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Enabling fast and smart decisions, for everyone

Our AI tool turns huge amounts of data into solutions, for home buyers AND for farmers.

We believe that no-one should have to wait days or even weeks for property data to be sent to them, when they’ve found the property of their dreams.

The pain of missing out because of uncertainty will be gone, with our product PropertyScope, which sends reports with data from many different sources directly to your mobile, within minutes.

For graziers, FarmMap4D shows land data over time, enabling smart decisions on ground cover, stock rates, sustainability and more.

Our innovative team has developed products from Big Data that is increasingly being captured in the environment around us. Join us - we’re already making a difference.

An exciting bonus for OnMarket investors

As a thank you to all of our early investors, Spatial Hub Analytics has an exciting offer.


Spatial Hub Analytics will pay back 10% of PropertyScope’s first year net revenue to shareholders of the OnMarket Campaign.


All details will be included in the Offer Document.

Bringing solutions to the property and agriculture markets

We quickly integrate multiple data feeds in the cloud, and guarantee alignment across many layers of data, creating solutions.


We have a key solution to the property market - PropertyScope; and to the graziers and farming industry through our product FarmMap4D.


Both products have huge potential for growth.


We will grow the product features for both PropertyScope and FarmMap4D to remain relevant to the current market and reach new markets going forward.


Then excitingly, we plan to open our platform to 3rd party developers to create their own geo-spatial solutions.

The Geospatial Analytic market is growing exponentially

And our specialty market is geospatial data
  • In the past decade, the market has grown 3½ fold.
  • In the current decade it will rise 5-fold!
The property market is booming
  • Houses and units are on the market for days rather than weeks – the shortest listing times in more than a half a decade.
  • People now have a lot less time to make an informed decision on the fear of missing out.
Adoption of analytics in agriculture is also rising strongly
  • Landowners are increasingly keen to operate sustainably, turning quickly to technology.
  • Our platform has now digitally mapped over 800 livestock properties covering an impressive 10% of Australia!
  • And we’re just getting started, as we move into drought, flood, and bushfire analysis

We have a unique world class AI-engine

SpatialHub’s competitive advantage is our world class AI engine which can sort through huge amounts of complex non-standard data and streamline it quickly into useful information for all types of property.

Not only can we provide solutions now, we’re future proofing these solutions for later.

  • Our property tool gives more detailed visibility on more levels than other mapping data. Think Google Maps elevated to an incredibly precise level.
  • We’ve also brought in industry experts – teaming up with a well-recognised Town Planner and Property Developer with our Tech Team to get the products right.
  • We know that sustainable farming is high on the agriculture agenda. We’re already developing a solution for this in our Data Store.


Current Products - PropertyScope

Allows interested buyers to access a quick and comprehensive report of a property’s details and its potential uses.

We start where Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au stop, giving detailed council and zoning property information at a fraction of the cost and time of a town planner.

Reports include lot details, zoning and elevation maps, a full list of property accepted uses, surrounding developments, flood, and bushfire, overlays, council water, sewage and stormwater networks, nearby transport services, primary and secondary school catchments and more…

And its quick. Reports are downloaded in seconds on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. A unique offering is our GPS locator, which will generate a property report where you are located – be that in front of a house, a vacant block of land, an industrial site or even a carpark.

PropertyScope enables informed decisions at a reduced risk. PropertyScope is currently available in Queensland, launching soon in New South Wales and Victoria.

Visit : www.mypropertyscope.com.au

Current Products - FarmMap4D

FarmMap4D is widely recognised as the best farm infrastructure mapping tool in Australia. In fact, we have mapped over 800 livestock properties to our platform covering just over 10% of Australia.

Designed for sustainable land management practices, this unique product offers digital mapping of farm infrastructure, downloadable maps and data, high resolution time series satellite and ground cover analysis, elevation mapping of fences and water pipelines, and water distance analysis and safe carrying capacity for livestock management.

Excitingly, we are now moving into broader sustainable land management of drought, flood, and bushfire analysis where we see huge potential at a farm, local and regional government, and financial services level.

If we fail to use and embrace innovation there is no way we’ll keep pace with our competitors in producing beef. And once you have a play with FarmMap4D, that’s when you’ll think, what CAN’T it do?

Russell, FNQ Grazier with 14k head of cattle


Our Team

Spatial Hub Analytics is driven by a highly motivated team. It is made up of highly experienced and capable managers in analytics, spatial systems, sales and marketing.

The Managing Director is an Economist and former Global Head of Commodities Research at ANZ where he developed and marketed products around the world. He is backed up by a Chief of Technology with a long career in managing geo-analytics solutions for some world leading companies. The technical team covers specialists and PhD’s in machine learning and image processing.

A dedicated support team, including product management, includes deep entrepreneurial skills together with strong domain, marketing and sales relationship skills.

The board includes professional directors and entrepreneurs with a successful background in Start-ups as well as large scale international companies. They come with technical skills in geo-analytics, intelligence, satellite systems as well as marketing, sales and project management.



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