What happens if I submit an application but don't pay for it?

The ‘Pay By’ date is the last date that we expect to accept funded applications.  If you apply, you have an obligation to pay by the ‘Pay By’ date.

But, we may choose to (or be instructed by the Company or Lead Manager to) close the offer earlier than the ‘Pay By’ date.  If we do close the offer early and change the ‘Pay By’ date before we receive your funds, then you will miss out on your allocation.  Therefore, we highly recommend that you pay as soon as you apply.

There are lots of parties involved in an IPO or placement.  Sometimes, circumstances beyond our control change very quickly.  While we do our best to keep our members informed, we might not have the opportunity to notify you that an offer is closing earlier than we expected.  Please don’t get angry with us when this happens. 

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