Equity crowdfunding resource centre for companies

Five easy to follow guidebooks that will give you all the information you need to get your business funded via OnMarket

Running your campaign

Once the due diligence process is complete and the campaign documents are ready, you will be ready to go live. The most important aspect here will be to create the momentum and to keep your investors engaged.

Setting the timeline

You will need to specify how long your campaign will be open.  We would recommend an offer period of 30-45 days. If you don’t reach your target within this time frame your campaign will expire and investors will receive their money back.

Creating the Momentum

The OnMarket platform is open and free for investors to use. This means that if you already have friends, family, an investor or your most loyal customers committed to investing in you, they can do so simply and easily by using our platform to invest online in your campaign. We can help you develop a strategy to encourage your loyal customers and extended network to invest in your business. The advantage of securing funds early in the campaign is that it provides a validation to prospective investors who can see that you’ve already received a significant backing and this will make them more inclined to invest.

Investor communication

Potential Investors may want to ask questions about your campaign as well as request further information. Our live issuer dashboard will allow you to monitor the progress of your campaign and answer investor questions in one place. Investors will be interested to see your response to these questions and requests, so it is best to answer them as promptly and thoroughly as possible. Be careful of statements that are misleading or deceptive as your response should accurately represent your business and not create misleading impressions.

Reaching the target

Your campaign will be complete when the campaign is fully subscribed to the maximum amount, or the offer close date has been reached.

If your campaign timeframe has expired but has not met the minimum target, all applications will be refunded and your business will not receive any funds. However, if the raise has been successful and the target has been reached, we will work with you towards completing the transaction.

Final due diligence and agreements

Once your campaign has been completed, all withdrawal rights have expired and all applications have been processed, we will undertake any outstanding due diligence items and finalise the subscription documents.

Setting up your shareholder register

It will be an OnMarket requirement that you to sign up to a registry management platform to help manage your new and improved shareholder base.  This will make communicating to your investors easy and provide the comfort that will require that their investment is real and ongoing. We can help you through this process with our registry partners.

Receiving the funds

Once the funded applications have been processed and shares have been issued to your new investors, we will transfer your funds, minus our fee, directly into your bank account. We aim to complete this as soon as practicable so that you receive your funds and can get back to business.