What is ASX BookBuild?

OMB developed the intellectual property (IP) that powered ASX BookBuild. We licensed this IP to ASX, who incorporated our specifications into their main trading system and built ASX BookBuild.

The knowledge gained during this process has enabled us to build our own technologies, such as a 'plug and play' bookbuild facility that can be deployed to any international exchange and that is based on our IP. We also built the OnMarket platform.

We have registered patents for the OMB pricing and allocation system in 10 major capital markets and have patents pending in a further 14 capital markets. We have also registered patents via the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization, which covers 19 African countries, so that we can bring a better way of raising capital to developing markets as well.

OnMarket is a wholly-owned and operated initiative of OnMarket BookBuilds.  OnMarket is not a joint venture with ASX and is independent of OnMarket BookBuilds’ association with ASX.

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