What is SPP Harvester?

SPP HarvesterTM provides investors with access to Share Purchase Plans (SPPs) undertaken by Australia’s largest 300 ASX listed, liquid, operating entities.  Key benefits of SPP HarvesterTM are that it requires a minimum capital outlay to acquire a portfolio of 1 share positions in 300 companies, and relatively low transaction costs, compared to doing it yourself, and removes the administrative burden of recycling capital. 

SPP HarvesterTM automatically buys each investor a 1-share position in 300 ASX listed entities. The share is beneficially registered in each investor’s name and held by a trusted, globally recognised, custodian, BNP Paribas Securities Services. 

When those companies or trusts undertake SPPs, SPP HarvesterTM applies for new securities at discounted prices compared to the trading price of pre-existing trading securities. When the securities are allocated by the custodian to an investor’s account and commence trading, SPP HarvesterTM automatically sells the new securities, and returns the funds to your cash account, ready for the next SPP. This allows investors to efficiently harvest the discount and recycle capital through SPPs.  

SPP HarvesterTM does all the administration and provides a portal for investors to access and review live positions and performance, and an annual statement to make tax time easy.


SPP Harvester Bee

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