OnMarket offers: Comprehensive breakdown of returns as of 1 March 2019

OnMarket performance figures based on a strategy of investing an equal amount into all OnMarket IPOs to date yielding an average return of 19.4% to date.

OnMarket Report: In 2018, the average IPO was up 8% one month after listing

31 Jan 2019 by OnMarket

In 2018 the average IPO was 11% higher at the close of the first day than the issue price.  The 95 IPOs that listed in 2018 were up, on average, 8% one month after their respective listing dates.

Subscription service for coffee cups successfully launches equity crowd funding campaign

22 Nov 2018

Melbourne based firm The Cup eXchange Ltd (TCX), has developed a sustainable technology-enabled coffee cup subscription service and has already secured over $340,000 in funding after only 3 days of their equity crowdfunding campaign launching, which represents 69% of their minimum funding target.

OnMarket celebrates significant milestone: 100 transactions in 1,000 days

25 Sep 2018 by OnMarket

Digital investing platform OnMarket BookBuilds has recently completed their 100th transaction.  OnMarket launched its B2C platform in October 2015, approximately 1,000 days ago.  OnMarket, which is now approaching 50,000 members, provides retail investors with access to over one third of all IPOs on the ASX.