Tell me more about the OnMarket rewards program?

OnMarket offers a rewards program where we reward you for sharing OnMarket with your family and friends.

Every OnMarket member is given a unique referral code, which you will find in your Refer dashboard.

We encourage you to share OnMarket and build your referral network, and we equip you with the tools to do so. Every capital raising opportunity that is offered by OnMarket can be found in the Boost my Network area of the Refer dashboard. Your unique referral code is automatically embedded into each link that is available to you to share via either email or social media.

In our rewards program we will pay 25% of the broker stamping fee paid to OnMarket, capped at 1.25% unless and offer specifically states that this cap is lifted.  This will be paid into your nominated account, every time someone that you have referred gets a successful allocation in a capital raising offer. We will do this for 2 years from the date they joined OnMarket.

Please note that for privacy reasons, we will only advise you of the size of your network and not who has signed up or how much they have been allocated. 

Please also note that shares of the offer post on LinkedIn or Facebook as part of the application process for OnMarket offers are separate to the Influencer Rewards Program. Shares of the offer post as part of the application process will only include shares of the offer post on Facebook and LinkedIn via the links available during the application process for an OnMarket Offer. Any other sharing as part of the influencer program will not constitute a ‘valid share’ as part of the application process for OnMarket Offers.  

Sharing of the offer post during the bidding process is designed to increase awareness of the OnMarket offer. Members who share during the application process may receive a priority allocation. On the other hand, our Influencer Program rewards members for referrals to OnMarket whether they be via sharing, instant message, email communication or other forms of referring new members to OnMarket.

Please ensure you enter your bank account details, as we obviously can’t pay you if we don’t know where to deliver your commission.


Do you have more questions? Feel free to send them in to us