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UAV reforestation system that can plant 95% faster and at 20% of the cost of traditional methods

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​Please consider the offer document and general risk warning before investing.

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Key Investment Highlights

  • An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) tree planting system that can plant 95% faster than traditional manual planting techniques and at only 20% of the cost 
  • Patent-pending Carbon Seed Pod and manufacturing process, providing up to 80% germination rate a scalable, efficient manufacturing capability 
  • Large addressable market with ~14 billion net trees lost per year globally, governments and NGOs seeking a scalable solution to meet emissions targets 
  • Field trials underway in Gabon, Africa for large multi-national agri-business, and in South Africa for large commercial forestry business
  • Negotiations underway with another 5 major corporates for trials throughout Africa and Australasia
  • Adjacent applications identified and in discussions, such as mangrove reforestation program with University of Technology Sydney
  • Commercial opportunities in excess of $100 million USD on completion of successful field trials
  • As featured on Channel 7 Nightly News. Watch here.
  • Experienced management team with expertise in mechanical engineering, geospatial data mapping and environmental science, and a clear plan to achieve an exit for shareholders over the medium/long term


Between 1990 and 2016, the world lost over 1.3 million km2 – an area larger than South Africa.

It’s estimated that the earth is currently losing approximately 14 billion trees each year.

This equates to approximately 120 million tonnes of lost carbon sequestration every year, or the equivalent of 1000 Boeing 747s flying non-stop for 55 years.

Alarmingly, more than 35% of the world’s mangroves are already gone. The figure is as high as 50% in countries such as India, the Philippines, and Vietnam, while in the Americas they are being cleared at a rate faster than tropical rainforests. 

Coastal ecosystems sequester and store more carbon (‘blue carbon’) per unit area than terrestrial forests and are recognised for their role in mitigating climate change.  Coastal habitats cover less than 1.5% of the world but account for approximately 41% of global carbon sequestration. 

What is being done?

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 15: US$8.7 billion pledged to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

Bonn Challenge: Turn 350 million hectares of the world’s deforested and degraded land into restoration by 2030.

African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative (AFR100): restoring 100 million hectares of deforested and degraded land by 2030, $1.481 billion pledged

Despite significant funds being pledged, SDG even states that Goal 15 is ‘unlikely to be met’.



Current reforestation efforts are largely manual and labour intensive, with tree planters averaging only 800 new trees per day. These outdated processes are expensive and inadequate to meet global demand for reforestation.

This has created a substantial market opportunity for companies that can offer impactful, scalable technological solutions that help address these global commitments to reforestation.

AirSeed Technologies have developed an autonomous planting system that significantly increases the planting rate (40,000 tree seed pods/day with a team of only two people and one drone) whilst simultaneously reducing the cost/tree planted by 75-80%.


Step 1: Mapping and Ground Truthing

We create a detailed terrain map using ‘off the shelf’ drone and remote sensing technology. We then analyse the image data in conjunction with physical features and materials on the ground.

We take soil samples from multiple locations to determine what beneficial nutrients, minerals and bacteria are present within the soil and utilise the results to manufacture a soil specific probiotic nutrient pack that is inoculated into the seed pods.

Step 2:  Seed Pod Manufacture

The Seed pod manufacturing is performed via a unique, mobile manufacturing plant within a shipping container. This allows for quick and efficient cross border transportation and eliminates any biological customs restrictions.

Our patented Seed Pods are a low-cost, low-impact solution to reforesting. Seeds grow in their own micro-ecosystem containing beneficial soil rich bacteria and supplementary nutrients and microbes, all of which are necessary for developing seedlings in otherwise nutrient deprived soils at the planting location.

Step 3: Planting

Our planting drones fly autonomously, in swarms, planting two carbon seed pods/second whilst simultaneously data logging the GPS location of every seed pod planted.

The data collected at Step 1 is used to develop accurate flight plans that not only fly the drones, but also trigger the pod firing mechanism at predefined GPS coordinates.

Step 4: Post Planting Monitoring and Protecting

We re-map the planted areas 3 to 6 months after the initial pod planting takes place. Using powerful feature-extraction, classification, and change detection with artificial intelligence, we detect change over time, count tree canopies and calculate biomass. This helps to accurately monitor and report germination rates and ultimately the success of the project.

Path to Market Strategy

Our primary markets are Africa, South East Asia and Oceania. We’ll start by targeting “For Profit” projects from industries that have a commercial or regulatory requirement to replant trees and/or a desire to mitigate the cost of their carbon emissions through carbon credits. Once established, we’ll expand our market penetration by targeting private, government and NGO environmental restorations projects.

Private sector:
  • Commercial forestry
  • Large mining operations with regulatory obligations to rehabilitate degraded mine sites
  • Commercial Plantations that have sustainability initiatives for reforestation (e.g. Palm oil, Tobacco, Coffee, Coco etc)
  • Commercial Plantations for replantation of commodity crop (e.g. Palm Oil)
  • Large Farming Corporations

By forming associations with governments, AirSeed Technologies can offer:

  • Pre and Post fire detailed mapping (enabling data driven analysis of risk areas, affected areas and regenerating areas)
  • large scale soil fertilisation solutions at a lower cost point than traditional methods
  • Large scale reforestation using Above and Below surface seed planting.

Countries in which we have identified demand for these services include Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Gabon, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.


Joint venture projects that include tree-based restoration initiatives to improve water quality, soil health, biodiversity, air quality and provide sustainable timber, food and forest products for local communities while simultaneously creating rural jobs.  NGOs which we are targeting include Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, World Resoures Institution and the World Wildlife Fund.



AirSeed Technologies has already begun replanting our forests, undertaking a paid trial with one of the world’s leading food and agri-business companies to plant over 500,000 trees. If the trial is successful, AirSeed Technologies will have the opportunity to conduct a commercial project with the group to plant 200 million trees throughout Africa, resulting in significant revenue over the next 5 years.


The company earns revenue via a service agreement structure. Clients contract with AirSeed Technologies to undertake planting operations, as described in section 2.8, for a predefined period (e.g. 12 months) and for a minimum order size not less than $50,000 USD. The total project cost is calculated on a per tree planted basis:

Example: 100,000 (trees) x $0.50 (cost/tree planted) = $50,000

As the company scales into larger commercial projects both domestically and internationally, licensing of the company’s IP to certified operators and strategic partners is an obvious avenue for investigation.

Terms of the Offer

Key Terms

Cap Table

Use of Funds


Management and Board

Andrew Walker

Director, CEO and Co-founder

A senior leader, mechanical engineer and entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience within the automotive/aerospace design sector for companies such as BMW and AirBus Industries. Andrew holds a BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering and has experience successfully building companies, scaling up his own engineering and manufacturing business “Railsafe’ based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney through 25% year on year growth over the past 8 years.

Andries Louw

Director, Chief Pilot and Co-founder

One of the most experienced mapping and drone data analysts in Africa, Andries has done extensive research in the field of GeoSpatial data and the implementation data in Precision Agriculture and Land Surveying. Over the past 3 years, Andries has mapped and processed over 40 000 hectares across South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, and Australia and offers a strong technical background in UAV systems.

Francois Du Preez

Industrial Engineering

Francois has over 30 years’ experience in industrial engineering working for companies such as Siemens and Unilever. Francois’s experience in the design and implementation of large scale production lines and workflow practises is invaluable to AirSeed Technologies.Francois, under the direction of Andrew Walker assists in the design and development of AirSeed Technologies mobile manufacturing plant

Eric Louw

Client Services

Eric is a B2B marketing, business development and demand generation strategist. Over the past 5 years he has helped 38 SME's and 11 Fortune 500 companies grow their revenue streams with smarter, faster and more agile marketing strategies. Eric leads all media and outbound customer activities for AirSeed Technologies.

Professor David Suggett

Research Partner

David has extensive knowledge within Terrestrial, blue carbon and marine microbiology. An Associate Professor at the University of Technology Sydney, Dr Suggett has been instrumental in the restoration of Australia’s coral reefs. David is passionate about environmental restoration and leads AirSeed Technologies’ bio-tech research and development of terrestrial and blue carbon seed pods.

Dr Ben du Toit

Terrestrial Forestry Expert

Ben has 28 years of experience in research of silviculture, forest establishment and forests nutrition, having worked for the CSIR and Institute for Commercial Forestry Research in South Africa. Ben is responsible for the research and development of AirSeed’s terrestrial seed pods.

Company Risks

  • The Company’s product is still in the development and field trial phase and may never be successfully commercialised
  • The Company’s technology may not be adopted quickly by industry participants 
  • Regulatory global differences regarding commercial drone operations    
  • Intellectual property and competing technology risk
  • The Company will need additional funding to implement its business strategy

See 2.14 of the Offer Document for further discussion.

The Offer is subject to a Maximum Subscription amount of $1,000,000. If the Maximum Subscription is reached, the Offer will close early. Applications will be treated on a time priority basis and may be subject to scale back, so please fund your application as soon as possible


IMPORTANT: Please read the below information before investing in this Equity Crowdfunding offer.

RISK WARNING:  Crowd-sourced funding is risky. Issuers using this facility include new or rapidly growing ventures. Investment in these types of ventures is speculative and carries high risks. You may lose your entire investment, and you should be in a position to bear this risk without undue hardship. Even if the company is successful, the value of your investment and any return on the investment could be reduced if the company issues more shares. Your investment is unlikely to be liquid. This means you are unlikely to be able to sell your shares quickly or at all if you need the money or decide that this investment is not right for you.

Even though you have remedies for misleading statements in the replacement offer document or misconduct by the company, you may have difficulty recovering your money. There are rules for handling your money. However, if your money is handled inappropriately or the person operating this platform becomes insolvent, you may have difficulty recovering your money. Ask questions, read all information given carefully, and seek independent financial advice before committing yourself to any investment.

5 DAY COOLING OFF PERIOD: There is a 5 business day cooling off period for retail investors. During this period, you may withdraw your application and receive a full refund into your nominated refund account. Please note: After the 5 day cooling off period has expired, you will be unable to withdraw your application. More information here.

ONMARKET FEES: Upon successful completion of the Offer, a maximum fee of 7.5% of the funds raised will be paid to OnMarket by the Company.

ONMARKET INTERESTS: OnMarket and its associates may be participating in this offer.

ONMARKET INTERESTS AND AMOUNTS SUBJECT TO COOLING OFF: The funding bar displayed under each crowd funding offer may include applications where payments are yet to be made and amounts that are subject to the cooling off period.

Section 734(6) disclosure: The issuer of the securities is AirSeed Technologies Pty Ltd ACN 631 375 650. The securities to be issued are fully-paid ordinary shares. The disclosure document for the offer can be obtained by clicking on the link above. The offers of the securities are made in, or accompanied by, a copy of the disclosure document. Investors should consider the disclosure document in deciding whether to acquire the securities. Anyone who wants to acquire the securities will need to complete the application form that will be in or will accompany the disclosure document (which can be done via the electronic application form which will become available by clicking the bid button above).​

Question time

We'd love to answer your questions, we'll have one of the OnMarket team or the company representative of the offer get back to you asap. So ask away ...

New Zealand Resident


I am a New Zealand resident. Is it possible for me to invest?


Paddy C (OnMarket member) on 29/01/2020

Hi Paddy, only Australian residents can invest in Crowd-Sourced Funding offers. However, if you are a wholesale investor in New Zealand, you may be able to invest. I will email you directly about this to discuss further.

Matt T (OnMarket staff) replied to Paddy C on 30/01/2020

How does AirSeed compare/differ to the US based company DroneSeed and do you seem them as a threat to your business at all?

Chad S (OnMarket member) on 10/02/2020

Hi Chad,

Thanks for your question.

Our main differentiator to DroneSeed is our unique, scientific approach to our seed pod and manufacturing workflows. We have a provisional patent over this IP. Additionally, we have developed IP in understanding the African, Asian and Australian reforestation markets and their unique flora and environmental conditions. We understand that DroneSeed is mainly focused on the North American market.

When considering the Total Addressable Market for reforestation (15 million net tree loss annually), the scale of the reforestation problem is much bigger than AirSeed and DroneSeed. If we are to make a meaningful difference, it will require a significant, concerted effort from our entire industry.

Hope this answered your question.

Andrew Walker

Andrew W (AirSeed Technologies Pty Ltd representative) replied to Chad S on 14/02/2020

I'm very interested in this technology and would be interested in learning more about investing in this enterprise. Can you please provide information relating to initial input and ongoing process with regard to any investment?

Geraldine A (OnMarket member) on 15/02/2020

Hi Geraldine, in relation to initial input, the company is raising between $300k to $1m which will be applied to various items set out in page 25 of the offer document (3.2 Use of Funds).

In relation to ongoing process, the company will keep you updated of their progress. You will also be able to view the company's annual report on their website. There are also pre-emption rights available to investors with 3% or more shares if the company raises capital again. Other rights are set out in the constitution.

Hope this helps.



Matt T (OnMarket staff) replied to Geraldine A on 24/02/2020
Updates on trials and contracts

Hi there.

I wanted to get some more insight about a couple of parts of the offer document.

You are currently doing a 500k planting trial. How is that going? What feedback have you had from the organisation? Do they seem keen to work with you again?

You state that if this trial is successful, there will be a chance for significant revenue over the next 5 years. Do you have a further update on this? Are indications that the trial wil be successful and that this revenue stream is likely to occur?

Can you update on negotiations with the 5 major corporates. What are the likelihood of these turning into contracts?

How comfortable do you feel to state the likelihood of the presented goals?

Can you update on the patents? Do you believe that they will be successful in the markets you are looking to go to? What patents do other companies hold in this area that are similar?


Richard L (OnMarket member) on 27/02/2020

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AirSeed Technologies Pty Ltd

AirSeed Technologies Pty Ltd
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Before investing please consider the offer document and general risk warning.

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