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Mrs Clucks Overview

Mrs Clucks is expanding production of open-paddock eggs using a scalable, capital light business model based on a collaborative community of farmers.

This industry alternate egg-production model delivers

  • improved environmental outcomes,
  • a higher-value, more nutrient-dense egg
  • low density, sustainable egg farming overcoming existing industry landlock and capital investment intensity.

Mrs Clucks established production and sales to two metropolitan areas in under 12 months demonstrating scalability and flexibility amongst industry turmoil.

  • Establishment times for new operations one third of conventional egg farming.
  • Sales to distributors, trade customers, retail and consumers, doubled in 2nd period with operational costs reduced ~30%
  • Scale improvements and profitability ~50% available adding ~10,000 hens without minor staff or equipment changes.

By investing in and becoming a part owner of Mrs Clucks, you will help egg farmers build a new future for the egg industry, and be part of a community actively securing healthy, fresh and local food. You can stay up-to-date on Mrs Clucks’ company activity by following them on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Proven regional model ready to scale - open-paddock, true free-range

  • Standard egg farming (all size) relies on fixed acreage and expensive capital infrastructure resulting in high stock densities and bare-earth around sheds.
  • With supermarkets committed to removing cage eggs from shelves by 2025 and egg consumption growing, the significant market opportunity exists for an alternate scalable egg production model.
  • Mrs Clucks’ “hub and spoke”, rotational farming model centres around communities of farmers and uses proprietary mobile chicken housing designed specifically for Australian conditions provides operational efficiencies for rotational farming.
  • This model is scalable, cutting establishment time by 75% and focuses on hens, marketing and sales of premium eggs to provide returns to all levels.
  • Rotational grazing controls pests without chemicals, recycles nutrients with artificial fertilizers, and is much better for the environment compared to intensive chicken farming and results in a naturally enriched egg.
  • Mrs Clucks is ready to scale beyond existing seven partner farmers to expand production and sales nationally.

Strategic Growth Plan - Eggs in multiple baskets

Mrs Clucks is established in two regions - each with farms, central grading, and packing servicing. Mrs Clucks is ready to expand production with new flocks to grow their consumer base.


Their farming model lowers financial and biosecurity risk, maintains low-density grazing using its growing partner community of farmers. The business model is also capital light, flexible, and fast to establish… taking ¼ time and half the capital for approvals and for construction of traditional large sheds that require >25 year payback to be economic.


Phase 2 includes scaling to additional regions to diversity risk-management and production, with new regions focussed on smaller farms closer to metropolitan markets to further control spiralling transport costs.


With egg industry bodies calling out for retail price rises, highlighting problems in the sector, this alternate, scalable model fills a need in an industry financially suffering constraints from existing production systems and offers a solution to ensure Australians continue to have security in food supply and a sustainable farming community.

The Problem

Egg industry is disrupted with four main problems:
  1. it is capital intensive - costly set up, long infrastructure payback times, expensive environmental waste and regulatory processes, large retailer policies lowering producer margins, primary producer risks including natural disasters and financial pressures to meet increasing consumer demand;
  2. Large commercial flocks have seen significant disease and drought past few years; COVID restrictions decreased staff levels, compounding financial stress. There is a current egg shortage.
  3. 2025 – the date Australian supermarkets are removing cage eggs from retail shelves (a global social trend demanding improved animal welfare – New Zealand has banned cages from 1 January 2023.)
  4. Existing cage producers are finding it virtually impossible to secure finance to transition to new production systems and combined with historic financial stresses many have exited the industry, leaving “stranded assets”. 
To overcome these problems, the industry needs flexible and alternate to existing approaches to support a sustainable egg production industry.

The Market Opportunity

  • Using Mrs Clucks’ community based model, new regional flocks are set up faster (25% time) and more economically (50% cost) compared to traditional building and EPA approval times for big sheds.
  • Egg consumption is increasing in a disrupted and distressed industry.
  • A new model has been developed and proven by Mrs Clucks to meet the need for a viable alternate production model, that is better for the environment and us.
  • Mrs Clucks’ open-paddock eggs are sourced from nomadic, free ranging chickens farmed in an ethical, rotational farming method that is sustainable for the environment - providing natural pest control, fertilisation and regeneration of farmland. 
  • This community centred and rotational farming model is better for the environment, better for communities (supporting local farmers and provides employment) is better for hens, for us and produces a healthier egg.
  • Eggs produced this way are scientifically shown to have higher Vitamins A, D and Omega 3s and lower (bad) cholesterol.

Why invest in Mrs Clucks?

  • Mrs Clucks has established its market for open paddock eggs, filling a gap in a disrupted market with an alternative agri-business model supporting farmers, minimising capital costs and diversifying financial, biosecurity and farming risk.
  • Mrs Clucks capital light production model provides scalability compared to existing production models and can be set up with less than 50% in capital costs and in 75% less time.
  • Mrs Clucks is established in two regions and now scaling production and expanding regions, markets and community. 
  • This egg production approach is more sustainable environmentally, economically and distributes returns throughout the community.
  • Egg consumption is growing in a A$1B market, but all eggs aren’t created equal – eggs produced by nomadic, rotational farming are higher quality and are healthier for us and the environment.
  • By investing in Mrs Clucks you will be part of industry change and protecting future food security.

Are you ready to give a cluck?


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Mrs Clucks Pty Ltd

Mrs Clucks Pty Ltd
Community-based – open paddock hens - naturally healthier eggs


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