Rediscovering hidden Australia. Redefining domestic travel.

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Born from the love of Australia

With the vision of helping Australians and international travellers rediscover the real Australia, investing in BookitDoit is for proud Aussies who love supporting locals.


By giving local operators in regional areas a 'fair go’ and empowering them to connect to millions of eager travellers. Through eliminating high fees associated with visibility, BookitDoit puts small operators back on the grid for everyone to find.

BookitDoit’s e-commerce platform already has 50,000+ regional experiences to find and book, and currently attracts 4,500 unique visitors per month with an average engagement time of 2.5mins. This traction has was achieved via an organic soft launch to operators only.  Wait until the hard launch!

Once developed in Australia, BookitDoit can be replicated in several other countries, including the USA, Canada, UK and Europe.

Making the 'real Australia' accessible to all

BookitDoit offers something for everyone, from:

  • Local tours
  • Attractions
  • Activities
  • Indigenous experiences
  • Disability Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Itineraries

Everything needed to experience the real Australia. The platform also lists free experiences for operator and traveller ease.

BookitDoit has now secured a major strategic partner - Southern Cross Austereo, and their unparalleled regional reach, which has coverage in 95% of the country, with Triple M & Hit stations, plus several regional TV networks and Podcasts. Together, BookitDoit and Southern Cross Austereo are planning competitions and campaigns across regional Australian radio to aid the growth and national awareness of BookitDoit and support regions in the process.

How does BookitDoit work?

BookitDoit runs an effective hands-off, low risk business model. The platform seamlessly aggregates listings and experiences as a distributor of the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse. When someone books via BookitDoit, they are offered live rates and the booking transaction is processed through channel partners such as Rezdy, Fareharbor and Tourism Exchange Australia.

BookitDoit’s sophisticated technology was developed in partnership with Jcurve Solutions and Quicta to deliver bespoke Aussie digital itineraries and packages. The itineraries cover an array of activities, locations, and holiday durations – and can be booked within a few clicks, exclusively through the BookitDoit platform.

Revenue Model

BookitDoit has multiple revenue streams, including commission on direct bookings, commission on digital itinerary bookings, advertising, and premium partnership options for operators.

Australian and international travellers are craving authentic experiences

Australians’ thirst for travel has grown rapidly over the last decade. Most of the growth has been within Australia – with over 90 percent of total trips by Australians remaining domestic. The pandemic only strengthened this as local spend is up by 30% and predicted to rise.

Australia’s tourism sector contributes $152 billion to our economy, supports more than 300,000 businesses, and employs more than 660,000 Australians - so the market opportunity is huge.

Since Australian borders were closed, regional areas saw a rise in visitation compared the cities and tourism honeypots where they are so reliant on international visitors. People can’t (or aren't willing to) travel overseas with as much ease as in pre-Covid times, hence regional travel being so appealing.

According to Tourism Research Australia (TRA) the return to pre-covid travel figures is expected in 2022/2023 with a steady increase of total visitor nights over the next four years from 329,992 total visitor nights per year to 443,241 (latest National Visitor survey results 2021).


A message from Mark

Hi, I’m Mark - the proud founder and managing director of BookitDoit. I’ve been fighting for the hidden Australia for over 20 years. In that time, I’ve also operated a multi award winning adventure tourism business and created the highly successful tourism marketing initiative ‘52+ Things to do in Greater Port Macquarie’, which in many ways formed the foundation of BookitDoit.

As proud a founder as I am, I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help others have given me, as well as the support from all the tourism operators and local businesses.

Now, BookitDoit is ready to grow, and I invite you to become part of this Aussie adventure.




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BookitDoit Pty Ltd

BookitDoit Pty Ltd
Rediscovering hidden Australia. Redefining domestic travel


BookitDoit’s Regional Australian booking platform aggregates thousands of experiences across all regions, states, and territories - filling the virtual gap and enabling Aussies and international visitors to findbook, and do the authentic experiences ‘real Australia’ has to offer. 


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