DNA based health tech company focused on obesity and cardiometabolic health

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15 Oct 20Offer Open
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Up to $600,000Size of Offer
$5,000 Minimum Investment
N/ALead Manager

This is a wholesale Convertible Note offer and is only open to Professional, Sophisticated and Experienced investors.  More information on how to qualify here.

Minimum application size of $5,000. OnMarket has a limited allocation under the Offer and the Company reserves the right to close the Offer early.


  • Strong growing revenue via major international distribution channels. 
  • Fitgenes is an Australian unlisted public DNA-based health-tech company focused on obesity; cardiometabolic health; and immunology, as well sports performance, physiotherapy, and sports injury recovery & nutrition.    
  • Delivers proprietary genomic profiling information and customised nutrigenomic data products - based on the genetic profile of the individual to help in the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injury.   
  • Nutrigenomics sector expected to double in size in the next 7 years to USD 919.8M by 2025.    
  • Personalised medicine market expected to grow to USD 1.7T by 2026.  
  • Fitgenes has a rapidly expanding channel of over 1,200 health practitioners  
  • Fitgenes is focused on major strategic partners  
    • Existing deal with leading Australasian healthcare company, Integria which services 9,500 health practitioners. 
    • Sales have commenced via a USA based Healthier2Gether with N.E. USA distribution, including 140 Medical Centres under contract, and prospective distribution to a $10B Healthcare Company New York, comprising 27 hospitals and 700+ medical centres.  Formal contract is in final stages of completion. 
  • Fitgenes is a revenue generating company with an established market position, health practitioner channel and a ‘best in class’ Therapeutic Goods of Australia listed technology platform.
  • $75,000 committed by the Directors to this raise
  • Rapid demand for its suite of products employed in clinical use by health practitioners in Australia, New Zealand, parts of Asia and increasingly Europe and USA.


Increasing burden of preventative chronic disease

  • Chronic disease destroying our quality of life.
  • Ageing population living longer with chronic disease.
  • The financial cost of preventing and treating ill health is substantial.  Australia spent about $170 billion on health in 2015–16—or almost $7,100 per person. 
  • 73 per cent ($117.0 billion) was able to be attributed to specific disease groups - such as diabetes, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, arthritis and heart disease.

Obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases a global health problem

  • Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the number 1 cause of death globally
  • Obesity leads to cardiometabolic diseases including diabetes.


Global shift to nutrigenomic testing and intervention

  • New era of nutrigenetics/ nutrigenomics – the study of gene-nutrient interactions in the prevention of, and management of chronic diseases, such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, cancer, diabetes and obesity
  • Early detection of predisposition to chronic disease and intervention with diet and lifestyle changes. 
  • We now know that specific variations in our genes can explain how we will respond to the foods, beverages and supplements we consume.
  • Fitgenes is focused on obesity, immunity and cardiometabolic detection and prevention.

Nutrigenomics fast becoming mainstream

Genetics can provide crucial information on the causes and risk factors involved in obesity, diabetes, dietary issues and lifestyle.

Individualised, nutrigenomics is becoming a mainstream approach to chronic disease prevention.

Personalised medicine market and nutrigenomics testing market growth

Worldwide, genetics testing is increasing to create individual awareness of genetic illness predisposition.

Fitgenes is positioned in the global growth of nutrigenomics which is enabling early detection and prevention of chronic illness via dietary and supplement implementation.   This is enabling the overarching global growth of the personalised medicine market.

Market growth drivers

  • Increasing prevalence of obesity across the globe
  • Rising popularity for personalised diet
  • Increasing government initiatives on promoting health in developed regions such as North America and Europe
  • Rapid advances in molecular biology and genomics

Board of Directors



The offer

Fitgenes is seeking investment of up to AUD$600K by way of a convertible note. $75K investment commitment by the Directors.

Funds will be used to recruit staff to meet growing client demand and to further build out our technology to build momentum in preparation of a Series A raise in March 2021. 


Section 708 disclosure: The issuer of the securities is Fitgenes Australia Ltd ABN 99139 521 010. The securities to be issued are convertible notes. The information provided on the OnMarket website has been prepared by Fitgenes Australia Ltd, and OnMarket makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness.  No prospectus has been prepared and accordingly, the Offer is being made to sophisticated, experienced and professional investors only.  

The Investor Presentation is intended to provide potential investors with information only and does not constitute a prospectus, short form prospectus or other disclosure document as defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (“the Act”). This document has not been lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission ("ASIC") or any other government body. The offer made under this Investor Presentation is only available for persons who qualify as sophisticated or experienced (as defined in s708(8)-(10) of the Act), professional investors (as defined in s708(11) of the Act), investors to whom personal offers are made under s708(1), or investors to whom disclosure is otherwise not required under Part 6D of the Act (collectively, “Qualified Investors”). 

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Convertible Note Live

Fitgenes Australia Ltd

Fitgenes Australia Ltd
DNA based health tech company focused on obesity and cardiometabolic health


Fitgenes is an Australian unlisted public DNA based health tech company focused on obesity and cardiometabolic health. Fitgenes has developed a suite of comprehensive customised nutrigenomic data products which it sells and delivers to health practitioners in Australia, New Zea land, parts of Asia and increasingly Europe and USA.  Fitgenes has trained over 1200 practitioners on its Pracware platform, with plans to expand.


Established in 2002 with a goal to make optimal healthy living and healthy ageing DNA based information accessible to everyone.


This offer is restricted to professional, sophisticated and experienced investors.  More info here.

Up to $600,000Size of Offer
15 Oct 20Offer Open
06 Nov 20Pay By
Wholesale offer Live

Trieste Global Pty Ltd

Trieste Global Pty Ltd
Innovative, scalable solution to growing silica dust global epidemic. First product to market, large global addressable market.


Silicosis was declared as an epidemic in 2018. The global construction industry is extremely cognisant of the social costs of dust diseases and economic consequences of compensation for inadequate controls, monitoring and records – but currently the solutions are lagging the regulations.


Trieste Global Pty Ltd is currently the only provider of a ‘compliant’ end-to-end solution in response to the new state and federal silica legislation in Australia, and the state introduced legislation of industrial manslaughter laws put in place to address silicosis. Trieste provides construction companies with an end-to-end solution comprising hardware, engineered controls, training and the imminent launch of one of the industry’s first live tracking software solutions to support monitoring and control. 


This offer is restricted to professional, sophisticated and experienced investors.  More info here.

Up to $2 millionSize of Offer
30 Sep 20Offer Open
06 Nov 20Pay By
Equity Crowdfunding Upcoming

Cannatrek Ltd

Cannatrek Ltd
Medicinal cannabis leader in rapid growth mode, controlling the product lifecycle - "from seed to patient"

More Info

Cannatrek Limted is a leading Australian medicinal cannabis company, developing production, manufacturing and digital healthcare distribution assets across Australia and globally.  The Company has a full suite of medicinal cannabis licences, providing complete control of the entire supply-chain and product lifecycle – "from seed to patient".


With an operational 3,200m2 growing facility in Queensland, yielding market ready product in commercial quantities, Cannatrek is also rolling out a digital healthcare platform for patients and healthcare professionals to serve the rapidly growing Australian medicinal cannabis market.


Cannatrek’s vertically integrated business model is working towards near-term profitability and cashflow positive operations, including the development of a unique digital health platform.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.

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Road Runner Mobile Tyres Pty Ltd

Road Runner Mobile Tyres Pty Ltd
Disrupting the tyre retailing market as one of Australia’s largest and longest operating end-to-end mobile tyre service

More Info

Road Runner Mobile Tyres is one of Australia’s largest and longest operating end-to end mobile tyre services providing supply, fit, new tyres, wheel alignment and emergency tyre repairs. Operating in the major metropolitan markets of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, they have successfully developed an operating system and customer focus that creates and maintains long term customer relationships.


Traditional tyre services require consumers to set aside much of their day driving to and waiting at the tyre service shop. Road Runner Mobile Tyres reduces the time and hassle of changing tyres for companies and car owners by providing a door to door service. Generating $2 million in revenue per annum and operating in a $5.6 billion market, Road Runner Mobile Tyres is changing the way people change their tyres.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.

Equity Crowdfunding Upcoming

Foresense Technologies Ltd

Foresense Technologies Ltd
A disruptive innovator in real-time customer presence analytics

More Info

Foresense Technologies has developed an artificial intelligence solution enabling brick and mortar stores to more effectively compete with the growing presence of ecommerce. Proprietary presence detection technology combined with in-store digital sensors and mobile app technology enables real-time quantification of human behaviour in-store. It allows retailers to understand and improve the experience and engagement of their customers, which translates to increased sales.


With signed agreements with oOH Media and a network of 4,000 newsagents across Australia, as well as being final negotiations with a large US based casino group, a major national retailer and several other iconic global brands,


Foresense is positioning itself as a global leader in the customer presence and analytics market


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.

Equity Crowdfunding Upcoming

goPassport Australia Pty Ltd

goPassport Australia Pty Ltd
Advanced technology to restart and manage international travel, safely

More Info

COVID-19 has caused a dramatic stop to both domestic and international travel. Based on 2019 markets, 9.5 million travellers visited Australia and there were over 1 billion international travellers globally. Current border closures and restrictions can’t remain forever. Government and the travel industry currently do not have an efficient, automated way to manage and monitor individual's journeys in their country.


goPassport is an “industry recovery and future management solution” that will assist in restarting international travel and safely opening up our borders. It is a digital health passport solution that is needed for a new era of travel. goPassport tackles the dynamic behaviour of the virus through three robust stages, moving the risk offshore, ensuring compliance and monitoring and escalating compromise.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.

IPO OnMarket Bidding Closed

Native Mineral Resources Holdings Ltd ASX: NMR

Native Mineral Resources Holdings Ltd
Australian based copper and gold mining exploration company


The company has reached the minimum subscription and we will be closing the IPO early.

All applications and payments must be submitted by Wednesday 5:00pm (AEDT)


Native Mineral Resources Holdings Limited (ASX: NMR) is an Australian based minerals exploration company established to explore for copper and gold deposits.  The Company has interests in 10 highly prospective tenements located in the Palmerville Fault region of North Queensland and Mount Morgan in Central Queensland, and 4 prospective gold tenements in the Eastern Goldfields region in Western Australia. The Company’s projects include the Leane’s prospect at Palmerville where copper and gold mineralisation has been intersected.

$4.0 - $6.0 millionSize of Offer
06 Oct 20Offer Open
14 Oct 20Pay By
IPO Closed Oct 2020

Zebit, Inc. ASX: ZBT

Zebit, Inc.

The Zebit, Inc. IPO has successfully closed via OnMarket.  There was strong interest in the offer and all applications received some scale back.  Allotment of shares is expected on 23 October, with ASX listing on Monday 26 October. 

Fully Funded
$35 millionSize of Offer
Shaw and Partners Lead Manager