Case Study: Global reforestation technology company successfully completes equity crowdfunding offer via OnMarket

17 March 2020 @ 9:00AM Equity Crowdfunding: Case Studies

Case Study: Global reforestation technology company successfully completes equity crowdfunding offer via OnMarket

Key takeaways

Global, scalable reforestation technology company AirSeed Technologies has successfully completed its equity crowdfunding offer via OnMarket.

AirSeed Technologies has developed a plating system that is 95% faster and at 20% of the cost of traditional planting techniques. The Company successfully raised $373,000 helped by a strong media presence throughout the offer period.

With the offer going live shortly after, and arguably during, the devastating 2019-20 Australian bushfire season and AirSeed Technologies core product providing an immediate solution to the significant loss of bushland media outlets were more inclined to run the AirSeed Technologies story. This led to a feature on Channel 7 News to start the equity crowdfunding campaign, reaching over 1 million people across Australia and providing the raise with strong support right form the beginning.

The Company also featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph and The Australian, showing that the right type of offer, something that the media and Australian public can see can have positive social and environmental benefits, can gain significant media attention.

This strong media presence led to a combined 17,000 impressions on OnMarket’s social media channels for the AirSeed Technologies content.

"This is not just an opportunity for your future, but an opportunity for your chioldren's future and for our planet's future"

A quick recap of AirSeed Technologies

Using drone technology, artificial & data driven intelligence and sustainable biotechnology, AirSeed Technologies is tackling global reforestation at scale.

From 1990 to 2016 the world lost over 1.3 million square kilometres of forest, an area larger than South Africa. In the 2019-20 summer, Australia lost over 15 million acres or forest to bushfire. It is estimated that the world is losing approximately 120 million tonnes of carbon sequestration every year, or the equivalent of 1000 Boeing 747s flying non-stop for 55 years.

Current reforestation efforts are largely manual and labour intensive, with tree planters averaging only 800 new trees per day. These outdated processes are expensive and inadequate to meet global demand for reforestation.

This has created a substantial market opportunity for companies that can offer impactful, scalable technological solutions that help address these global commitments to reforestation.

AirSeed Technologies have developed an autonomous planting system that significantly increases the planting rate (40,000 tree seed pods/day with a team of only two people and one drone) whilst simultaneously reducing the cost/tree planted by 75-80%.

What's next for the Company?

AirSeed Technologies has already begun replanting our forests, undertaking a paid trial with one of the world’s leading food and agri-business companies to plant over 500,000 trees. If the trial is successful, AirSeed Technologies will have the opportunity to conduct a commercial project with the group to plant 200 million trees throughout Africa, resulting in significant revenue over the next 5 years.