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IPO OnMarket Bidding Closed

Emerald Clinics Ltd ASX: EMD

Emerald Clinics Ltd
The Lead Manager has confirmed they have received commitments for the minimum subscription
Operating specialist clinics focusing on cannabinoid-based medicines and collecting clinical data


Emerald Clinics Ltd (ASX: EMD) has established a network of specialist Clinics staffed and managed by experienced clinicians who have received training in cannabinoid medicine. Emerald Clinic’s clinicians are supported by a research team and a purpose-built technology platform that securely captures clinical data from consenting patients to generate a unique real-world clinical evidence data asset.


Emerald Clinics has established four medical centres in Australia including a site in West Leederville WA, Woolloomooloo NSW, Tintenbar NSW and Richmond VIC. Additional Clinics are planned across Australia within the next 12 months and the Company is also considering the viability of expanding its operations to the United Kingdom.

Up to $8 millionSize of Offer
08 Jan 20Offer Open
17 Jan 20Pay By
IPO OnMarket Bidding Closed

Little Green Pharma Ltd ASX: LGP

Little Green Pharma Ltd
Producing locally grown medicinal products in final dose form, used by more than 1,400 patients
Offer Closed Via OnMarket


The Lead Manager has received commitments for the full $10m offer size.


Little Green Pharma Ltd (ASX: LGP) is a leading Australian medicinal cannabis business and was the first Australian company to achieve production of a locally-grown medicinal cannabis product for patient use.  With nearly two years of successful cannabis cultivation, LGP produces locally grown product in final dose form that has been used by more than 1,400 patients in Australia, with over 4,500 bottles of medicinal cannabis oil sold.


LGP is currently expanding its cultivation facility to increase production capacity to more than 110,000 bottles of medicinal cannabis oil per annum, and has recently received its first commercial order of 2,400 units to be distributed to Germany.

Up to $10 millionSize of Offer
07 Jan 20Offer Open
17 Jan 20Pay By
Equity Crowdfunding Upcoming

AirSeed Technologies Pty Ltd

AirSeed Technologies Pty Ltd
Global, scaleable environmental restoration technology company targeting the US$5 billion annual reforestation market
More Info


From 1990 to 2016 the world lost over 1.3 million square kilometres of forest, an area larger than South Africa. Current reforestation methods are expensive and slow with seedlings grown in nursery environments for up to 1 year before being transported and manually planted.


AirSeed Technologies has developed the solution, providing reforestation through Drone Technology, Artificial and Data Driven Intelligence.


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Equity Crowdfunding Upcoming

TetraMed Limited

TetraMed Limited
Vertically integrated medicinal cannabis business model with signed off-take agreement


TetraMed is developing a fully-licensed production facility for medicinal cannabis with an initial capacity of 4 tonnes in Lesotho, a premier region for cannabis cultivation. There, medicinal cannabis will be grown, extracted, processed, and manufactured for global distribution to pharmaceutical companies.


The company is also developing cannabinoid medication in tablet form, providing patients with a consistent, regulated dose with longer shelf life.


TetraMed recently executed an off-take agreement for its initial 4-tonne production capacity and has a clear intention to list in early 2020.


Before investing please consider the offer document and general risk warning.


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IPO OnMarket Bidding Closed

Tartana Resources Ltd ASX: TNA

Tartana Resources Ltd
Copper-zinc resources exploration company, projects in Queensland and Tasmania


Tartana Resources Limited (ASX: TNA) is focusing on copper and zinc, two commodities which are highly leveraged to economic growth, particularly in China and the electric vehicle revolution. Tartana Resources has two key project areas, the Tartana Copper/Zinc project in near Chillagoe in north QLD and the Zeehan Zinc Slag project in western TAS – all on granted mining leases. These projects offer potential for cash flow generation, as well a significant exploration appeal with porphyry copper targets.

$4m - $6mSize of Offer
04 Jul 19Offer Open
28 Feb 20Pay By
RTO Closed Jan 2020

Tesoro Resources Ltd ASX: TSO

Tesoro Resources Ltd

The Tesoro Resources Ltd offer has successfully closed. Allotment is anticipated to be on 24 January, with re-listing expected on 29 January 2020.  

Fully Funded
TBCSize of Offer
PAC Partners Lead Manager
ECF & Wholesale Closed Dec 2019

Ecocentric Group Ltd

Ecocentric Group Ltd
Eccocentric has successfully completed their ECF and wholesale raises to fund the commercialisation of their Numen technology


Ecocentric is a deep tech business using advanced AI technology to make buildings safer, more productive and more sustainable. Numen, enables real-time performance monitoring of machines and electrical systems, providing fault prediction, electrical fire prevention and energy optimisation.


Fully Funded






IPO Closed Dec 2019

Limeade, Inc. ASX: LME

Limeade, Inc.

Limeade, Inc. is a Washington State incorporated, leading employee experience software as a service (SaaS) provider. Through the Limeade platform and its integrated software solutions, Limeade helps organisations better care for their employees, with the goal of driving higher employee engagement and well-being, and lower employee turnover.

Fully Funded
$100 millionSize of Offer
Macquarie/Moelis Australia Lead Manager
IPO Closed Dec 2019

Founders First Ltd ASX: FFL

Founders First Ltd

Founders First Ltd is an Australian based craft beverage ‘accelerator’ operated by a group of leading liquor industry professionals. The company invests in select craft beverage businesses alongside their founders and accelerates their growth through the provision of capital, sales and marketing, supply chain and management expertise and the operation of venues.

Fully Funded
$15.8 millionSize of Offer
Bell Potter Lead Manager
IPO Closed Dec 2019

Happy Valley Nutrition Ltd ASX: HVM

Happy Valley Nutrition Ltd

The Happy Valley Nutrition Ltd IPO has successfully closed.  The company is pleased to advise that they have secured a large cornerstone investor as part of the IPO. Allotment of shares and ASX listing date are yet to be confirmed.

Fully Funded
TBDSize of Offer
Bell Potter/ShawandPartners Lead Manager
IPO Closed Dec 2019

iCetana Ltd ASX: ICE

iCetana Ltd

iCetana Ltd is an Australian company focussed on the development and commercialisation of video analytics software. It has successfully commercialised the technology by developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted video surveillance software, using machine learning techniques to provide automated real time anomalous event detection for use in cases including security, loss prevention, theft and health and safety. 

Fully Funded
$5 millionSize of Offer
Hartleys Lead Manager
IPO Closed Dec 2019

Openpay Group Ltd ASX: OPY

Openpay Group Ltd

Openpay Group Ltd (ASX: OPY) is a Melbourne based payments technology company that offers buy now, pay later products with larger value, longer duration plans, free of interest. The offering provides plans of between $50 to $20,000 in value, ranging from 2 to 24 months in duration.

Fully Funded
$50 millionSize of Offer
Shaw and Partners Lead Manager
IPO Closed Nov 2019

OpenLearning Ltd ASX: OLL

OpenLearning Ltd

OpenLearning Ltd develops and operates an online education platform on a SaaS business model whose primary customers are education providers based in Australian and South East Asian markets. The company has delivered 7,953 online courses to over 1.65 million registered users in 165 countries.

Fully Funded
$8 millionSize of Offer
Canaccord Genuity Lead Manager
IPO Closed Nov 2019

Amaero International Ltd ASX: 3DA

Amaero International Ltd

Amaero International Ltd (ASX 3DA) is an Australian company specialising in the manufacturing of large format, complex components using laser-based additive manufacturing, or 3D printing. Amaero assists clients, mainly in the defence and aerospace industries, including Raytheon and Boeing, to manufacture new designs and complex geometries to achieve higher fuel efficiency and performance as well as reduce manufacturing waste. 

Fully Funded
$8 millionSize of Offer
PAC Partners Lead Manager
ECF Closed Nov 2019

NeuralDx Ltd

NeuralDx Ltd
Neural DX has successfully completed their equity crowdfunding offer for their revolutionary neurological diagnostic technology


NeuralDx has developed a highly promising transformational breakthrough for the diagnosis of mental and neurological disorders in an Australian medical first. Depression is the most common cause of disability in the world. Currently there is no commercially or clinically accepted, objective diagnostic process to detect it, nor to separate it from bipolar disorder. 



Fully Funded







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