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Fuse Minerals Ltd ASX: FSE

Quality base metal projects in Tier 1 jurisdictions in WA and QLD


Fuse Minerals Ltd (ASX: FSE) is advancing their quality base metals projects in three locations in WA and QLD. The three projects include drill ready targets and hold demonstrated potential to host copper, nickel, silver, lead, zinc, uranium and gold deposits. Strategy to unlock a tier 1 resource and partner to develop the resource while maximising shareholder value.

Min $6 millionSize of Offer
01 Dec 23Offer Open
05 Mar 24Pay By
IPO Closed Feb 2024

Litchfield Minerals Ltd ASX: LMS

The Litchfield Minerals Ltd (ASX:LMS) IPO has successfully closed.  Allotment of shares is expected to occur on 1 March and the planned ASX listing date of Thursday 7 March 2024 (subject to final ASX listing approval).

Fully Funded
$5 millionSize of Offer
Alpine Capital Lead Manager
CSF Closed Dec 2023

Good Earth Dairy (Aus Camel Dairies P/L)

The Good Earth Dairy equity crowdfunding offer has successfully closed. Good Earth Dairy is Western Australia’s first commercial camel dairy, and a leading producer of pure Australian Camel Milk.

Fully Funded




IPO Closed Dec 2023

Enlitic, Inc. ASX: ENL

Enlitic, Inc. (ASX: ENL) is an information technology and services company focused on the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to manage medical imaging data in radiology. 

Fully Funded
$20 millionSize of Offer
MST Capital Lead Manager
IPO Closed Nov 2023

LTR Pharma Ltd ASX: LTP

LTR Pharma Ltd (ASX: LTP) is an Australian clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that has developed and is commercialising a ‘First in Class’ nasal spray (SPONTAN) to treat patients with erectile dysfunction (ED). 

Fully Funded
$7 millionSize of Offer
Alpine Capital Lead Manager
ASX Listing Closed Oct 2023

Freedom Care Group Hold. Ltd ASX: FCG

Freedom Care Group Holdings Ltd (ASX: FCG) is a Sydney based National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) services provider offering a full suite of allied health and care services.

Fully Funded
$3.2 millionSize of Offer
Novus Capital Lead Manager
IPO Closed Aug 2023

CurveBeam AI Ltd ASX: CVB

CurveBeam AI Ltd (ASX: CVB) is a fully integrated developer and manufacturer of specialised medical imaging (CT) equipment and supporting clinical assessment software aids that, through the use of image analysis are designed to automate the analysis of high-quality images generated on its CT platform.

Fully Funded
$25 millionSize of Offer
Bell Potter & Lodge Lead Manager
CSF Closed Jul 2023

Hydrowood Holdings Pty Ltd

Based in Tasmania, Hydrowood focusses on ethically harvesting timber from hydroelectric dams with a positive environmental impact - producing timber, and a brand now widely used and recognised throughout Australia and the world.

Fully Funded

$2.1 million



CSF Closed Jun 2023

Verve InfoTec Pty Ltd

The Verve InfoTec Pty Ltd equity crowdfunding offer has closed successfully. Verve InfoTec was the first company to offer true granular measurement of elite cyclists’ power. With over 4000 InfoCranks sold, Verve provides web and mobile app-based solutions to enable remote and truly accurate monitoring of limb motion and function. 

Fully Funded





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