SPP Harvester: Upcoming & Past SPPs

29 September 2020 @ 12:00AM SPP Harvester

SPP Harvester: Upcoming & Past SPPs


The following summary provides an overview of Upcoming SPPs, Current SPP HarvesterTM applications and Past SPPs made available1 to investors in SPP HarvesterTM. Each of these companies is included in the SPP300 list, consisting of the largest and most liquid ASX listed companies and trusts.


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Upcoming SPPs
Company Name ASX Code Expected SPP Size Maximum SPP Price2 Acceptance Date Expected Harvesting Date3 Placement Discount4
Nearmap Ltd NEA $20m $2.77 29-Sep-20 16-Oct-20 4.2%
Charter Hall Long WALE REIT CLW $10m $4.80 4-Oct-20 21-Oct-20 3.2%
          Average Discount 3.7%
Current SPP Harvester Applications
Company Name ASX Code Expected SPP Size Maximum SPP Price2 Acceptance Date Expected Harvesting Date3 Placement Discount4
Orocobre ORE $30m $2.52 16-Sep-20 6-Oct-20 13.1%
          Average Discount 13.1%
Past SPP Harvester Applications
Company Name ASX Code Date SPP Harvested Investment Period (in days)5 % Return Allocation Amount6 Cumulative Profit7
Electrical Optical Systems Holdings Ltd EOS 10-Jun-20 36 13.1%                        $30,000                           $3,916
Metcash Ltd MTS 10-Jun-20 29 27.2%                        $30,000                        $12,074
Ingenia Communities Group INA 11-Jun-20 16 28.4%                        $30,000                        $20,595
QBE Insurance Group Ltd QBE 12-Jun-20 37 20.2%                        $30,000                        $26,667
InvoCare Ltd IVC 12-Jun-20 35 5.8%                        $30,000                        $28,398
Ramsay Health Care Ltd RHC 12-Jun-20 28 17.9%                               $560                        $28,498
NAB Ltd NAB 12-Jun-20 24 27.2%                           $1,000                        $28,770
Lend Lease Group LLC 12-Jun-20 22 33.2%                                  $10                        $28,773
Dicker Data Mining Ltd DDR 23-Jun-20 28 8.6%                           $1,000                        $28,860
National Storage REIT NSR 23-Jun-20 26 26.1%                        $30,000                        $36,694
Newcrest Mining Ltd NCM 25-Jun-20 34 17.5%                                     $1                        $36,694
Breville Group Ltd BRG 26-Jun-20 21 40.4%                               $530                        $36,908
Credit Corp Group Ltd CCP 26-Jun-20 N/A 32.8%                                     -                          $36,908
United Malt Group Ltd UMG 06-Jul-20 21 9.7%                           $1,003                        $37,006
Arena REIT ARF 06-Jul-20 14 2.2%                        $30,000                        $37,664
Atlas Arteria ALX 10-Jul-20 18 5.3%                           $1,000                        $37,717
IRESS Ltd IRE 10-Jul-20 18 3.6%                           $2,500                        $37,806
Blackmores Ltd BKL 24-Jul-20 25 4.3%                               $943                        $37,846
Kogan.com Ltd KGN 26-Jul-20 N/A 43.8%                                     -                          $37,846
Challenger Ltd CGF 29-Jul-20 16 1.4%                           $1,000                        $37,860
Home Consortium HMC 31-Jul-20 22 5.7%                        $30,000                        $39,556
Afterpay Ltd APT 17-Aug-20 22 12.5%                        $20,000                        $42,050
Qantas Airways Ltd QAN 19-Aug-20 20 18.3%                        $30,000                        $47,531
BWX Ltd BWX 20-Aug-20 21 21.1%                           $1,000                        $47,742
Bellevue Gold Ltd BGL 26-Aug-20 21 0.5%                           $1,000                        $47,747
City Chic Collective Ltd CCX 27-Aug-20 15 8.2%                       $30,000                        $50,206
Perpetual Limted PPT 11-Sep-20 22 -5.9%                                  $30                        $50,204
Average/Total     24                    15.9%                          $50,204


1 Investors are only eligible for SPPs if they were a shareholder on the record date for the particular Share Purchase Plan.  The record date for each upcoming SPP has already passed.  The Manager emails members of SPP HarvesterTM with the record date for each SPP.

2 SPP Price is based on the maximum price in the Share Purchase Plan Booklet issued by the company, which is typically the price paid by institutions in the associated placement.  The SPP price may be lower if the SPP contains a price protection clause, which usually calculates the actual SPP price as the lower of this fixed price and a 2-3% discount to the 5-day VWAP of the trading price of the securities leading up to the close of the SPP.

3 This is the date the Manager anticipates that funds from the sale of the SPP securities will be returned to the investor’s SPP HarvesterTM cash account, and therefore would be included in the calculation of the Proportional SPP Application Amount (see SPP HarvesterTM booklet).  The date is subject to change, and is dependent on the day that the company allots the securities, the date that the Custodian allocates the allotted securities to beneficial holders, and how the volume of total SPP HarvesterTM allocations and sales interact with trading volumes and the price impact algorithms deployed for sell-downs.  Each of these future matters is beyond the control of the Manager, and the Manager takes no responsibility if the actual date that sale proceeds are deposited into each investor’s SPP HarvesterTM cash account is different from the estimate above.

4 Discount is based on the placement discount to the last traded price prior to the announcement as disclosed by the company to ASX, unless otherwise specified in the company’s ASX announcement.

5 This is the number of days between the date on which funds were drawn from SPP Harvester cash accounts to pay for the SPP securities and the date on which the sale proceeds were deposited back into the investor’s SPP Harvester cash account.

6 Allocation based on a $30,000 application into every SPP through SPP HarvesterTM

7 Based on investing $30,000 into each SPP available via SPP Harvester, before brokerage and fees.