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This is a wholesale offer and is only open to Professional, Sophisticated and Experienced investors. 

More information on how to qualify here. Minimum application size of $10,000.

Investment Highlights

Company Overview

Neopharma Technologies Ltd (NTL) is positioned to be a be a global leader in US$6bn drugs-of-abuse testing market with its trademarked and world-leading drugs-of-abuse testing technology solution.

The TamperLoks DataVault technology takes the physical needs of mandatory drug testing and introduced advanced data collection and management to deliver certainty with complete chain-of-custody and the significant increases in productivity and accuracy that comes with digitising a previously manual process.

There is no current comparable hardware and technology pairing in the market globally that can match the TamperLoks DataVault offering. In recognition of this, Neopharma Technologies has recently been recognized as a “Top 100 Global Healthcare Technology Company” in 2021 by the Healthcare Technology Report.

NTL raising up to $850,000 at a pre-money equity valuation of $6.7 million and is targeting an ASX IPO in the next 12-18 months.

The Product

NTL’s core product is a patented 3-chamber tamperproof drugs-of-abuse urine testing device.  The device consists of a 3-chamber construction and contains a selection of USFDA approved drug testing strips.  As the testing does not require the tester to pour, transfer or pipette the urine sample into any other container, test results are available within 90 seconds.

This unique construction requires limited human intervention or interpretation, minimising risk of human error.  The QR code on the device allows for a unique identification code that can be recorded directly in the DataVault backend system along with a picture of the results. This avoids the need for cups to be labelled, and reduces the potential for swapping out or manipulating samples.

TamperLoks patents have been granted in Australia, USA, Malaysia, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands.

Market leading technology

The TamperLoks DataVault drug testing solution is an end-to-end drugs-of-abuse testing and management system.

  • TamperLoks enables a rapid drugs-of-abuse urine test and assigns a unique QR code to the candidate being tested.
  • DataVault records the testers details and test results through an image of the test strips and the unique QR code, utilising a smart phone DataVault app that passes encrypted data in real time to the DataVault that is hosted either in the cloud or on-premise as per the client’s requirements.
  • Test results images are immediately stored in DataVault and unable to be tampered with or changed.
  • DataVault has a user friendly dashboard which presents the individual test information and macro data such as location areas of positive tests and the drug.

Near term commercialisation

With a range of global distribution agreements in place, and pending TGA approval, NTL’s low cost, and high margin operating model is ideally positioned for near term commercialisation. The initial focus in the Australian mining industry commencing Q4 2021 with Australian distribution partner MD Solutions. This will be followed by a rollout across Indonesian Universities and the Malaysian police force expected to go ahead in 2022, representing a sales pipeline of 3 million units. 

Significant market opportunity

The drugs-of-abuse testing market is estimated to be worth US$6bn in 2021, increasing to US$13.5 billion by 2027, a CAGR of 17.1%. This growth is driven by the increasing consumption of illicit drugs creating demand for effective drugs-of-abuse tests across a wide range of sectors including law enforcement agencies, mining, oil & gas, construction, general workplace drug screening and border security. This is further supported by increases in prescription drug abuse and the legalisation of marijuana and other previously illegal drugs.

Datavault opportunities

DataVault is a complete Enterprise Resource Management Platform that allows for drug test program management and track and trace of the testing cups from Manufacturer through Distribution to Testing to Laboratory to Storage. It enables real-time recording of drug test data and utilises advanced AI and Big Data to produce regional data on drugs-of-abuse.

DataVault v1.0 was developed exclusively for Neopharma Technologies patented Tamperloks 3-chamber urine testing cup with the use of QR code. DataVault v2.0 will be developed to further streamline efficiencies, saving clients more time and money with the DV Donor App. DataVault v2.0 will also be developed for applications outside of Tamperloks including other Urine Drug Testing Cups as well as Illicit drug tests using saliva, hair, sweat and blood.

The offer

NTL raising up to $850,000 under the offer at a price of $0.15 per share. There are currently 44,898,798 shares on issue, providing a pre-money equity valuation of $6.7 million.

The funds raised under the offer will be applied to Software Development, Manufacturing, Marketing, Regulatory Approvals and Working Capital.

Once the product has been commercialised, NTL will look to undertake an ASX IPO in the next 12-18 months.


Section 708 disclosure: The issuer of the securities is Neopharma Technologies Ltd. The securities to be issued are ordinary shares. The information provided on the OnMarket website has been prepared by Neopharma Technologies, and OnMarket makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness.  No prospectus has been prepared and accordingly, the Offer is being made to sophisticated, experienced and professional investors only.  

The information memorandum is intended to provide potential investors with information only and does not constitute a prospectus, short form prospectus or other disclosure document as defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (“the Act”). This document has not been lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission ("ASIC") or any other government body. The offer made under this Information Memorandum is only available for persons who qualify as sophisticated or experienced (as defined in s708(8)-(10) of the Act), professional investors (as defined in s708(11) of the Act), investors to whom personal offers are made under s708(1), or investors to whom disclosure is otherwise not required under Part 6D of the Act (collectively, “Qualified Investors”). 

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Alloggio Group Ltd ASX: ALO

Alloggio Group Ltd
Leading operator of short-term rental accommodation in a highly fragmented market


Bell Potter is the Lead Manager and underwriter for the IPO. OnMarket, as co-manager, has a limited firm allocation.


Alloggio Group Limited (ASX: ALO) is a leading operator in the highly fragmented, Australian short-term rental accommodation (STRA) industry via two divisions – Holiday Property Management (879 holiday homes and units) and Mid-market Hotels (13 hotels with 428 rooms.  The Company has developed an in-house scalable cloud-based technology platform which provides an end-to-end solution for both the traveller and holiday property owner.


Alloggio has experienced strong growth to date, with revenues of $11.3 m and EBITDA of $4.7m in FY21. They are ideally positioned to benefit from the anticipated increased activity as Australia emerges from COVID-19 lockdowns.

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02 Nov 21Pay By
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Truwell Group Pty Ltd

Truwell Group Pty Ltd
Market leading student and teacher mental health and wellbeing platform


Truwell Group Pty Ltd has been developed by leading educators, Dr Tim Hawkes OAM and Adam Webber, to help students, teachers and parents manage mental health and wellbeing in an increasingly stressful world. The market ready platform includes a library of over 65 interactive digital courses, and is being used by over 30 schools, with another 200 in the pipeline from Australia and around the world.


With a $10bn market opportunity in Australia, US and UK alone, Truwell is well positioned to be a global leader targeting an unmet and rapidly growing need in student and teacher mental health.


This is a wholesale offer and only open to professional, sophisticated and experienced investors.  More info here

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13 Oct 21Offer Open
11 Nov 21Pay By
Wholesale Live

Neopharma Technologies Ltd

Neopharma Technologies Ltd
Patented and world-leading drugs-of-abuse testing technology


Neopharma Technologies Ltd (NTL) participates in the US$6 billion global drugs-of-abuse testing market with its patented, trademarked and tamper-proof drugs-of-abuse testing solution - TamperLoks DataVault.  The technology takes the physical needs of mandatory drug testing, combining it with advanced data collection, management and complete chain-of-custody, significantly improving productivity and accuracy.


With TGA approval pending and global distribution agreements in place, including the Australian mining sector, Indonesian Universities and Malaysian Police sector, NTL is poised for near term commercialisation.


This is a wholesale offer and only open to professional, sophisticated and experienced investors.  More info here

Up to $850,000Size of Offer
28 Sep 21Offer Open
28 Oct 21Pay By
IPO OnMarket Bidding Closed

Austral Resources Australia Ltd ASX: AR1

Austral Resources Australia Ltd
Australian quality copper producing company with advanced exploration tenements


All payments must be submitted by 5:00pm (AEDT) Friday 15 October 2021


Austral Resources Australia Ltd (ASX: AR1) is a quality copper producing company that owns an operating copper oxide ore processing facility. Austral Resources and Thiess have entered into a Letter of Intent for Thiess to conduct mining services and earthworks on AR1’s new open pit copper mine. AR1  anticipates finalising negotiation and entry into a final binding contract with Thiess on or before the 31st of this month.


AR1 has 1,340 km2 of highly prospective exploration tenements near Mount Isa, northwest Queensland. The Company is already producing copper with significant Ore Reserves in the Anthill project only 45 kilometres away from the Mt Kelly processing facility.   Austral currently has a portfolio of over 49 copper targets within its exploration tenure. 

$30 millionSize of Offer
12 Oct 21Offer Open
15 Oct 21Pay By
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Kredible (Tagg Technologies Pty Ltd)

Kredible (Tagg Technologies Pty Ltd)
Revolutionary talent search platform disrupting Australia’s multi billion dollar recruitment and job search industries.

More Info

Kredible is the next generation of talent search platforms, completely flipping the hiring process on it’s head by offering employers a searchable database of professionals who have all been verified by their previous employers via extensive reference checks, all displayed in an Uber-style review format. 


Currently, almost all businesses conduct talent searches through job boards or recruitment agencies via a lengthy, expensive and highly inefficient process. Kredible aims to fix this by offering employers a technology enabled platform to hire talent considerably faster, cheaper and with much more accuracy.


Disrupting this process represents a contestable revenue opportunity of over $12 billion in Australia alone.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.


Equity Crowdfunding Upcoming

Fempro Armour Pty Ltd

Fempro Armour Pty Ltd
Because girls play too.

More Info

Female led, female orientated, female hyped protective wear apparel whose primary values are quickly summarised; gear up and play hard.


Female participation is on the rise in the sporting industry, women no longer cook and clean dishes, they cook and clean their exhaust pipes… with 39m women globally playing impact sports.


The sports protective market was valued at USD 8.24B in 2018, and is growing at a CAGR of 4.01%. With the extreme sports market booming, and gender dynamic change, Stephanie Bofinger, a Fempro, spotted a crucial market need; protective wear created by a woman for a woman.


Impact sports require impactful prevention, which means impactful protection.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.


Equity Crowdfunding Upcoming Pty Ltd Pty Ltd
Your health organised!

More Info is like Hipages for finding a health professional that is right for you, yet like your mum for those gentle check-up reminders.   


COVID has changed the $200B healthcare market forever – Telehealth now accounts for 1/3 of GP consults; and going forward maintaining vaccine boosters will be a personal priority. Practice management needs to adapt to this new consumer demand. is an advanced search/booking system with AI-driven tech to anticipate additional services patients may need. The power of the solution led to a partnership with The Cancer Council.


Crowdfunding is risk, please consider the offer document & risk warning before investing

Equity Crowdfunding Upcoming

Cogniss Holdings Pty Ltd

Cogniss Holdings Pty Ltd
serious ideas to apps. 
apps that transform lives. all in a blink

More Info

Ever had an idea for a smart app like Noom, Duolingo, Headspace and Calm?


Combined they generate more than USD $800M p.a. But to design and build these type of apps takes specialist programmers and analysts months and can cost up to $1M.


Cogniss breaks through the time and cost barrier - giving health, education, and lifestyle experts, plug’n’play tools to create life transforming apps for the USD $300B market, in a blink.


(sorry programmers and business analysts – you are no longer required)


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.

Equity Crowdfunding Upcoming

Sawce Pty Ltd

Sawce Pty Ltd
Australia's online marketplace for furnishing & fitouts
I need it, I'll SAWCE it!

More Info is the FIRST and ONLY online marketplace dedicated to helping people furnish and fitout any space – home, commercial and office. Starting with over a hundred thousand products from hundreds of retailers, & targeting 1 million products within 12 months, they are the and of the $50B Australian furnishing and fitout industry.


Using their successful pilot site with 30,000 users a month as the base, launches in September, with rapid expansion anticipated as a pure-play technology-driven marketplace.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.