How do I see what shares I own?

You can view the shares in your portfolio by logging into your SPP HarvesterTM Client Portal and selecting “Portfolio” from the top right bar.

The left-hand column of the table titled “Instrument” shows you the name and ASX code of the stocks that you own. The next column titled “Position” shows the number of shares owned for each stock.  As you will hold a large number of shares, the website can be slow to respond.  You may wish to go into the Reports section to download a copy of your portfolio.

To do this, select 'Reports' at the top of your screen and run the 'Activity' report. Under the drop down menu 'Open Positions' you will see your portfolio. This includes any SPPs that have recently been invested in but are yet to be allocated, represented as the ASX code followed by ".SPP". For example, Tesltra (ASX:TLS) would be 'TLS.SPP'.

Alternatively, you can search for stocks in your portfolio by using the search function at the top right of your screen.

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