The No.1 investment app for Equity Crowdfunding and IPOs

Posted by OnMarket 16 May 2018 @ 12:00AM

The No.1 investment app for Equity Crowdfunding and IPOs

Are you one of the OnMarket members who haven’t yet downloaded the OnMarket app?

What are you waiting for?

The OnMarket app has now been downloaded by over 11,000 of our members. Since we launched it in late 2015 it has been used for over 80+ investment opportunities that OnMarket has successfully facilitated.

The app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. It provides access to all our investment opportunities, free independent research, instant notifications, has multiple payment options and of course paperless bidding.

The tech savvy Gen Y age group so far account for approximately 50% of all the OnMarket app downloads, but the app’s simplicity and ease of use allows it to be appealing to a range of investors looking to invest in IPOs and equity crowdfunding opportunities.

Need a walk through on how to invest using the OnMarket app? See our app guide below outlining 5 simple steps on how to use the app.

Download today.