What is the brokerage on SPP shares sold?

All SPP Harvester trades incur a brokerage, or commission, fee. Once the shares have been allocated to your account, SPP HarvesterTM will automatically sell all of your shares in the stock, bar one. The brokerage (or commission) on this sell down is the lesser of:

  • $30 plus 0.4% of sale proceeds, plus any exchange and clearing fees; and
  • 1.28% of sale proceeds

The brokerage (commission) on the sell-down can be seen in the activity statement, found via the Client Portal under Reports > Activity Statement.

Please note that a reference to brokerage (commission) can also be seen under “Orders & trades”. This refers to the estimated brokerage of orders at the time of the orders are entered, and the final brokerage (displayed on  the Activity Statement) may change slightly from the estimated brokerage shown on the Orders and Trades tab.

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