1Question Equity Crowdfunding: Case Study

11 March 2022 @ 12:00AM Equity Crowdfunding: Case Studies

1Question Equity Crowdfunding: Case Study

Raising $1.89m from 407 investors with OnMarket

Who is 1Question?

1Question is an educational app that requires children to answer a curriculum correct question before accessing other apps, like TikTok and Instagram. The app is designed to turn the hours of screen time that students engage in into micro-learning moments. 

How much did 1Question raise? 

1Question successfully raised $1.89m from 407 investors via OnMarket in June 2021. A key pillar in the success of the 1Question CSF offer, was their work in securing sophisticated investors prior to launching their offer. 

This resulted in $1.19m being invested during the private deal room period meaning 1Question had surpassed their minimum target of $500,000 prior to the offer going live to the public. Attracting large investors ensured the offer generated early momentum and validated the opportunity for other investors, something that has proven to be important for companies who are pre-revenue when raising funds. Media features also played a key part in generating early momentum for the 1Question offer, with a feature on Channel 7 News and subsequent news articles, reaching a nationwide audience and further validating the opportunity for investors.