How is my personal information protected when using GreenID to verify my investment profile?

There has been a recent change in ASX Listing Rules that mean that we now must verify the identities of the people behind OnMarket's investment profiles. We can no longer accept any applications made from any Investment Profile until it has been verified. Unfortunately it is an additional step required by our members, but a requirement we must abide by.

Vixverify or GreenID is the 3rd party ID verification service we use (we do not hold member identification details (Medicare/ Drivers License etc) on our OnMarket server). GreenID data security measures includes the below excerpts from their website:


Edentiti Pty Ltd ABN 67 111 307 361 (Edentiti), is a private identity verification services provider and a gateway service provider for the Commonwealth Document Verification Service.

5.6 Data security and storage

All personal information held by Edentiti is protected from unauthorised access through the use of secure passwords and user logons and other forms of biometric verification.

Edentiti stores all personal information that it collects securely in a manner that is sufficient to prevent misuse and loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure of personal information. Edentiti maintains a high level of data security by implementing:

  • physical security to prevent unauthorised entry to our premises, by installing systems to detect unauthorised access and secure containers for storing paper-based personal information;
  • computer and network security to protect computer systems and networks for storing, processing and transmitting personal information;
  • communications security to protect communications via data transmission and to prevent unauthorised intrusion into our computer network; and
  • personnel security, through Edentiti’s personnel security measures and background checking procedures to limit access to personal information only by authorised staff and for only approved purposes.

5.8 Concerns about personal information

Users can contact Edentiti to address any concerns that they have about their personal information.

If you would like access to the personal information which Edentiti holds about you or a person whom you are authorised to represent, please contact Edentiti using the contact details set out in the Contact Details section of this Privacy Policy. Your request should specify the format in which you wish to be provided the personal information (for example, in person, by email, by telephone, hard copy or other electronic record). This application is free of charge. However, Edentiti may make a reasonable charge for providing access to you. If Edentiti wishes to charge you to access the personal information, Edentiti will notify you of this charge prior to giving you access to the personal information.


Information about additional OnMarket security measures can be found through these links:

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