Capital Club guidebook

Everything you need to know about our Club

Who can be a member of the Capital Club

The Capital Club is for certified, eligible investors or investors that have demonstrated investment knowledge by participating in numerous OnMarket transactions. These investors are given automatic membership and there is no cost to becoming a member.

While all Capital Club members can view Capital Club deals, not all members will qualify for access to each deal.  In general terms, members not qualified under s708 can only access deals that are issued under a full-disclosure document.

Certified s708 investors:

If you are an investor who qualifies under one of the exceptions in s708 of the Corporations Act, namely, as a sophisticated, professional or experienced investor, you will get automatic membership of the Capital Club. While eligible investors can access Capital Club deals, some listed companies issuing new securities via a placements do not provide access to investors who have qualified using s708 (11) i.e. experienced investors.

Demonstrated knowledge investors:

You will get automatic membership to the Capital Club if you are an investor who has displayed solid investment knowledge via one of the following criteria:

  • investing a total of +$50,000 in OnMarket capital raises
  • investing in +20 separate OnMarket capital raises
  • as a director of a company who has raised funds via OnMarket
  • as a senior manager of a company who has raised funds via OnMarket

If you have ticked one of the above criteria, you may qualify as an experienced investor under s708(10), however this will need to be formally verified by your financial advisor. If you have not formally qualified as an experienced investor,  then you can only access deals that are issued under a disclosure document. That is, you can invest in raisings conducted under an ECF offer document, a prospectus or an offer information statement. To make sure you have access to all selected offerings, please see details here about how to qualify under s708.

What do I have to do to become a member?

Becoming a member is free. If you think you qualify but haven’t been given access, or would like to find out more on how to qualify, email us at