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Fixed Priced Private PlacementType of Offer
26 Feb 19Offer Open
22 Mar 19Pay By
Up to $500,000Size of Offer
$10,000 Minimum Investment
OnMarketLead Manager


Private Placement

This Private Placement offer is only open to Professional, Sophisticated and Experienced investors.  More information on how to qualify here.


OnMarket has a limited allocation.  Minimum application size of $10,000. The Company reserves the right to close the offer early. 


There are ~59,000 registered charities in Australia, yet +70-80% cannot afford a CRM/SRM solution

Yet these groups need it most to ensure they engage with donors and can get funded in a competitive environment

The charity and Not for Profit (NFP) sectors are becoming increasingly digital and social, yet many they lack the right solution to support their donor engagement and fundraising activities.  Current products

  • require $100k-$2m+ of implementation and consulting costs, can take months to implement and require significant human capital and training – leaving many charities to resort to spreadsheets
  • are clunky and outdated built on old legacy systems that are not flexible or user friendly and require constant updates
  • require multiple products to manage charity activities and the lack of integration between them.

A plug n play solution – the Xero of SRMs

SupporterHub provides a fully built central hub for all donor engagement. The platform is tailored for the NFP sector to directly support workflows and operations and provides relationship management tools required to support mass engagement. Crucially, SupporterHub

  • Does not require any expensive, mandatory implementation costs – saving ~$100k-$2m compared with alternative products
  • Processes donations, manage campaigns, manage data and gain deeper insights with predictive analytics
  • API integrates with other systems
  • Intuitive and user friendly, requiring minimal support and training so charities can put valuable time and donor money to where it is needed most

NFP sector is large and growing


Management team

  • Anthony Owen– Direct/CEO: Over 25 years’ experience across local and global digital media and technology companies. Anthony has experience in international markets working with partners – Microsoft, IBM Watson, Ingram Micro and AppDirect as well as directly with many large corporations and Fortune 500 companies
  • Brad Anderson – CTO: Ex-Amnesty International executive with 16 years’ IT experience and 6 years developing technology strategy for not for profit organisations across the world, and provides a deep understanding of the business, technical and financial challenges they face.
  • Peter McCormick –Director: Director and COO of SecureCo, a local market leading Cyber Security and Fintech cloud organisation. Over 15 years of sales leadership and operational experience with various telco and IT service providers. Previously General Manager of Sales in Ethan Group and NSW Sales Manager in AAPT
  • Paul Bird – Director: Founder and Managing Director of SecureCo. Also a co-founder of Homestar Finance (Mozo Non-Bank Lender of the Year 2017). Previously held senior strategic roles at PBL Media and Diageo.

Offer Summary

The offer is a private placement seeking to raise up to $500,000 by issuing convertible notes.

Table 1: Key Offer Stats




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