How is my personal information protected when using GreenID to verify my investment profile?

There has been a change in ASX Listing Rules that mean that we now must verify the identities of the people behind OnMarket's investment profiles. We can no longer accept any applications made from any Investment Profile until it has been verified. Unfortunately it is an additional step required by our members, but a requirement we must abide by.

GB Group or GreenID is the 3rd party ID verification service we use (we do not hold member identification details (Medicare/ Drivers License etc) on our OnMarket server). GreenID data security measures includes the below excerpts from their website:

GB Group plc and its group companies including GBG (Australia) Pty Ltd (jointly referred to as 'GBG') ‚Äč, is a private identity verification services provider and a gateway service provider for the Commonwealth Document Verification Service.

How does GreenID use your personal information

We use the personal information collected about you for the following purposes:

  • verify and authenticate your identity;
  • verify the accuracy of some information you have provided
  • pass your information and identity verification on to the client on whose behalf we have collected it, so they can consider your application.

Your information will be held for a period of time in order to support our customers onboarding processes. That timeframe is negotiated between GBG and it’s business users depending on their requirements.

Accuracy of your personal information

The information that GBG holds on you is a record of an identity verification at a point in time. Whilst it is unlikely we would amend that information, should you have any queries in relation to that data you can email them at

We may pass any correction request to our customer or such other third party which collected the information from you.


Information about additional OnMarket security measures can be found through these links:

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