What is the Minimum and Maximum size of offer?

A Company will either set a specific amount they are offering to the crowd, or they will set a range, between the Minimum and Maximum target (in dollars).  You can track the amount of funds that have been raised by looking at the Funding Bar.

  • If the Minimum Size of Offer is reached, this is good! It means that the equity crowdfund campaign is successful and the funding bar will be at 100%. But don’t worry if you haven’t invested yet; as long as the offer is still open (check the ‘Days Remaining’) you can still invest. We will keep accepting applications until the Maximum Size of the Offer is reached. The funding bar will keep going above 100% - we call this ‘overfunded’
  • If the Maximum Size of Offer is reached, this is great! This equity crowdfund campaign was a huge success. The offer will be closed when the maximum is reached.
  • If the Minimum Size of Offer is not reached by the end of the campaign (ie days remaining reaches zero), the means that the offer was unsuccessful and anyone who has invested will have their money automatically refunded to them.
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