What is a company Constitution

A company’s constitution is a key governance document which outlines the internal management of the company. This document is a binding legal agreement between the company, the company directors and all shareholders. If you invest in a company, you are agreeing to the constitution and bound by the governance in place.

Be sure to read the constitution before making an investment. A company’s constitution will always be available on the company’s live offer page under “Offer documents”.

Typically, in the Constitution you can find information on:

  • The appointment, removal and power of directors
  • How directors and shareholders will make decisions about the company, including exists and capital raises
  • The process of amending a constitution
  • Shareholder rights and share classes
  • Shareholder and directors’ meetings
  • How shareholders can transfer shares

If you have trouble understanding information in the constitution, please reach out to the company raising for clarification. You can do this via email or through the communication facility on their live offer page.

Do you have more questions? Feel free to send them in to us