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Chalkos Metals Ltd ASX: CKM

Chalkos Metals Limited
Exploration company targeting copper and base metals with project located in Tier 1 area of Mount Isa


Chalkos Metals Ltd (ASX: CKM) is an Australian resources exploration company targeting copper and base metals at its wholly owned Mount Isa Project located adjacent to Glencore’s Mount Isa mine in Queensland. The Project currently consists of 7 identified prospects with 13 targets for mineralisation.  

Up to $8 millionSize of Offer
01 Jun 22Offer Open
01 Jul 22Pay By
IPO OnMarket bidding closed

Synergen Met Ltd ASX: SH2

Synergen Met Ltd
Clean-tech aiming to decarbonise and clean the environment using thermal plasma technologies


Offer closed via OnMarket. Further information to come soon. 


Synergen Met Ltd (ASX:SH2) is an Australian owned and operated clean-tech business using its thermal plasma technology for two key applications; the production of “Clean Hydrogen” utilising renewable energy, and the cleaning of the environment by destroying toxic chemicals, such as PFAS, that cannot normally be eliminated.

Up to $25 millionSize of Offer
09 May 22Offer Open
08 Jun 22Pay By
Equity Crowdfunding Upcoming

BookitDoit Pty Ltd

BookitDoit Pty Ltd
Rediscovering hidden Australia. Redefining domestic travel


BookitDoit’s Regional Australian booking platform aggregates thousands of experiences across all regions, states, and territories - filling the virtual gap and enabling Aussies and international visitors to findbook, and do the authentic experiences ‘real Australia’ has to offer. 


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.

Equity Crowdfunding Upcoming

Mrs Clucks Pty Ltd

Mrs Clucks Pty Ltd
Community-based – open paddock hens - naturally healthier eggs


Consumers demanded and supermarkets responded taking cage eggs off shelves from 2025.


Mrs Clucks – producer of open-paddock, true free-range eggs - got cracking, proved the commercial viability of egg production using sustainable farming methods for a healthier environment.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.

Equity Crowdfunding Upcoming

Spatial Hub Analytics Pty Ltd

Spatial Hub Analytics Pty Ltd
Harnessing the power of AI for property buyers, farmers and graziers.


Spatial Hub's Geospatial AI tool turns environmental data into solutions that relate to where we live, work, and elements that we interact with.


What makes them unique is how they layer this data over time and use learnings from history to make better future decisions.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.

ECF Closed Jun 2022

Neutrog Limited

Neutrog Ltd’s equity crowdfunding offer has successfully closed at the maximum subscription amount of $3 million.

Neutrog is a leading producer of organic and biological fertilisers. Over 35 years, Neutrog have grown into a premium brand with a high level of market visibility and trust.

Fully Funded






IPO Closed Jun 2022

MetalsGrove Mining Ltd ASX: MGA

MetalsGrove Mining Ltd

The MetalsGrove Mining Limited (ASX:MGA) IPO has successfully closed.  The shares will be allotted in late June with the ASX approved listing date set for 1pm on Wedensday 6th July (AEST).

Fully Funded
TBASize of Offer
Ventnor Securities Lead Manager
Wholesale Closed May 2022

Respien Pty Ltd

Respien Pty Ltd

Respien Pty Ltd is an Australian clinical stage drug development company targeting the top 5 cause of death global - chronic lung conditions (like chronic bronchitis & emphysema, collectively called COPD). With Covid dramatically increasing COPD, the company believes it can disrupt the multi-billion dollar COPD pharma care industry with its three clinically tested, better performing products.

Fully Funded
$150,000Size of Offer
N/A Lead Manager
IPO Closed May 2022

Cavalier Resources Ltd ASX: CVR

Cavalier Resources Ltd

Cavalier Resources Limited (ASX: CVR) has a portfolio of prospective gold and nickel tenements in Western Australia. These include the Leonora Gold Project, Hidden Jewel Gold Project, and Ella’s Rock Nickel-Gold Project.

Fully Funded
$5 millionSize of Offer
Sanlam & Dalton Equities Lead Manager
ECF Closed May 2022

The Digital Currency Reserve P/L

The Digital Currency Reserve P/L

The TDCR equity crowdfunding raise has successfully closed. TDCR is creating the first platform to manage everyday transactions using crypto. They are developing innovative tech that will enable the use of crypto currency in the world’s biggest economies – accessibility, speed and security. 

Fully Funded






Wholesale Closed Apr 2022

Pathify Holdings Inc.

Pathify Holdings Inc.

Pathify Holdings Inc. is a rapidly growing SaaS student portal provider used by universities, colleges and higher education institutions. The Company is focussed on the US higher education market, with a target market of over 6,000 institutions. 

Fully Funded
Up to $5mSize of Offer
NA Lead Manager
IPO Closed Apr 2022

Sierra Nevada Gold Inc. ASX: SNX

Sierra Nevada Gold Inc.

Sierra Nevada Gold Inc. (ASX: SNX) is a copper, gold and silver exploration company with five advanced drill ready projects located in Nevada, the largest gold producing state in the US. Over US$10 million has been invested in the projects to date.

Fully Funded
$10 millionSize of Offer
Bell Potter Lead Manager

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