What are the different types of offers available via OnMarket?

There are 5 types of offers available via OnMarket.

  1. Pre-IPO: when a company raises capital in the lead up to its planned IPO, generally at a discount to the IPO price.
  2. Initial Public Offering (IPO): when a company sells its shares to the public for the first time, enabling them to list on a stock exchange, such as ASX or NSX.
  3. IPO Pathfinder: when a company asks investors to commit to participating in an IPO before the prospectus has been lodged with ASIC, this is done via a ‘pathfinder’ prospectus.
  4. Placement: when a company that is already listed on a stock exchange undertakes a capital raise via the issue of new shares.
  5. Equity Crowdfunding: when a company enables a large group of individuals to invest in their early-stage business in return for part-ownership of the business (equity).

To participate in a pre-IPO, IPO pathfinder or in most cases a placement, you will need to qualify as a section 708 investor. For more information, click here.

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