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Upcoming GigSuper Holdings Ltd

Introducing GigSuper

Mining Super value in untapped $150b market

  • Everyone knows Big Super is a Big Earner. But did you know that there is a whole market segment Big Super ignores? The self-employed.  
  • GigSuper is Australia’s first and only Super Fund for the self-employed. 
  • We provide a platform for members to set up a long-term retirement savings pattern, contributing as little as $10 per week towards their future. We also automate tax deduction claims so our members get the most bang for their buck.
  • Super Fund members are inherently sticky, and we attract a younger demographic whose balances will continue to grow for decades. Retention of members creates a moat for our business, setting GigSuper up to continue to grow for years to come.
  • Long term recurring revenues in Super drives attractive unit economics – that’s why superannuation businesses have the potential to attract high share-price-to-earnings ratios.

Super Solution

The problem we solve will change people’s lives

Super for the self-employed is hard. They retire with 50% less than traditionally employed members, and for women, the numbers are even worse – the average self-employed woman retires with 70% less. And though 80% of self-employed people belong to a Big Super Fund, paying fees like every other member, only 10% contribute and claim tax benefits.

Our tech solution connects

The self-employed market is an inherently fragmented and diverse group that is difficult to reach en masse. Big Super, with their ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, have overlooked them for years.

GigSuper is Super made modern. We use social media and online community engagement to target specific professional and interest group clusters - so instead of offering a one size approach, we work with community leaders and influences, providing a suite of content, customizable to specific group needs.   

GigSuper is Super

GigSuper works for self-employed people – it is easy Super for the future with business impacts for today. GigSuper:

  • integrates into self-employed communities
  • presents Super from a self-employed perspective
  • automates contributions and tax deductions
  • works with unpredictable cashflows
  • incorporates the right type of insurance
  • provides self-employed-focused tools, services, and content that help members not only with their Super, but also with their business

Untapped Market

GigSuper unlocks the self-employed Super market 

The market of self-employed people is made up of 2.2 million, including 1.3 million sole traders and 900,000 small business owners, freelancers, consultants, tradies, drivers, creatives, gig workers, side-hustlers, and influencers. 

The increasing casualisation of the workforce means more and more people are falling into the category of self-employed in Australia. 

It is common for the self-employed to have one or more Super accounts and their collective funds ($150 billion) are spread across hundreds of Big Super Funds. 

GigSuper’s 5-yr Addressable Market is $4.5 billion. 

Industry Overview

Long term recurring revenues = attractive unit economics

There is a reason superannuation businesses have historically attracted high share-price-to-earnings ratios – the unit economics are sound. 

Mega trend towards finance apps

There is a macro shift in the way we interact with finance and consume financial advice. We use a host of apps to help with accounting, invoicing, and budgeting. We are increasingly comfortable doing it ourselves if we have the right support. We now consult friends, resources, and our communities – mainly online. One thing that hasn’t adapted to these trends, until now? Superannuation.


Monetising Super

Revenue model

GigSuper generates fixed and variable annually recurring revenue in 3 ways. For an average GigSuper member with a $28K Super balance, the business generates $199.50 in revenue through:

  • $105 p.a. (as a % Assets Under Management (AUM) fee)
  • $66 p.a. (as a fixed administration fee)
  • $28.50 p.a. (as a % of insurance premiums)‚Äč


We have developed an effective and repeatable methodology to turn self-employed audiences into GigSuper members. It’s time to scale up!

  • We acquire members by partnering with trusted leaders and influencers in self-employed communities who spread awareness of our brand.
  • Our 2021 pipeline alone includes over 50 partnerships with a total audience of 250,000 potential new members.
  • Currently, 8% of people who provide an email address for content, convert into a GigSuper member.


Gig cuts through all the fuss and automates everything for you. It’s super quick to set up and is a delight to use. I’ve never been as engaged in my own superannuation as I am now (but why not? After all, it’s my money!). I can even tell you my Super balance off the top of my head. And the feeling of being on top of an in control of my finances? As a freelancer, that’s priceless.

Anna Rogan, Chief Copywriter.

The Founders

Martin Batur, CEO

  • Martin is a former Head of Dealing and Corporate Strategy Manager at IG Group. Over 10 years, Martin was responsible for all elements of dealing including execution, new product creation, system development, risk management and international expansion. He holds a Master of Applied Finance, Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Melbourne. At GigSuper, Martin is responsible for leading the overall strategy, operations, and finance.

Peter Stanhope, Head of Superannuation

  • Peter held various sales positions within IG Group including Head of Sales APAC, where he was responsible for optimising customer on-boarding, ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations and driving the businesses expansion into Australia and Asia. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Monash University. At GigSuper, Peter is driving our partnerships and affiliate programme, as well as customer services.

Branka Injac Misic, Marketing & Community

  • Branka is the former CMO of high growth, online retailer Arlo & Co where she built their community to 130,000 members. She was also a key member of the team at Australian fintech success story Nimble and is one of LinkedIn’s top 10 ‘Power Profiles’ in Advertising and Marketing. At GigSuper, Branka is building out our network of community influencers, as well as creating and executing our marketing plan.

Why are we different

We fit like no other - we offer a completely new solution, and we reach our members in a completely different way.

  • We are the first mover in the category, making self-employed Super simple through automation
  • Our unique approach to member acquisition creates a moat against potential competitors, as GigSuper continues to embed itself in communities and exclusively partner with leaders in the space
  • We understand the self-employed and speak their language, we talk about complex financial concepts in a way that is easy for anyone to understand

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Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.

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Unlike accommodation, boat charter is still pre-digital – a mix of pretty websites with manual back and forth between customers and boat owners. Until now that is…


Boatingo’s real-time booking is set to DISRUPT the existing USD $51B charter business; and its SaaS model is set to unlock more stock to meet growing demand.


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BETTER SHOPPING – Better That is a centralised retail ecosystem where shoppers and retailers can connect to get exactly what they want, when they want it - every time. And good causes benefit from each sale - combining buying power and social responsibility all in one place.


BETTER WORLD -  With every purchase our customers nominate their preferred good cause and Better That then donates up to 25% of the net commission revenue to support that endeavour. Why give away margin? It’s a BETTER way to ACQUIRE and RETAIN customers. 


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning

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People spend big on wellness (it accounts for 5.3% of global economic output). But, 80% of consumers find the market is full of conflicting data, making this spend haphazard. Solving this problem is the emerging wellness genomics sector - a high-growth market (13.2% CAGR), predicted to hit US$9 billion by 2026.


Meet Fitgenes. With a range of wellness focus areas, Fitgenes’ genomic products cut through the clutter - delivering wellness plans tailored to the specific requirements of an individual. But it is the distribution network and strategy that sets this growing heath-tech business apart.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.


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GigSuper Holdings Ltd

GigSuper Holdings Ltd
Finally, a super fund for the

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GigSuper is addressing the $150b gap in the market for super for the self-employed. Self-employed Australians don’t have the luxury of an employer making super contributions for them, and often struggle with retirement. GigSuper’s answer to this is an easy to use platform that automates voluntary super contributions for its members.


Unlike Big Super, GigSuper attracts younger members, with a lifetime of saving ahead of them – more money coming in than going out.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.