SendGold platform brings real assets to digital currency

22 Aug 2018 by OnMarket

SendGold, a Sydney based fintech company with an asset-based peer-to-peer digital money platform, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign to raise $2 million. SendGold is hyper-liquid, hyper-accessible, and based on physical gold, one of history’s most reliable assets.

OnMarket wins FinTech Australia award for 'Excellence in Crowdfunding'

14 Jun 2018 by OnMarket

OnMarket has been awarded the 2018 FinTech Australia award for ‘Excellence in
Crowdfunding’ at last night’s Finnies Awards held in Sydney.

OnMarket forges partnership with Listcorp

22 May 2018 by OnMarket

IPO and equity crowdfunding portal OnMarket have teamed together with investor relations platform Listcorp to assist newly listed ASX companies with the ongoing challenge of communicating and promoting themselves to investors.

OnMarket closes world's most popular equity crowdfunding offer

17 Apr 2018 by OnMarket

Solar energy retailer DC Power Co. has crowdfunded close to $2.5mil from over 15,000 investors.  DC Power Co. is “Australia’s first solar-focused energy retailer” which offers to optimise household solar systems to use less energy and earn more money. 

Australia's first equity crowdfunding deal closes successfully

27 Mar 2018 by OnMarket

Equity crowdfunding platform OnMarket has successfully closed Australia’s first equity crowdfunding offer. Revvies Energy Strips Limited (Revvies) has become the first company in Australia to raise capital by utilising the government’s new equity crowdfunding legislation.