Leverage screen time habits for micro learning moments

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About 1Question

1Question is an educational app that requires children to answer a curriculum correct question before accessing other apps.

Want to learn a TikTok move? ….sure, but first ...what’s 7 x 8?

Want to post to Instagram? Go for it .. but first ….. What’s the square root of 6,384? (just kidding but you get the idea).

We built it because as parents to 3 daughters, we know the screen time struggle is real.

Engagement is the holy grail of Educators.
Without engagement there is no learning.


There are few moments during the day when my daughter is more engaged than when she presses that Tik Tok button. 1Question leverages this very engagement moment to create a micro learning moment. Lots of them - Every. Single. Day.

1Question is ingeniously simple. But the technology is incredibly intelligent.



Governed by an advanced AI engine, 1Question understands the students’ areas of strength and weakness and charts a customised path through the curriculum - enabling improved learning.

  • The library of questions was devised from the national curriculum and developed by educators.
  • Our learning protocols incorporate our proprietary version of the Leitner learning system (a widely adopted learning protocol for flashcard style learning), spaced repetition and item response theory - all feeding data into the AI engine. The AI engine monitors, controls and predicts learner performance - adapting to each learner by adjusting the protocols accordingly. Since every person learns differently, the process is tailored according to individual needs, resulting in enhanced learning outcomes.

And, our dynamic reporting module provides parents with real-time information on students’ progress:

  1. How much time have they spent answering questions? … congrats - time that you reclaimed from unproductive apps!
  2. Levels of mastery in the different topics they are studying.
  3. Learning progress over time.

Shareable, actionable and real time information on learning progress.

Market landscape

The K-12 market is huge. There are over 46 Million K-12 students in Australia, the US and the UK alone - our initial launch markets. Globally - there are over 1.5 Billion students. 

At $2.99/month - we appeal to the mass market.

The global education technology market size was valued at USD 76.4 billion in 2019 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.1% from 2020 to 2027 - that’s a market worth over $350B / year.

The growth in the EdTech space is fueled by advancements in Artificial Intelligence which allow us to customize the educational delivery to suit individual needs.

1Question has invested heavily in developing and refining our proprietary AI engine to help you learn faster, seamlessly.


There are countless other apps out there to help you learn. But all of them require you to engage with the app. To carve out time from your day and dedicate that time to the app. And who has time to do this, consistently? So, engagement is low and learning is slow.

1Question seamlessly creates micro learning moments by leveraging existing engagement. And because of that, we help you learn faster.

In fact, any one of us can reclaim unproductive time using the 1Question platform and learn just about any subject - from a foreign language to first aid, coding, gardening, food-handling, drivers license tests, real estate license, how to get twitter followers, and so much more - it’s endless. 

We’re not k-12 we’re K-Grey and our market is colossal.

To allow us to scale quickly, we invite Educators to create micro engagement based curriculums on an infinite number of topics. And, we pay them a commission of our subscription revenue. 

Everybody loves 1Q in the K-12 market. But it’s the appreciation of the absolute scarcity of engagement time along with the scale and speed an open platform like 1Q and a community of educators can sustain is what makes 1Question a truly massive opportunity.

Investment Highlights

  • First mover advantage.
  • Clear and validated problem / solution fit.
  • Born global and highly scalable educational subscription platform.
  • Total addressable market in our K-Grey model of 3.4Billion consumers.
  • Successfully completed our beta programs and our Parent App is now live in Google play and Apple App store.
  • Forecasting exceptionally high gross margins of >85%.
  • ATO Ruling designating 1Question an Early Stage Innovation Company means investors may get 20% of their investment back by carry forward tax offset and are CGT relief for shares held for at least 1 and up to 10 years. 
  • Backed by the Google Accelerator program for User Acquisition.
  • As featured on Channel 7 News. Watch here.  To view more 1Question videos click here 

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1Question Pty Ltd

1Question Pty Ltd
Groundbreaking app requiring kids to answer a study question before they can access other apps


1Question Fireside Chat available here


Want to learn a TikTok move? ….sure, but first ...what’s 7 x 8? Want to post to Instagram? Go for it .. but first ….. What’s the square root of 6,384 (just kidding but you get the idea)


1Question is an app that leverages existing screen habits to create micro learning moments. Lots of them. Every. Single. Day. Advanced AI understands the student’s strengths and weaknesses and customizes questions to accelerate learning.


1Question is backed by the Google accelerator program for User Acquisition. They are a company that is born global with a first mover advantage and a gigantic total addressable market.


ATO approved ESIC status delivering substantial investor tax benefits.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.


Min. Reached - Targeting $2 million







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Tamboran Resources Ltd ASX: TBN

Tamboran Resources Ltd
Developing low CO2 natural gas resources in the Beetaloo Sub-basin of the Northern Territory


IPO underwritten up to approx $48.6 million. OnMarket has a limited allocation.


Tamboran Resources Ltd (ASX: TBN) is a public company that intends to play a constructive role in the global energy transition towards a lower carbon future by developing low CO2 unconventional natural gas resources in the Beetaloo Sub-basin in the Northern Territory of Australia. 


With interests in three exploration permits, including a JV with Santos at EP161, Tamboran has estimated net prospective resources of 31 Tcf. Their aim is to provide affordable gas to local Northern Territory markets and supply gas to the east coast of Australia to meet forecast domestic gas shortfalls.

Up to $66 millionSize of Offer
07 Jun 21Offer Open
18 Jun 21Pay By
Offer Live

R3D Resources Ltd ASX: R3D

R3D Resources Ltd
Copper/gold focused explorer and developer with leading position in the Chillagoe region, North Queensland


R3D Resources Limited (ASX: R3D) through the acquisition of Tartana Resources Limited aims to become a significant copper-gold explorer, developer and producer in the Chillagoe Region in North Queensland.  These projects vary in maturity from granted mining leases, mining lease applications and exploration permits. The Tartana mining leases contain an existing heap leach – solvent extraction – crystallisation plant which has been held in care and maintenance since 2014. Work has begun to restart this plant to provide future cash flow through the sale of copper sulphate.


In Tasmania, Tartana has secured permits to excavate and screen to export a further 335,000 tonnes of low-grade zinc furnace slag/matte from its Zeehan stockpiles in Western Tasmania, and recently commenced its 5th 22,000 tonne shipment of zinc slag to South Korea.

$4.25 millionSize of Offer
03 Jun 21Offer Open
21 Jun 21Pay By
Wholesale Live

goPassport Pty Ltd

goPassport Australia Pty Ltd
A unique and highly relevant travel risk SaaS platform


goPassport is a unique and highly relevant travel risk SaaS platform in the new Travel/Health Tech space. The business started at the outset of Covid in March 2020 and has since built out a powerful, complex but user friendly & scalable software following the successful crowd sourced equity raise of $0.8m.


Having engaged deeply with key levels of state & federal government, travel industry, health authorities and border protection agencies, goPassport is now well placed to play a vital role in the reopening of borders and the recommencement of the international travel industry. 


This offer is restricted to professional, sophisticated, and experienced investors.  More info here.

Up to $3 millionSize of Offer
13 May 21Offer Open
13 Jul 21Pay By
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Fitgenes Australia Ltd

Fitgenes Australia Ltd
Personalised DNA-based, wellness plans - tailored, reliable, affordable, and accessible

More Info


People spend big on wellness (it accounts for 5.3% of global economic output). But, 80% of consumers find the market is full of conflicting data, making this spend haphazard. Solving this problem is the emerging wellness genomics sector - a high-growth market (13.2% CAGR), predicted to hit US$9 billion by 2026.


Meet Fitgenes. With a range of wellness focus areas, Fitgenes’ genomic products cut through the clutter - delivering wellness plans tailored to the specific requirements of an individual. But it is the distribution network and strategy that sets this growing heath-tech business apart.


Before investing please consider the offer document and the general risk warning.