua,

Many thanks for your interest to learn more regarding the investment in goPassport Australia Pty Ltd. I am happy to clarify your questions:

1. What is the patent regarding goPassport Real-time Model?
If you review the Offer Doc Section 2.10 page 20 - USER GUIDANCE VIA THE APP-MONITOR, AUDIT, ALERT - this process essentially is the patent. Through capturing the traveller's pathway and the associated compliance requirements we use real-time technology to guide them of the compliance, then monitor their response, alerting and managing if needed through a "next best action" communication and escalating for non compliance or an adverse health event.

2. Majority of shareholders are on long term contracts. What are the details on these contracts?
The contracts ensure that the founders continue their alignment with the product and marketplace requirements for their specialised capability. Their commitment will vary from time to time based on the needs of the business in regards to their specialisation, however due to the current dynamic nature of the market recovery for travel our expectation is that further new thinking and problem solving will be required in risk management, as the world slowly shifts towards re globalisation.

3. GoPassport heavily utilise technologies from companies which leadership team have stakes in. are the contracts arms length and cost in line with market?

There are three organisations/companies providing services to goPassport.
a. Didgigo - itinerary management and mobile application server (both are existing technologies that require modification as part of the integration process) providing services to goPassport Australia Pty Ltd.
b. AlphaZetta - analytics consultancy providing risk data (locations, travel routes, transport, etc) as a service to goPassport Australia Pty Ltd.
c. Knowesis SIFT - a real-time analytics and messaging capability. This will host compliance rules, real-time contextual monitoring and alerting using the existing SIFT environment provide services to goPassport Australia Pty Ltd.

The remaining components (the mobile application, Health Services Portal, data repositories and system support) are new goPassport components that provide a direct connection to the traveller and relevant government agencies (Border and health) and, where appropriate, educational institutions and travel agents.

All contracts for development and SAAS have been based on existing service agreements and rates charged by the entities in the normal ongoing business in their respected markets. Each contract has been negotiated, reviewed and agreed by non related members of the leadership team, benchmarked against existing contracts for similar services.

All relationships are governed by formal contracts and services are provided at market prices.

4. My understanding is that the pilot program will generate data for presentation to state governments as proof of concept. Should the pilot proof successful, what is the timeline and any expected hurdles to it being accepted/signed off by the authorities?

The pilots are designed to commence at low volumes and initially draw students from low-risk countries of origin. This is designed to create confidence in the process and build an understanding of how the processes can be optimised amongst all of the stakeholders (State and Territory governments, Federal government, education providers, the travel industry) as well as goPassport. We are ready to provide the service in time for the start of first semester 2021.

The National Cabinet has agreed on strict protocols. These protocols require State/Territory governments to commence the process within their jurisdiction. A copy of these guidelines can be found here -

Crucial to the International Student Arrivals Plan is Section 6 - The benefit of goPassport is that the Government will be able to see clearly that the arriving students have complied with their responsibilities. through recording their activity via the goPassport user App. The data available will provide decision making that is evidence based so that students become very very low risk to Australia.

Currently the students return programme is a manually risk managed processed travel event. However after the first 5 groups of up 250 students, the government will be in a strong position to determine the benefits of the goPassport technology for industry management of travellers in 2021 and beyond.

The main risk to the early 2021 timeline is the required government decision to continue to open borders to larger numbers of non-residents. This in turn will depend on the success of pilots as well as pandemic trajectory globally, vaccination development progress and economic imperatives.

5. 2x directorship to be filled post fund raise. Are these going to be filled by independent directors?
Yes - all our businesses have strong board directive and reporting process with aligned and independent directors. The intention is for a robust board with each Director contributing soundly to the overall plan and results. In a similar process to the leadership team, we believe the current dynamic nature of the market recovery for travel our expectation is that further new thinking will be required at Board Level as well.

Thank you again Joshua and feel free to expand on your questions.

Warmest Regards

Matt McKinley
goPassport Australia Pty Ltd.

Matt M (goPassport Australia Pty Ltd representative) replied to Joshua L on 17/11/2020


It appears that the company currently has over 11m shares issued to its existing shareholders (primarily to its senior staff members). Can I please ask what price these shares were issued for? Have they all paid up?

Thank you.

Glen S (OnMarket member) on 23/11/2020

Dear Glenn,

Thank you for your questions, I had answered each separately below

Can I please ask what price these shares were issued for?
On the 19th of May the Company was founded with shares issued to founders for $505 in total. The Shares were subsequently split to reflect the capital structure on Section 2.30

Have they all paid up?
The paid up capital of the company is reflected on the statements on Sections 2.27.
Proceeds from issue of shares $505
Also please note Section 2.29 which identifies the Time Investment of Shareholders and supporting entities.

Thank you again Glenn and feel free to expand on your questions.

Warmest Regards

Matt McKinley
goPassport Australia Pty Ltd.

Matt M (goPassport Australia Pty Ltd representative) replied to Glen S on 24/11/2020

Hi there
This space will become crowded with similar services as international travel begins again. 1. Are you seeking to provide services only to the Australian market? 2. Who are your competitors (Australian and/or International) and what are your point/s of difference and competitive advantage/s over their offerings? 3. How will your technology interface with products developed in other countries, such as the UK's CommonPass?
Many thanks

Michael H (OnMarket member) on 24/11/2020

Hi Michael,

Many thanks for your interest to learn more regarding the investment in goPassport Australia Pty Ltd. I am happy to clarify your questions:

goPassport is initially focussed on the Australian market but discussions with several other jurisdictions are on-going

There is no direct competitor offering the end-to-end, no gaps services including real-time guidance, monitoring and alerting, our global risk-based model and potential tight integration with Australian border and health agencies and the travel industry servicing the Australian market.

goPassport is designed to operate with external platforms (eg Australia's border management systems, airline check-in systems, State/Territory and Federal Health authorities, travel providers and external partners while protecting the privacy of travellers and the integrity of the data.

A number of other solutions offer some similar services such as a mobile digital 'health record', a venue check-in service, elements of destination risk assessment, etc.

The UK's Common Pass offers a number of useful services, including a digital health and compliance record like goPassport. goPassport is able to connect to the CommonPass platform. If a traveller requests it, the goPassport Health Status Flag information can be passed to the Common Pass platform.

Provided a similar function is built into the Common Pass platform and, importantly, if the health records in Common Pass meet goPassport's strict authenticity and reliability protocols, goPassport can consume CommonPass health records for a traveller at their request.

Thank you again Michael and feel free to expand on your questions.

Warmest Regards

Matt McKinley
goPassport Australia Pty Ltd.

Matt M (goPassport Australia Pty Ltd representative) replied to Michael H on 24/11/2020
Questions, Comments & Suggestions

Hello Matt and Team,

The general concept for GoPassport is good and I particularly like the inclusion of pre-departure accountability and compliance with itinerary. I would very much like to see GoPassport succeed. In saying that, with GoPassport as a startup in a rapidly evolving travel environment over the coming months, there are a few things I would like addressed.

With reference to The International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Pass that Qantas is looking at, GoPassport does not have a first-mover market advantage, is facing extremely formidable competition, and uncertain profitability when facing off against a competitor offering an alternative service that has a lot of similarities, appears to meet minimum policy requirements, and is free to passengers. I would like a deeper discussion offline. However, in the meantime please respond to the following questions, comments and suggestions.

1. IATA is associated with over 300 airlines - how many airlines is GoPassport associated with, or in formal/ offical discussions or agreements with?
2. If discussions or arrangements are in place what stage are they at?
3. If direct liaison with major airlines has not been conducted, why not?

4. Seperate to previous work/ affiliations of Klaus Felsche, what offical liaison or outreach has GoPassport conducted with the Department of Home Affairs, specific to trialling GoPassport?
5. What current liaison or outreach has GoPassport conducted with the Department of Home Affairs with regards to integrating with their current systems, and integrating with future platforms?
6. If none why not, and when is this intended to be completed by? Noting, they have a current Request for Tender ( ) covering Permissions Capability architecture; first Use Cases for the Permissions Capability (being a Digital Passenger Declaration and a Simple Visa Type) - it is assumed there may be some overlap here, or at a minimum a requirement for interoperability or simple ingestion to the new system that will process and manage the Digital Passenger Declaration and Simple Visa Type.

The adoption at scale for GoPassport is rather questionable in light of the larger, well established competition and potential adoption by Qantas (Australias largest airline). I acknowledge you may target a more niche market, however, if a larger player such as IATA has market dominance and meets minimum policy requirements, any secondary advantages may become irrelevant; it will be hard to justify to have Travel Pass, a tracing app, another third-party check in app, and then GoPassport in addition to these. To remain relevant and competitive GoPassport team needs to be agile with their development and pilot programs, responsive to market moves of competitive platforms, and proactive with educating and informing policy makers, government departments and industry juggernauts that can make a platform the standard.

1. It is suggested that GoPassport accelerate your trials/ pilot programs with domestic non-air-travel. This will assist marketing, testing, adoption and case presentations.
2. GoPassport could be complemented with venue check-in and check-out compliance. Most QR COVID-19 compliance apps do not have a check-out feature. Having a checkout scan gives the venue and contact tracers a shorter window to account for, and mitigates the short comings of failed location based apps BLE etc. // By expanding to tracking compliance for venues your user base and test platform is adopted more quickly and will reduce the number of apps people have to use.
3. The scope pilot programs be extended beyond the education sector/ international students; possibly incorporating medical professionals, service workers, and logistic companies with personnel travelling interstate.
4. GoPassport substantially increase their public exposure.
5. GoPassport substantially increase their industry liaison, namely with airlines, government policy makers, and political representatives.

Qantas is already looking at an open-access platform which will be free for travellers, and will be used as a digital COVID-19 passport.
The IATA Travel Pass is a digital health passport proving passengers have tested negative for COVID-19 or have had a vaccine shot.

It will securely manage, share and verify test data matched with traveller identities in compliance with border control requirements. It will manage and verify the secure flow of testing or vaccine information among governments, airlines, laboratories and travellers

According to press releases the Travel Pass will be free to travellers and governments, with airlines paying a small fee per passenger to use the service. It will be based on the existing Iata Timatic system to verify documents.

Further, the website ( states the following:

IATA Travel Pass incorporates four open sourced and interoperable modules which can be combined for an end-to-end solution:
* Global registry of health requirements enables passengers to find accurate information on travel, testing and eventually vaccine requirements for their journey.
* Global registry of testing / vaccination centers enables passengers to find testing centers and labs at their departure location which meet the standards for testing and vaccination requirements of their destination.
* Lab App enables authorized labs and test centers to securely share test and vaccination certificates with passengers.
* Contactless Travel App - enables passengers to (1) create a digital passport, (2) receive test and vaccination certificates and verify that they are sufficient for their itinerary, and (3) share testing or vaccination certificates with airlines and authorities to facilitate travel. This app can also be used by travelers to manage travel documentation digitally and seamlessly throughout their journey, improving travel experience.

IATA and International Airlines Group (IAG) have been working together in the development of this solution and will undertake a trial to demonstrate that this platform combined with COVID-19 testing can reopen international travel and replace quarantine.
The airline industry demands a cost effective, global, and modular solution to safely restart travel. IATA Travel Pass is based on industry standards and IATAs proven experience in managing information flows around complex travel requirements.

Graeme C (OnMarket member) on 24/11/2020

Dear Graeme,

Thank you for taking the time to review our investment offer and its great to see that we are on the same page. We see that you can see huge opportunity is ahead in these changing times.

Thank you also for your questions and suggestions, as you described the travel environment is evolving rapidly and will continue to do so, our aim is to be the end to end solution for the industry to manage their people in this new complex travel circumstance created through the spread of Covid-19 by international travellers.

To assist answering your questions Id like to set up the foundations that we are applying our solution.
1) The industry manages the people this includes travel agents, tour operators, transport eg airlines, accommodation, touring, attractions, meals, etc
2) The people maybe immunised or not immunised.
3) For the people, international travel will be far more complex in the future than before Covid-19.
4) Governments put up gates.
5) Every Country across the global is in a different stage of infection, has different policies to controlling its borders and the general populations attitudes to the virus vary enormously.
Review the goPassport travellers risk tool
6) Its too early to decide on the binary impact of the vaccine this evidence will come. The good news of the vaccine was released in the last two weeks.
7) There are similar solutions addressing very specific circumstances such as the IATA airline product released this week.

Quoting Alan Joyce - "There's a lot of logistics, a lot of technology that will be needed to be put in place to make this happen.

Whilst we agree with your thoughts that the IATA product will be relevant, the challenges we see is it is a One Size fits all approach. We believe it will be more relevant for certain types of travellers, ( business, point to point) and their itineraries but too complex for other itineraries. This is why we dont see the TravelPass as a competitor but a mutual technology partner, enabling the travellers smooth process through the full pathway of their journey. goPassports engineering facilitates selected, authorised data sharing with other systems in development such as the proposed IATA and CommonPass. If Qantas require immunisation evidence for international travellers goPassport can deliver that Passport in conjunction with The Travel Pass.
IATA certainly brings with it a global network of airlines. It has a strong focus on airport management and passenger facilitation. IATA and SITA have been long-time players in the industry and have done much to make air travel efficient. The current pandemic has created a range of new challenges and, in this respect, IATA is a new player (their solution is not available until sometime in Q1 2021).

We are laser focused on the inbound international traveller to Australia. Over thirty years experience in this sector we know the markets, the travellers, the itineraries, and services. Coupled with the Australian Governments risk approach to international travel, this sets up a unique variety of user cases, which are different to user cases of travellers to Egypt, Ecuador or Vancouver. Australia is a world leader in its management of borders, elevated during the pandemic, and the world will be watching how Australia opens up. In our discussions with other nations they have described that if Australia gets it right, they will seriously consider adopting the processes.

As global operators, IATA will naturally seek to respond to the areas that represent highest volumes and that will not include Australia. This is not a criticism, just an observation. goPassport is tailored to leverage the strengths of the Australian setting, strengths that simply do not exist in most other nations. goPassport complements and enhances existing border management systems that simply do not exist in most other countries and applies a manage risk offshore philosophy that has stood the test of time in Australia for decades. Most other parts of the world have much lower expectations and capabilities in this respect but goPassport is designed to enhance our capabilities, remain an Australian-controlled solution, responsive to Australian policies that have protected The Australian community over many years, even when challenged by COVID-19. It is unclear whether solutions seeking to provide services for everyone can be as agile and responsive.

We have been transparent about the cost structure of goPassport. The free concept is best replaced by included in the ticket price since the traveller pays. goPassport is able to use the same model for any airline wishing to set up a similar arrangement.

goPassport has been in discussions with several airlines, including Qantas and Air New Zealand. and has presented the solution and concept of operations to these airlines.

Detailed briefings and discussions have been held with Home Affairs, AUSTRADE/DFAT, Education and Industry and the Federal Health departments. No arrangements have been put in place with the government departments for trials by goPassport but are the underlying technology for a substantial programme of international student pilots and the key technology component of The Australian Tourism Export Councils formal proposal to government.

We have provided our solution overview to Home Affairs and received a positive response, indicating that our integration model is appropriate. It would be inappropriate to second-guess future Home Affairs technology solutions but the open architecture of goPassport can easily support current and future solutions.

We are aware of the current tender for the Permissions Capability architecture and its proposed timelines. This is another example of the growing complexity for international travel, the gate that needs to be opened for entry to Australia.

We will be happy to support that architecture when it is in place. You will note that health checks associated with visas already occur for many classes/sub-classes but, in a COVID-19 environment, visa-related screening has significant challenges (eg, a student visa might have a multi-year validity making the pre-grant medical relevant only at that point in time, not years later when the student is travelling on this visa). The goPassport solution is able to support visa processing but also pre-travel processes. You might be aware of the Advance Passenger Processing system employed by Australia and New Zealand - it is largely invisible to most travellers but determines if a person is able to commence travel to Australia (and this includes Australian citizens), it is linked directly to airline check-in systems and also operates for entry and exist clearance on-shore. More visible is the ageing Arrivals Card, a traveller signed contract with Australia used largely to collect additional data but will form the basis of the new Permission.

You will note that concepts such as authorised testing/vaccination centres is already an integral component of goPassport. Our Health Services Portal manages the recording of testing, vaccination and test results through authorised centres. goPassport also deploys analytics to continuously monitor the performance and integrity of authorised centres to detect potential risk.

Please note that goPassport offers a range of services not available in a number of platforms: These are designed to provide the industry with a new set of tools to be able to manage the people in the new circumstances
- Constant evaluation of risk of infection etc for locations around the world, airlines, airports, transit ports, the entire route a traveller is planning to take (we ingest the traveller itinerary and evaluate all points for risk),
- Alert travellers if they are likely to be exposed to any risk based on their itinerary, current or future locations,
- We evaluate risk trends to be able to alert travellers of situations that may be degrading;
- We can evaluate potential exposure to risk for any traveller in the critical 14 day lead-up period to travel, alerting the traveller if that occurs and guiding the traveller to take preventative measures. If the risk is not mitigated, goPassport is able to alert both border and health authorities if the travellers risk goes above approved thresholds.
- We are able to support monitoring of compliance with self-isolation/quarantine both pre-departure and post-arrival if required by government policy.
- We provide the capability to continuously monitor the travellers health and, if the health deteriorates, direct the traveller to take appropriate steps.

goPassport is designed to enhance already state-of-the-art systems employed by Australia to provide end-to-end, no-gap management capabilities. goPassport is designed to provide Australia with new tools that will protect the community now and into the future while enabling safe international travel much earlier than has been possible in 2020. As an Australian solution, goPassport will always be responsive to Australias requirements and support the very high expectations of the Australian community relating to international travel.

Our short-term goal is delivering the MVP product for testing and trailing in early 2021. Through these trails the product will be validated and gained adoption. We have a major speed to market advantage in the repurpose of existing and proven technologies, which have been accepted by the industry already.

Our aim is also carefully exposing the Australia community to our solution via the Media, given that sentiment towards international visitors varies depending on an individuals perception of risk. We are aiming for a positive response that does not trigger a political reaction.

Graeme, thank you again for your questions and suggestions look forward to you joining us as investor in this industry recovery technology.

Warmest Regards

Matt McKinley
goPassport Australia Pty Ltd.

Matt M (goPassport Australia Pty Ltd representative) replied to Graeme C on 25/11/2020

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Road Runner Mobile Tyres Pty Ltd

Road Runner Mobile Tyres Pty Ltd
Disrupting the tyre retailing market as one of Australia’s largest and longest operating end-to-end mobile tyre services


Road Runner Mobile Tyres is one of Australia’s largest and longest operating end-to end mobile tyre services providing supply, fit, new tyres, wheel alignment and emergency tyre repairs. Operating in the major metropolitan markets of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, they have successfully developed an operating system and customer focus that creates and maintains long term customer relationships.


Traditional tyre services require consumers to set aside much of their day driving to and waiting at the tyre service shop. Road Runner Mobile Tyres reduces the time and hassle of changing tyres for companies and car owners by providing a door to door service. Generating $2 million in revenue per annum and operating in a $5.6 billion market, Road Runner Mobile Tyres is changing the way people change their tyres.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.

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goPassport Australia Pty Ltd

goPassport Australia Pty Ltd
Digital health passport technology with potential to manage international travel with vaccine announcements by Pfizer and Moderna 


COVID-19 has caused a dramatic stop to international travel. QANTAS CEO Alan Joyce confirmed this week that proof that you've been vaccinated for COVID-19 will be compulsory for international air travel onboard his aircraft.


goPassport has created a digital health passport that provides an end-to-end COVID-19 compliance system for safe international travel. 


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.

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Cannatrek Ltd

Cannatrek Ltd
Medicinal cannabis leader in rapid growth mode, controlling the product lifecycle - "from seed to patient"


Register here for a LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR of cannabis growing facility on Tues 8 Dec at 1:00pm (AEDT)


Cannatrek Limited is a leading Australian medicinal cannabis company, developing production, manufacturing and digital healthcare distribution assets across Australia and globally.  The Company has a full suite of medicinal cannabis licences, providing complete control of the entire supply-chain and product lifecycle – "from seed to patient".


With an operational 3,200m2 growing facility in Queensland, yielding market ready product in commercial quantities, Cannatrek is also rolling out a digital healthcare platform for patients and healthcare professionals to serve the rapidly growing Australian medicinal cannabis market.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.

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Medallion Metals Ltd

Medallion Metals Ltd
Australian gold exploration and development company targeting 80,000 p.a. ounce production


Medallion Metals Ltd (ASX: MM8) is a resources exploration and development company looking to build a long life, high margin gold business in Australia with the initial focus on advancing the Ravensthorpe Gold Project located in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia.


With JORC compliant estimates of approximately 674,000 ounces of gold, the Company is focused on advancement of near mine exploration targets and updating the feasibility study completed in May 2020. The intention is to advance to final investment decision, and ultimately production targeting 80,000 ounces per annum. 


Medallion also owns the nearby Jerdacuttup Project, which is prospective for base and precious metals, and contains JORC Code compliant Mineral Resources estimates.

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SPP Harvester Live

SPP Harvester

SPP Harvester
Harvesting the discount from Share Purchase Plans


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a wave of discounted capital raisings with ~$56 billion of discounted new shares issued this year.


Share Purchase Plans (SPPs) allow individual shareholders to apply for up to $30,000 in shares at the same discounted price paid by institutions.  In the 6 months to 30 June, in-the-money SPPs were issued at an average 11% discount to the ASX closing price on the SPP closing date. But, you must be a shareholder before the SPP is announced.


SPP HarvesterTM gives you access to SPPs by buying you 1-share in 300 of the largest, liquid, operating companies listed on ASX.  It will identify and apply for in-the-money SPPs and automatically sell the new securities, efficiently recycling your capital into the next SPP. This automatically harvests the discount for SPPs, with minimum capital outlay, low establishment costs and minimal administration. 

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TruScreen Group Ltd ASX: TRU

TruScreen Group Ltd
Patented cervical cancer detection system, providing an accurate, real-time screening solution


The company has advised that they have reached the minimum subscription.


TruScreen Group Limited (ASX: TRU) manufactures and owns all rights to the patented TruScreen Cervical Cancer Screening System. The system uses an AI supported process to detect  pre-cancerous and cancerous tissue in real time and is at the forefront of the development of objective opto-electric tissue differentiation. The TruScreen solution aims to  improve the wellbeing of women and is ideal for communities that can’t access conventional laboratory dependant screening methods. 


The Company’s has distribution agreements in 23 countries with its products sold to China, Vietnam, Russia, Zimbabwe, Mexico, India, and Saudi Arabia. The Company is planning to establish a manufacturing plant in China as this currently accounts for over 50% of sales.  

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